Wednesday, April 7, 2010

29 Weeks

11 weeks or 77 days to go, oh my!

I had an OB visit a couple of days ago and all is good.  It was the standard urine, weight, blood pressure, belly measurement and heartbeat doppler (170 bpm).  I asked about my swollen ankles and she said it was completely normal and nothing to worry about since both ankles were the same size and my blood pressure was low.  I asked if there was anything I could take for the heartburn as it has become almost unbearable.  My esophagus feels like it's on fire for most of the day.  She gave me a script for an acid blocker, it's 1 pill/day.  After 1 dose, I am completely free of heartburn, what a relief!  I was told to start kick counts.  After dinner and sitting down to chill, I have to count 6 kicks within an hour.  Definitely no problem there as I can get to 6 in a couple of minutes.  If I don't get to 6, I have to drink something sweet, lay on my left side and count 6 kicks again. If I don't make it to 6 again, I have to call the doctor as it's the first sign that maybe something is wrong.  I now have OB appt every 2 weeks.

A trip to the chiro helped my back pain significantly.  He said my hip area was locked up pretty bad causing the pain.  Hopefully a couple more visits will get me walking upright again.

I have a new pg induced symptom.  This may be TMI, but for anyone that knows me or has read my blog for awhile, you know by now that I'm quite the open book.  Kerry and I were finishing up our shower (we have a double shower, and no this is not leading to any hanky panky type of TMI).  As I was rinsing the soap off my nether regions, I felt a fluid filled sac protruding externally.  The panic that came over my face was as if I had seen a ghost.  I stood there frozen, practically unable to speak.  Kerry kept asking me what was wrong, all I could get out was that I felt something very disturbing and I needed to get out of the shower.  I rinsed off as fast as I could as I was sure my bag of waters was bulging out.  Kerry stopped me and insisted on looking.  I bet it was quite the sight with him down on his hands and knees looking between my legs.  He said it's ok honey, it's further back, it's not coming from your lady bit.  I just kept asking, are you sure?  It rattled me bad and I just wanted to get out of there and see for myself.

As I was about to get out, with both arms raised putting a towel over my head, Kerry stopped me.  He said you're not going anywhere until you shave those pits!  Yes, I admit it, I've neglected the pits.  I told him I didn't care and just wanted out.  He said oh no, you look like a lumberjack and he proceeded to shoot shaving cream on both pits.  LOL!  This lightened the mood and I started calming down some.

I got out of the shower and bent over in front of the wall mirror to see what the heck that fluid filled sac was.  Kerry was right, it was further back and was on my butt.  It didn't hurt at all, so I guess that's why I never noticed it.  I said to Kerry as I was bent over, can you see that???  He said, how can I not???  I asked him to exam it as it looked like it was going to burst. He had me bend over and spread em'.  I could see him intently examining it as I watched between my legs.  I was belly laughing uncontrollably through the whole thing and dang near lost it when he touched it.  I stood up and was laughing harder than I have in my entire life.  My belly was shaking, the tears were rolling down my face and then I proceeded to throw up in the sink.  My first puke episode this entire pg, not from morning sickness, but from laughing too hard.  But it didn't end there, then I started choking while continuing to laugh hysterically.  I crossed my legs and exclaimed oh no as the pee started to dribble down my leg.  Kerry grabbed the nearest wash cloth and wiped me down before it hit the floor.

So that's the story of my very first hemorrhoid!  Oh the joys of the 3rd tri!  We looked up hemorrhoids on the internet and found this to be very common in pg due to increased blood volume, decreased circulation and the increasing weight of the uterus.  It was described as a cluster of purple grapes protruding from the anus on one website, what a lovely description, and the photos that went with them, oh my!  I felt much better after seeing those disturbing photos and content with my 1 measly grape.  It went away by the next day and hasn't come back since, though I won't hold my breath.  It's now a running joke, at my expense, as Kerry talks about my blowout or calls me baboon butt.  LOL!

I attempted to put on my pre-pg jeans with my belly belt the other day, no go!  I could get them on unzipped, but couldn't move afterwards.  Since the weather was really nice, I decided to get out my maternity capri jeans that I bought from a friend at 4w.  Well, they didn't fit as well as they did at 4w.  I decided to make it work and headed to church.  I ran into a friend as I was walking in.  She said, oh look at you, you're starting to waddle, how cute!  I had to tell her it was because my pants were too tight.  Oh well, I only paid a $1 for them and I guess I got a $1 use out of them.  With the hot weather coming up, I'm going to have to buy myself a new pair, in a size for my enlarged baboon butt!

