Wednesday, March 24, 2010

27 Weeks

Holy cow, today I enter the 3rd trimester!!!  I can NOT believe how fast time is flying by.  So much to do, so little time.

I had an u/s a couple of days ago at 26w5d.  This included a growth scan and cervix check.  Everything is perfect!  Our little man is now 2 lbs and measuring in the 43rd percentile.  My cervix is doing great and measured at 40mm (36mm last check) with no funneling.  Other than some unfounded worries, this has really been the perfect pg so far.  I just don't want it to end!!!

Here's the detailed u/s report.  Click to enlarge if you're interested:

Here's a few pics from the u/s, you'll see that he's definitely starting to fill out now.  I love him!

Here's this week's belly.  Kerry and I cannot believe how big I'm getting and I still have an entire tri to go!  My weight continues to rise at a rather fast pace, but according to all my books, I'm right on target.  I actually tipped over the other day and had to catch myself.

I'm starting to experience some discomfort on occasion.  I can definitely tell my digestive system is squished.  The heartburn usually kicks in at night.  After eating I tend to get the "all you can eat buffet" type of fullness.  Recently, my back seems to have a pinched nerve and makes walking somewhat painful.  But all this is pretty minor and I'll gladly take it.

In other news, I hit the baby gear jackpot!  My niece Lyndsay loaned me an entire car load of baby stuff!

A Chicco Keyfit 30 Travel system, wahoo!!!  I just have to buy an extra base.  Kerry and I keep staring at it and think, is that really for us???

A swing, bouncer and tub:

4 bags of clothes which nearly maxed out baby's closet when added to what we already had.  Baby will not be short on fashion!

Homey G (my furbaby) thinks this is all for him.  He tried to jump in the swing too but freaked when it went flying out from under him.

A special gift from Lyndsay, a musical giraffe:

Thank you sooooo much Lyndsay!!!  And thank you Jean & Crew for bringing all this stuff back from FL! We just sold the king mattress set (that the giraffe is sitting on) today, so now we have room for the nursery furniture, whenever it comes in.  The sale will also pay for the crib so that's nice.

We finally made a decision on the nursery bedding.  You may think I'm nuts, but I decided to make my own!  The brown/blue fabric arrived today and I hope to get started on it soon.  I'll share pics as I complete it.  Now that we have the fabric, we better get going on picking out the paint.  It's definitely time to kick it into high gear.

Up next, an OB appt in 2 weeks.


  1. Looking and sounding great, Jill. Holy clothes! I think your little guy officially owns more clothing that I do. (-; What a great niece!

  2. So glad everything is going so awesomely!!! I am so excited for that little guy to arrive! Love all the baby stuff! I sure do miss baby stuff... Toddler stuff is not as fun! lol


  3. How awesome that you get to borrow all that great gear. That carseat is so incredibly easy to install.
    Love you ani and belly pics - you're glowing!
    I wonder if seven is taking after daddy already? Femur length is longer than the other measurements.
    Glad to hear all's well!

  4. Wow! That is so nice of Lyndsey to give you all of that baby gear! Awesome. Looks like you are getting some things done and I can't wait to see the bedding:)

  5. Great update!!! Can't believe you're entering the last trimester!! Wow, this has gone fast!!! ;0)
    Love the u/s pics-- you can sure tell he's filling out! How cute!! I hope I get a detailed u/s report like that. Very interesting.
    I must say, I am JEALOUS at all the goods you've been loaned- WOWIE!!!!! That is awesome!!! I have a friend who has offered to loan us a bunch of stuff, so that's pretty exciting!
    You are brave to tackle such a task with the bedding, but you can do it!! I have found one I particularly like for a girl, but if it's a boy, I might have my mom get out her sewing machine, as well.
    You look great for 27 weeks-- that bump is gorgeous girl!!
    Pat the belly for me!
    The Other Jill

  6. Time is really flying by now! You and Seven (and I guess Kerry too!) are doing so well! And you still have the perfect baby bump look, all tiny except for a good looking bump in front. I'm sorry about the heartburn and walking pain, but that just means you are in the home stretch - which is good news!

  7. Wow, congrats on reaching the 3rd trimester! And lucky you to be getting all that awesome stuff. Yay for recycling! Who do you think the baby looks like? I can't decide, but I only know you guys from pictures, so it's hard for me to tell.... Go you making your own bedding!

  8. Wow......that is quite the load of stuff you were able to borrow....that really helps defray a lot of cost! Now what are people supposed to get you for your baby shower? Looks like you're pretty much set:0)

    Cute baby bump girlfriend....miss mine:-(

    Awesome about making your own bedding.....I wouldn't have a clue...I had no idea you sewed???

  9. LMAO at your baby closet! Teagan's is like that too - like, way too much clothes! - but it is so much fun to dress her up in them! You look great! Congratulations on making it to the third tri! I am so excited for you! I know at the beginning of the pregnancy I wanted things to rush so I could be in the "safe" zone...then in the third tri, I wanted to slow it down so I could relish every single moment. I totally understand. Enjoy it!!!!

  10. How fun Jill....I just love reading your updates and *seeing* what you've been up to, as well as seeing your beautiful baby belly growing & growing!!


  11. Such a cute little guy you have in there!! How fun to get such awesome pics. And your belly continues to be adorable, of course!

    That is great that you are going to make the bedding. I love sewing projects and can't wait to see what you come up with! But I would advise you to get on it pronto!! You will be SHOCKED at how enormous you will grow in those last couple of months (especially that last month!) and you will be much less comfortable trying to do activities like that (at least I was!) when you are as big as a house :-) (a cute little house, of course, but a house nonetheless!) And once the baby comes your time will be filled up with other fun things! So get to work girl :-) Can't WAIT to see what you make!!!!!!!!

  12. Wow, wow WOW! 3rd Trimester! Congratulations! Your baby bump is looking fab! So is his closet! It's wonderful that everything is falling into place! Good luck on the sewing project! Can't wait to see it!

  13. Yay for lots of baby gear!!!! :0) I can't wait to see the finished product of your crib bedding. Keep growing that bump!!! :0) Love the ultrasound pics. So detailed and so sweet! Love you!

  14. YOu will LOVE your chicco... I love mine.. my son is 4months and does great in it and they are the best!


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