Wednesday, March 31, 2010

28 Weeks

SEVEN months today!!!!  Cruising right along and doing wonderful, minus a few not so fun symptoms.  My back hurts pretty bad if I walk more than 5 mins.  I don't know if it's sciatica or just in need of a chiro, but when it happens I have to walk humped over while holding my back.  Heartburn is still going strong, tums have become a staple of my diet.  A new symptom I've been having over the last 2 weeks is swelling of my ankles.  My socks leave big purple rings around my puffy stumps.  Weight is still climbing and a little faster than I would like to see.  20 lbs, yikes!

Other than those very minor nuisances, everything is great.  Little Seven is growing like crazy and has really increased his active times.  My belly morphs all over the place as he somersaults.  His kicks are visible thumps.  He stops every time I tell Kerry to look and immediately throws a big punch as soon as he looks away.  He only shows off for mommy.

A funny on Kerry... He's been stuck with litter box duty for over 4 yrs, just in case I became pg each month.  Well he says to me today; "hey, can you start cleaning the litter box now that you're finally pg?"  He waits until I'm pg and now wants to hand off kitty poop duty???  LOL, silly man!

We took all our loose change that has been sitting around the house forever (mostly pennies) to one of those coin star machines.  I guessed there would be about $50 and Kerry guessed $35 max.  Well the machine just kept cha-chinging and cha-chinging as we jumped up and down and yelled at it to keep going.  You would have thought we were in Vegas at the slots.  $157!!!  Wahoo!  We used part of it to purchase a new pack n' play on ebay.  Since Seven's bedroom is upstairs from ours, we'll be using this in our room for the 1st 3 months.

Here's this week's BIG belly!  My waist increased an entire inch in 1 week!!!  My belly button seems to be taking the brunt of the stretching.  It has morphed from flat to wide open like a black hole to stretched and squished.  It has a white ring around it as a little virgin button (that has never seen the light of day) is making it's way to the surface.  I got a feeling it's going to pop out before it's over with.

We have kicked it into high gear and are making progress on the nursery.  Not as much progress as we set out to do, but progress nonetheless.  My step son moved out and married, so we decided to use his old room.

Walls have been spackled.

Stripe edges have been sanded down smooth.

Stripes have been kiltzed.

1st sheet has been made!  Did I mention how much I love chocolate and blue?

2nd sheet has been made!  Most of the work was done in the middle of the night around 3am because I can't stop nesting.

Way too many paint samples have been sorted through, over and over again.

Here's our fabric collection and paint samples almost narrowed down.  There's a total of 11 patterns in this collection, but we won't be using all of them.

It's been quite the challenge picking colors and deciding which fabric to use on each project.  I plan on making the crib skirt, quilt, curtains, pillow, an extra boppy cover, basket liner, hamper liner, changing pad cover and lamp shade.  I see lots of 3am shifts at the sewing machine!

Our plans for the walls are white crown moulding and chair rail with the walls in a neutral color.  Below the chair rail we will do vertical stripes in the 3 blues and chocolate to match the fabric.  So whatcha think so far?


  1. I'm very impressed with your nesting! Can't wait to see it when it is all done. Your belly looks more round this week, Seven is really taking up all the space!

  2. That belly is getting a little bigger & still cute:-)

    Way to go on the nursery you know how many people actually wait until the week before they are due or even AFTER baby comes to do the nursery?

    You still never told me how the heck you got so crafty....who taught you how to sew? I'm VERY envious! You still going to incorporate the giraffes???

    20 lbs. is great girlfriend.....even if you gain another 20 that will still be'll lose it quickly breastfeeding:-)

    Sorry about the back pain....mine was unbearable at times and I still have lower back pain/sciatica from having kiddos:( When I was pregnant it hurt so bad I wanted to cry....especially the last 4 or 5 weeks of pregnancy:0( I can also relate to the swollen ankles..definitely get into the chiro ASAP before it gets worse (because it probably will). You can take Zantac for long lasting heartburn control while you're does wonders!

  3. Look at that belly!!!! You look great! I just loved all the somersaults! Sorry abput the back pain...mine started a little later but continued for 3 weeks post delivery...hope yours is more temporary!