I think I've been experiencing my first braxton hicks.  My books state that this would be starting and is totally normal and considered practice contractions.  I feel a slight crampy sensation and my belly gets really hard.  Had quite a few yesterday but none today.

This week's belly:

Nursery update:

We ordered the glider/ottoman:

In this fabric:

We then matched our neutral wall paint to this fabric.

1st coat of neutral paint done (notice how easily tall dude reaches the top of the 8ft ceiling):

2nd coat of neutral paint done:

The 4 paint colors for the stripes have been selected:

Crown and chair rail moulding have been purchased.  We still have to cut, paint, install and caulk it all.

I made a toss pillow for the glider.  I still have to sew on the giraffe applique I made, but here it is so far:

Our pack n' play arrived and I really like it, but OMGosh, it's huge!

I think this model should be called the setup n' stay.  It's too big to even fit through the door and you have to remove the diaper changing station, bassinet and electronic gadget before it will even breakdown in order to "pack" it up and move it to a different room or take it to say, grandma's!  Good thing my plans for this were to stay in the bedroom.  I'm going to have to rearrange some bedroom furniture now.  What's 1 more item on my 2 page honey do list, right!

I rec'd a box of baby clothes from Hawii from my SIL.  Thanks Sheree!  His closet is now busting at the seams!  He officially has more clothes that me.  I need my nursery furniture to arrive soon so I can utilize some drawer space.

To answer a few commenter's questions:  Yes, we will be incorporating giraffes in the theme, you'll see! No, we're not any closer to picking out a name.  We've been calling him a few of our names on our maybe list just to see if we like them.  We hope to have a name picked out before he's born.  How did I learn to sew or become crafty?  Well, I'm self-taught and honestly, I'm really not that great at it and definitely don't enjoy it as a hobby.  It's the frugalness and pickiness in me that drives me to go to the extent of making my own items.  Like my mom commented; "OMG, who makes their own sheets?"  LOL

Tomorrow we start our childbirth classes!  Gonna go get some education on how to get this little human out of me.  Hopefully it will be easier than what it took to get him in me!


  1. LMAO at your poor hemorrhoid story! They are AWFUL after birth. I escaped unscathed from the pregnancy until 2 weeks post-delivery and am struggling now in a big way! Oh, the joys! But, yes, I do believe (even given my 27 hours of childbirth) that getting her out was much easier (and cheaper) than getting her in there! Enjoy the childbirth classes...hope your movies are more modern than ours were!!!

    BTW, we LOVE our pack and play with the "newborn napper". She lived in that thing for the first 4 weeks...ours has a changing table too and we have it set up in our living room (and haven't moved it once!!!). The nursery looks great!!!

  2. Wowie!! I almost peed myself laughing at your hemorrhoid story!!! That is classic. Your hubby is sure a good sport with all the fun and exciting changes that happen to your body!!! I'm totally cracking up.

    Well, Seven's heartrate of 170 shoots the boy/girl low/high theory out of the water!! Just a side note there! Glad they got you something for the heartburn. I am managing on Tums, but wonder if that won't be necessary later on. Us short girls don't have much room for the stomach to go, and boy, does that acid come up quick! UGH.

    Your belly looks fantastic! It's so nice and round. I love the look from the top. No more toes to see, huh? Or nether regions, or knees, or lady parts!!! That is an adjustment, I assume!!

    I am JEALOUS of your hubby's height when it comes to painting! I could've used him last fall when painting our room! The nursery looks great so far! Love the colors and patterns. Can't wait to see the finished product. I am contemplating the dark giraffe bedding I sent you a pic of if we have a boy. They are so stinkin' cute.

    You are making wonderful progress--can't believe you've only got 11 weeks left!! WHAT?!?!? I guess all those people are right-- it does go fast once you get through the first tri! Crazy fast!

    Love to you, and thanks for the belly laugh this am!!
    The Other Jill

  3. Well girlfriend...I'd say you've definitely "popped" now....LOL

    Too funny about the hemorrhoid story....just wait until AFTER you push the baby out.....they can get HUGE and very very painful.....once you have them, they will most likely stay for life, coming & going. Oh the joys!!! But worth every second.

    Loving your nursery ideas! Can't wait to see it all done.

    I have the same pack n play in a different design. They are huge & bulky and you are right about not being able to move them from room to room and can be a pain to take down for traveling, etc....but they are also great! Of course NEITHER of my boys would sleep in it so we ended up using it pretty much only for the changing station thing...LOL

    Hope you learn more than we did at childbirth classes....we really didn't utilize much of what we were taught....sometimes all that goes out the window when you're actually in labor and you end up just doing the best you can to get through it your own way:-)

    Gosh this last trimester is really flying.....I still can't believe it.

