Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tyler: Week 28

December 29, 2010-January 4, 2011 (27w-27w6d old)

Tyler Update:
  • His gums have become more prominent.  I suspect we'll have teeth in the near future.

  • He's becoming more mobile by the day.  He started rocking on all fours this week.  OMGosh, I need to baby proof my house!

Video:  Tyler's 1st time rocking on all fours

Video:  Tyler rocking on all fours

Video:  Tyler standing up


This week Tyler had avocado (gagged), apples (liked) and pears (loved).  He stopped pooping, so we skipped a couple of days to give him a break.  Apparently apples are constipating and pears are a good laxative.  He pooped while eating pears, so I'd have to concur!  I really don't think he was truly constipated but more that he wasn't used to having to push to get things going.

Video:  Tyler eating apples

Video:  Tyler eating pears (part 1)

Video:  Tyler eating pears (part 2)

Mama Update:

I had a very unwelcomed guest arrive this week... AF... boo, hiss!!!!  She's been missing for about 17 months and quite frankly, I wish she would take another long hike!  She hasn't changed a bit except she's a little nicer, nicer as in no cramps whatsoever.  I'm hoping this niceness is permanent because gosh, I've been plagued with her crampy meanness since 13.  My milk supply dropped big time a few days before she arrived and eventually came back up a couple days after.  I was in an absolute panic!  I then read it's very normal for your milk supply to drop around your period.  Breastmilk is made from our blood system (yeah, I was shocked too), so between hormonal changes and blood loss, that's the reason for the temporary drop.


  1. GREAT videos!! Had me smiling from ear to ear! He seems to enjoy his fruits! And yes, Momma--he's going to be giving you a run for your money soon... I've got to invest in some baby gates and more sturdy end tables before too long (ours are glass topped!). What fun you all are having!! Such a cutie.

    I concur-- boo hiss at AF!!! I dread that day...

    The Other Jill

  2. He definitely was enjoying is fruits!

    Boo on AF.....wow she made a visit soon.....I don't think she finds most women until they stop breastfeeding:(

    I had the same thing happen as far as NO CRAMPS after Cameron....but in exchange I got MUCH heavier flow than I've ever had in my life....boo!

  3. I love these videos, he is just so cute!! Question for you about solids...about how much do you give him at the beginning? I read you last post and it said 1TBSP to start....are you still doing 1 TBSP 1x a day? Just curious since I will be starting soon and there is SO much conflicting info. Some things start with 1/2 tsp and some say 4 TBSPS, that is quite a difference!!!! Just curious what your thoughts are on amounts and how many times a day?

  4. Dear Jill, I just came across your blog today and I didn't have time to read it all. I am from Switzerland- did 3 IVF and got a beautiful daughter- and now we are trying for 3 years to get her a brother or a sister. I just did my 6th try- got only one blastocyst back- don't know if you could call it that- it had only 4 cells and I got it back day 2. Since there was only one left. I did get pregnant last year, also with only one! But of course, our precious luck had been taken. It was very hard for us, since the baby should have been born January 1st this year.
    I guess that made me so sad and weak- now I have this infection since 4 weeks, right when I had to start with my shots (I also never thought I could get over these long needles- disgusting!)
    I still have to take antibiotics- even with my little one inside. I am so down- since January I am only sad and frustrated. Luckily our daughter is so strong and keeps smiling, and lets me forget my pain.

    I am sooo happy for you that you have Tyler in your life! He is very cute! We are fighting so hard to get to have kids and be a mom or a dad! You are doing a great job!

    So keep up the good job you are doing! It is the most important jobs of all!
    Big hug,


Thank you for your comment! Hugs, Kerry and Jill