  4. I think you will wish you had the option to be sleeping at 3 a.m. very soon! Your ambition puts me to shame! I retired yesterday and will NOT be following your lead! Seriously, it's all darling and I can't wait to see you, 7, Kerry, the whole shootin' match! Dad is VERY impressed!

    Love, Ma2 & Pa

  5. I love all your nursery ideas!!!! It is going to look SO beautiful. And you did an awesome job on those sheets - I think you can bounce a quarter on them, they fit so perfectly! Great job!!! Love your fabrics and paint ideas - you have to keep posting updates - I love watching projects like this happen!

    You look so beautiful, Jill. Just about makes me cry to see you finally with your baby bump. Seriously. God is so good. *hugs*

  6. Very cute belly pics! You are growing by leaps and bounds and I LOVE it:)

    Can't wait to see sevens finsihed room. Can you do some sewing for me too?? :)

  7. Love the belly shots! The sheets look amazing! Fabulous work!!!

  8. I'm with brings tears to my eyes to see you with a baby bump. I wish I could be there!!! You look very cute.

    I am impressed with you sheets!!! OMG Who makes their own sheets? Just picky you!!! LOL

    Looking forward to seeing the baby's room when you get it done!

    Miss you both very much...Glad that most of your pregnancy has been good. The heartburn will end the day 7 is born. LOL I feel your back pain woe's. Now get cleaning the litter box!!!

    Love you as big as the sky,


  9. Are you SURE there aren't two in there ;)
    Love the sheets!

  10. Wow! Check out that progress!! Both on the nursery and on growing 7. Awesome!!! I love the nursery choices!! Just one question.....where's the giraffes? ;0P I can't believe you had that much change laying around! It paid off though. It was like having a pack and play just laying around waiting for you. :oD

  11. You like blue and chocolate cause you LOVE CHOCOLATE. LOL
    You're looking great, and as far as the litter box is concerned, you're really not supposed to touch it while you're pG either. Sorry Kerry.
    Can't wait to see you, has Mom brought you your things yet? Love ya Sis

  12. OMG! Your belly just got a lot fuller and cuter! =D Keep it growin'!

    And I LOVE the sheets! You've very talented. Little Seven's gonna be stylin' in his crib!

  13. Love your colors, and it is great to see Kerry working.haha
    Love all the belly shots. It has been great watching you grow each week. Waiting anxiously for the arrival of lucky 7.

  14. I love all your colors and patterns and can't wait to see your nursery all finished!

    You are really cruising right along!

  15. So excited to see such a gorgeous sizeable belly on you - Seven is obviously thriving in thre. You look great!
    Love the colours and fabrics for the room. Can't wait to see the finl product.

  16. Hey there guys!
    You are definately having a's that name coming along? I haven't heard a list for a while!
    Your color/pattern choices are very nice for all your baby's are very talented! I need some new sheets & pillow cases if you run out of things to make! (King)
    Well take care of yourselves and your wee-one and have a great Easter!
    Love always and a day...Aunt Carol

  17. You are AMAZING!! Look at the progress you're making, all while incubating a little human!!! I'm super impressed. :0)
    Your bump is adorable, looking really good. I can relate to the belly button morph-- it's crazy how that little thing can stretch and pop and change shapes in such a short time!
    I think I will take some of your friends' advise and call my chiro... Hoping that helps the sciatica. I am empathizing with you on that-- truly a pain in the booty!!! And the heartburn!?! Whoa, look out. But think, you only have 10-12 more weeks!! Woooohoooo!!!
    I am LOVING your bedding. It's so stinkin' cute. I love the choco/blue combo... I think if we have a boy, the nursery will end up in similar colors. I just haven't found what I like yet. I have a sewing machine, but am not as talented as you! I made curtains and that's the extent of it! :0) Can't wait to see the continued progress on all fronts!
    Love to you, Kerry and baby Seven,
    The Other Jill

    PS- you are BRAVE to be measuring your waist... I don't think I can hack it. :0~

  18. Jill, I LOVE your nursery colours and fabrics. I can't wait to see the finished product - and the one growing in your belly! You look fabulous. I am sorry to hear of your sciatica. I had something called SIJ imflamation which involved the sacro -illiac joint - really made walking difficult. I saw a physiotherapist and had a support belt - it really helped.
    So happy for you!


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