Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tyler: Week 25

December 8-December 14, 2010 (24w-24w6d old)

Tyler Update:
  • He loves remote controls, just like Daddy.  One morning I woke to my adjustable bed going up and down.  This is what I found when I opened my eyes.
  • We've been teaching him sign language.  We sign and say words we want him to learn and also bought him a DVD.  Studies show that babies that can sign have significantly less frustration and temper tantrums because they can communicate what they need way before they can talk.  Here he is watching his Signing Time video. 
  • He's getting closer to sitting unassisted. If we support his legs, he has the core strength and balance.  Here he is watching pajama church.  With the raised bed supporting his legs, he can sit for a good bit of time.

  • He loves the song Goodnight Sweetheart.  We sing it to him every time we put him to bed.  It seems to really put him in a peaceful state and helps him fall right asleep.  He loves the ba-da-da-da parts and just grins ear to ear.
  • He outgrew his newborn mesh insert and is now sitting in his tub.
  • He fell asleep on his own while playing for the first time. 
  • He experienced his first snow fall.

Video:  Tyler's first experience touching snow
  • He keeps pulling his art cards down and examines them.

Show and Tell:
  • We celebrated Tyler's great grandmother's 95th birthday at Opryland Hotel.  He loved all the Christmas lights.

  • Tyler chillin' while mama gets ready.
  • Tyler all ready to go run errands in his bear snowsuit.
  • Tyler pooping in his new bear snowsuit!  This seems to happen every time we're ready to leave!

  • Video:  Tyler blowing spraying raspberries.


  1. Ohhhhhh the only gets worse. Cameron has his own that we keep the batteries out of and he's obsessed with it....LOL

    Opryland looks like a fun time.

    Did you ever get a new camera?

  2. Too cute!!! I love everything about this post! Ty is just cuter and cuter every single picture! I wish I could come over and squeeze him. I just got the Baby Signing DVD Collection but haven't started do you like it so far? I love the picture of him with the santa adorable! Ok, tons of questions for you....

    1). What tub is that it looks really nice?

    2.) In the picture showing Ty falling asleep while playing, where did you get the 123 mat/gated area set up from?

    3). Art cards....where are they from? They are a larger version of the mini Lamaze crib gallery so I think my guys would like them too!

  3. He is just so cute! Love the pics and videos. He's one smart little fellow!! We have also talked about sign language... My girlfriend's little boy knows several words and it does help with frustration!!

    Hope you all enjoyed your NY celebration! Look out 2011, we have some cute little boys on the loose! :0)

    The Other Jill

  4. How did he get so big already?! He is adorable, Jill, and I can tell you are loving every minute with him.


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