  4. So happy to see that belly! Glad you are doing well (with the exception of unfortunately placed "grapes", LOL). Love all the nursery stuff you are working on. We have the same style PNP and LOVE IT. We keep it downstairs as our alternate changing area and it is soooo convenient that way. I didn't use the bassinet feature since we had a cradle, so I just used the bassinet as a storage place for extra diapers, bibs, blankets, clothes, etc. It is so handy! Also, with Caleb, we always took the PNP with us when we traveled and he would sleep in it (up until he was 3 yrs old!) He is now too big for it, and Mary has come along, so the next trip we go on he will actually have to be in a regular bed for the first time! Anyway we got a ton of use out of it, hope you enjoy it like we did!

    Have fun getting educated!! Keep in mind neither or our births went anything like what the class said, but that is okay! Still good to know about what is "supposed" to happen, LOL!

  5. Nice belly!
    I thought I'd escaped hemorrhoids till one started bleeding a little with bowel movements in the last week. Darn it!
    Glad to see all's still well!

  6. OMG! This was absolutely the most hysterical chapter in the life and times of the Morris' baby adventures! This little guy is gonna be hearing stories for years to come and I predict he will become a standup comic considering his combined genetics! I agree with Mom totally...who makes sheets?!

    Can't wait to get there and see this all in person! Love, Dad & Mom2

  7. Ok, hopefully this one doesn't get lost in google land. lol. That post was definitely worth waiting for! And OMG! How cute of a pillow. Gmomma told me about it, and you did an awesome job, looks like the brown frame is like a flat flange frame- right? the pillow stuffing doesn't fill that area? can't wait to see the finished paint job, and next time I have some painting to do, I'll see about getting Kerry to come help with the cutting at the top. lol. Love the ottoman and fabric, and can't wait to see how its all gonna come together. Our pack n' play doesn't fit through the door either unless the bottom middle is pulled up to break it down. hint: when setting up or breaking down, secure the middle at the bottom- where the handle strap is- this will make it easier to set up or break down all four sides. it took me about a year to remember this. :) have fun with the birthing classes!

    Love you and can't wait to meet Seven.

  8. LOL Bless your heart, Jill. I know all about the hemmi's and I've never given birth. They are NOT fun, especially when they require surgery. YUCK! You are looking great. Love the belly shots! The nursery is going to look wonderful. Love your ideas! :)

  9. Wow, that hemorrhoid story is a riot, especially with the armpits part. Tee hee! I hope your back gets better enough for some walking or other exercise. I've been going on long walks (~1 hr), which have REALLY helped my cankles. Also I'm trying to eat less junk (sugar and salt) in the hopes that will help. I don't know if the diet changes are helping, but I can see my ankle bones again! If I don't walk, the swelling returns, though. Ugh. Your nursery is looking great, and so is that belly!

    Jill N

  10. I nearly wet myself reading about your bum grapes. OMG. I am glad to report that wasn't one of my many symptoms but I almost wish I had that story to tell :-). Heehee also about the lumberjack comment. I often wonder how groomed one is supposed to be during pregnancy - I couldn't move, let alone shave anywhere, oh well I always thought I'd be known as "The European One" at the OB's office...... So glad to read things are going well for you. I just can't wait for your little one to make his long-awaited appearance. Hugs, Jessica xxxx

  11. I'm sorry you are dealing with the little hellroid and even more sorry that I was cracking up through it all. You 2 are quite the pair.

    Can I borry Kerry for a day to help paint our living room? My 5 foot self on a ladder with an extender pole makes for a not fun experience. I'm so jealous. (-;

  12. it may be subliminal but your nursery colors are in the same color scheme at ccrm...

  13. Your belly is so round now! And your umm...butt story is too much! :)

    Glad to hear things go well, and I'm sure you'll learn all sorts of helpful and maybe scary things at childbirth classes. And it will certainly be cheaper to get him out than it was to get him in!

  14. Eeek! You're one week closer to meeting little Seven since you posted this! =) (sorry I've been such a lagger!)

    Your hemorrhoid story almost had me in tears! Your poor, poor booty! I would have totally freaked out as well. I hope things have "cooled down" since then.

    And I'm lovin' the nursery! Tre chic! It's amazing how much more quickly you can get things done with the help of a nice tall lad. =)

    Looking forward to your next update!


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