Wednesday, March 17, 2010

26 Weeks

I passed the gestational diabetes test from last week. Yeah!!! Being a choc-o-holic, I'm not surprised, my body is trained like an olympian on how to handle high dumps of sugar.

We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary yesterday. Due to an upcoming event that is quite costly, like a baby, we decided against gifts this year and just celebrated with quality time together and eating out. We had dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory.

Afterwards we walked the mall to make room for dessert. After a few laps, we drove back down town for chocolate fondue at The Melting Pot. Have I mentioned that I'm a choc-o-holic?

Thank you Jean and Boop for dinner!!!!!

When we returned to our car, Kerry went to open the door for me and as I looked down, I started yelling OMGosh, OMGosh, Look, Look!!! I scared the crap out of him as he thought someone had hit his car or something. He responded in a panic; What, What??? I pointed to the ground at our parking space. Check this out... out of thousands of parking spaces downtown, what's the chances??

Nothing really new this week. I'm starting to experience a little hip pain, but that's about it. I guess my hip bones or tendons are starting to stretch. Unfortunately so is my bootay.

This week's belly:


  1. Happy 8th Anniversary! It looks like you had a great time. Seven really is your lucky number!

    You are looking adorable BTW.

  2. You look stunning - you really are glowing.

    Happy Anniversary! Just think how different your 9th anniversary is going to be!

  3. Happy Anniversary! The Old Spaghetti Factory - I was there a million years ago, mmmm.....
    Keep eating that chocolate girl! You look great and you're healthy. =)

  4. Yum, chocolate fondue from the Melting Pot. Happy Anniversary!
    I can't believe how many "7"s you have encountered since your pregnancy began! Amazing!

  5. You look so beautiful in that picture! You are definitely showing beautifully! Happy Anniversary! I'm glad you guys got to celebrate. I miss living near a Melting Pot...yummmy chocolate fondue. Oh, one thing I forgot to mention in my blog - wasn't hungry much at all during the entire pregnancy (and already lost all that weight) but since I started breastfeeding, watch out! I can't stop eating. All I want to do is eat and I have to stop myself b/c I'd like to slowly start losing the awful IF weight too (that was significantly more than the preggo weight, I might add). So, you just mentioning chocolate fondue has me in a tizzy!!!

  6. Happy Anniversary! What a fun celebration...chocolate fondue sounds divine.

    Looking good little seven belly!

  7. Happy Anniversary!! You guys look very happy together :)

    Can't believe how big and beautiful your belly is getting. It puts a big smile on my face.

  8. Happy anniversary to you both!! And your tummy looks so cute, and I'm sorry, you have no bootay to speak of. Look at that picture, you are one of those cute pregnant ladies, all tummy and skinny everywhere else!

  9. You are making me want chocolate covered strawberries! Yum. Happy Anniversary!

  10. Happy Anniversary!!! So cool about the number 7 parking spot! Old Spaghetti Factory, Melting Pot, Mall...good combination. LOL!

  11. Awesome news about the neg GD test...woohoo!! You are lucky you don't have THAT to deal with:-) Gosh...I keep waiting to get on here and see this HUGE are still soooooo small.....maybe you'll be one of those women that pops out and gets huge at the end of their pregnancy!

    So, do you find it wild to look in the baby's closet and see the clothes hanging in there? I remember going in Brayden's room when I was pregnant with him, about 10 times a day just looking at the clothes and picturing and actual BABY wearing them.....

  12. Happy Anniversary!! Love the baby belly!! Smiles, Heidi

  13. Congrats on the anniversary and passing the GD test! Less than 100 days to go! And great belly!

  14. You are radiant...

    Now you know how excited I was to see that big blue circle on a truck with a 7 in it. I was so excited, I could barely talk. I knew right there and then you were having a boy!!! That is cool to see that on the curb.

    Glad you passed your diabetes test.

    The strawberries and chocolate sound so good. Glad you had a nice anniversary.

    Take care of yourself while I am gone!!! I will keep you in my prayers.

    Love you as big as the sky!!


  15. Hmmm, have you played 7 in the lotto yet?
    You are definitely glowing, glad you two had a nice evening to celebrate your anniversary.
    Love you!


  16. You look so ADORABLE!!! What a fun baby belly :-) I cannot wait to see you at 9 months!

    And 8 years?! Wow! I remember that happy day! Funny to think I hardly even knew you then (I was Dave's date to your wedding, remember?)! What a crazy eight years. Wonder what the next eight have in store for you ;-) Lots of FUN with YOUR LITTLE BOY, I'm sure!

    Glad you are doing so well. *hugs*

  17. Hi Jill & Kerry!
    Please don't post any more pics without a WARNING....I almost went blind from the overwhelming glow from the two of you! I had to wear my sunglasses, over my readers, in order to even get beyond those glowing smiles! It was like looking into the sun! I mean, I may have even got a tan and it's a farmers tan becaue I didn't have my bikini on...geesh!
    Loved the "7" on the parking space! I don't believe in coincidences, but I do believe in miracles and I do believe God has granted your prayers and is showing you He's got your back all the time! Congrats with love and happiness forever!
    Love always and a day...Aunt Kook

  18. What wonderful pics of your anniversary dinner celebration! Nothing wrong with keeping it low key-- I mean, hey! The next few months will be filled with tons of excitement!!! :0)
    Love your belly pics-- you are looking fabulous! I can't believe you just have 14 weeks left, if that!?! Has the doc adjusted your due date at all based on Seven's size? I think they do that more toward the end, but who knows. He'll come when he's ready.
    CONGRATS on passing your glucose test! Very impressive choc-o-holic! I hope I do okay with that, too.
    Pat the tummy for me!
    The Other Jill

  19. Woo HOOOO for no GD!

    And can you and Kerry just fib a little and pretend this is actually your 7th anniversary? (Come on, get with the program!) =)

    Lovin' the signs that pop up everywhere!

    And mmmmmmm fondueeeeeeee. Drool.

    Happy weekend!

  20. Happy Anniversary! Hadn't realized you conceived in your 7th year of marriage! Yet another 7! You guys look like you've got a big secret with those grins on your happy you are so happy! Love, Mom2 & Dad


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