Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tyler: Week 27 (6 Months Old)

December 22-December 28, 2010 (26w-26w6d old)

6 Month Well Visit:

Weight:  15 lb. 11oz. - 17th %tile (down from 18%)
Length:  25.5" - 16th %tile (down from 49%)
Head Circumference:  16.5" - 8th %tile (down from 12%)

There's no way that length measurement is accurate, this kid is tall!  If 84% of babies are taller than Tyler, then watch out world, giants are taking over the planet!

Tyler had us laughing hysterically while waiting on the doctor.  Maybe teaching him to tear open Christmas gifts wasn't such a grand idea.  Now all paper that he can get his hands on gets ripped to shreds.

Video:  Tyler tearing it up!

He has the best time at his well visits, that is until his pediatrician walks in.  She's the sweetest lady, but for some reason, he is just terrified of her and bursts into tears every time he sees her.  What was so funny this time was that right after she suggested feeding him veggies before fruits and listed off some good starters, he had an instant meltdown as soon as she said spinach.  We were like, it's okay, we won't make you eat spinach!

Video:  Tyler scared of the pediatrician

Tyler Update:
  • He turned 6 months old on December 23.  My baby is growing up way too fast!

  • This kid loves to rock side to side.  He stands with his feet wide apart in a semi-squat position and rocks and rocks and rocks, all day long.  He rocks standing on our lap, in his exersaucer and even in his jumperoo.  Has anyone seen a baby do this?  You can see him doing this in first video while standing on the table as well.

Video:  Tyler jumping rocking in his jumperoo
  • He smiles and sucks in air when he's really happy.  He's our little squealer.
Video:  Tyler squealing
  • He reaches for my glass of water every time he sees me take a drink.  I held my glass to his mouth to show him he really didn't want it, but that backfired... he loved it and kept wanting more.  I guess he takes after his water-aholic mama.  I googled to see if it's ok to give him water and it's really not... bummer!  There's a risk of imbalancing baby's electrolytes, the mineral content can be unfavorable and it could fill baby up too much deriving them of nutrition by taking less breastmilk.
  • He can sit unassisted for small amounts of time.  I have to be ready to catch him at all times because he just topples over with no concern for that noggin of his.
  • He grabs one corner of a blanket and rolls over a few times until he's completely encased.  We call him a Ty burrito.  It's a good thing he sleeps in a sleep sack at night.
  • He started pushing himself backwards while on his tummy with his chest raised.  I guess he's technically crawling backwards.  He gets frustrated because he wants to get closer to a toy and ends up further away.
  • He started sticking his tongue out and OMGosh is it the cutest thing ever!

  • He's developed a very strong preference for his mama.  He reaches and cries for me.
  • His Grammy babysat him while we went to see the Rockettes on Christmas Eve (fabulous by the way!).  This is only the 2nd time we've left him and it had been quite awhile.  He screamed the entire time we were gone!   Grampy cleans when baby cries.  His stove was in desperate need of cleaning when we left and was immaculate by time we returned.  Grampy said the harder Ty cried, the harder he scrubbed.  Ty was all smiles as soon as he saw his mama.
  • His Grammy babysat him again while I had leave for an appointment.  He did much better and only cried half of the time I was gone.  I was very relieved for the progress as I don't want him to only be content with me.  He was all huge smiles when I returned, love that part!
  • He celebrated his very first Christmas.  He's mesmerized by bows and all he really wants for Christmas is to eat the paper!

His Grammy and Grampy got him a 5ft tall giraffe!

  • His mommy received her very first kiss for Christmas!
Video:  Tyler kissing Mommy
  • He's all of a sudden very interested in the cat he never noticed before.  He watches kitty and reaches for him, but kitty's not too crazy about him.
  • He had his 1st solid!  I'll share this as a separate post soon as it's too much for this already long update.

Mama Update:

This will probably be one of the last updates you would have expected from me, especially at 37.  I got braces!  I feel ridiculous and already can't wait to get them off.  I had braces for 4 years when I was a teen, yes, 4 years!  My teeth were really crowded and it took a lot of time to move my teeth around to make room.  Well, after all that work, I had a beautiful smile that gradually diminished over several years because my orthodontist never gave me a retainer!  So while my top teeth remained in decent condition, my bottoms didn't fare too well.  They started to overlap each other and created a situation where a bottom tooth was hitting a top tooth.  Between that issue and seeing all my hard work go down the drain, I was really anxious to get them fixed.  I really wanted to get them just on the bottom, but supposedly it doesn't work that way, at least not for my situation.  I think they plan on using the top for leverage to make room on the bottom.  I did get the clear/white brackets, but they are pretty bulky.  I now have to smile big or not at all.  A partial smile results in only brackets sticking out and well, it's too darn sexy and I just don't feel like fighting the men off.  I've had to relearn how to talk, eat, brush/floss and smile.

Kerry is strangely enjoying it.  I guess because he has heard me voice for years how bad I wanted to get my teeth fixed, so he's happy that's finally happening for me.  But I think he's more enjoying calling me his teenage wife.  Ty noticed them right away and kept feeling my teeth.  Now if he would just quit slamming his head into my mouth, we'd be doing well.  He's already given me a fat lip.  Sorry, no more pics of me for awhile!

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  1. Braces, you brave woman! I looked into it a few years ago and was not only scared away by the amount of time I would need them but also the cost - outrageous! You'll be one hot (hotter) mama when it's all done though :)
    Tyler keeps getting cuter and the clip of him tearing up paper at the doc's office had me laughing out loud :)


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