Wednesday, March 10, 2010

25 Weeks

Cruising right along! I can't believe I only have 15 weeks to go, almost puts me in a panic when I think of how much there's left to do.  The nursery, bedding, painting, birth classes, book reading, registry, maternity photos, etc etc etc.  OMGosh, and his name!!!  I need time to slow down, and a money tree!

On my last post I was heading out to get baptized.  It was really special to do this while pg.  Kerry says we got a 2-fer.  I promised the family that I would post a video of it on my next post, so here goes:

I had an OB appt yesterday.  An hour before my appt, I had to drink the dreaded Glucola to check for gestational diabetes.  (Still waiting on the results)

Is really wasn't that bad, just tasted like sugary flat orange soda.  Supposedly this is a time sensitive test and you have to get your blood drawn exactly 1 hr after finishing it.  As I was about to head out, I couldn't find my car key anywhere.  Kerry had driven my car last so I gave him a quick call.  He gave me a few places to look and after tearing the house apart, it was no where to be found.  By now I was frazzled and flying high on glucose and adrenaline.  I called him all panicked as I was going to be late and did not want to have to redo this test.  He made the statement that it was simple, it was either on the counter, in the kitchen drawer or in my car.  I looked in those areas plus every other possible place at least 10x.  He finally had no choice but to come pick me up.  On his way he kept telling me on the phone that he was sure the key was right in front of me and that I was just over looking it.  Grrrr!

We arrived 10 mins late.  Luckily that was their cutoff or I would have had to redo the test another day. Whew!  They drew my blood and then it was off to wait on the OB.

Our nurse was down the hall with several other nurses and doctors.  She was wearing fluorescent hot pink scrubs and a brightly multi-colored lab coat.  Kerry whistled really loud at her and then started singing and disco dancing to Stayin' Alive.  I about peed my pants!

We met with the OB.  I addressed my concerns about my cervix and how I really needed some peace of mind.  She was very sweet and understanding and was willing to do whatever it took to make sure I enjoyed this pg to the fullest.  She did an internal exam and said there was a soft area but then found my cervix hidden off to the side.  It was long, firm and closed just as it should be.  What a relief!  She listened to the HB and found it to be nice and strong.  She measured my stomach from the pubic bone to the top of my uterus and said I was measuring 25w.  I guess my big belly isn't ahead of schedule as I thought it was.  Weight and blood pressure were right on target too.

She then surprisingly sent me to u/s to make sure there was no funneling and that the cervix length was still doing well.  While the tech was viewing my cervix, you could see Seven's butt crack clear as day right above my cervix. What a cute little bum he has!  He's currently breech, but there's plenty of time for him to get into head down position.  I'm very happy to report that my cervix measured 36mm (34mm last check) and there was no funneling.  Ahhh, now I can relax and stop with this ridiculous worrying.  That was exactly what I needed.

The tech then said she'd let us look at the baby for a few mins.  Yeah!!!  We found him chewing and then sucking on his fingers.  He's definitely getting bigger and putting a little fat on. The amniotic fluid level was perfect and his HB was 153 bpm.  Here's a few u/s pics:

When we returned home, Kerry searched for my car key and guess what, it wasn't on the counter, in the kitchen drawer or in my car!  I gave him a really hard time as he insisted that they were there.  Here's the kicker, guess where he found them?!?!  In the garbage can in the garage!!!  Yeah, why didn't I think to look there???  You're probably wondering how in the heck it got there... well I guess the first thing Kerry did when he got out of my car was throw away some trash, and apparently the key with it.  He's eating crow now!  Thank God the trash didn't get taken out as that is my only car key.  We will be getting a spare made asap!

Seven continues to practice his kick-boxing every day and for the first time, I saw him move across my belly.  It was like an ocean wave moving across.  We read that dad may be able to faintly hear baby's HB by putting his ear to my belly.  Kerry tried this and Seven kicked his ear.  Loved it!  We're not sure why, but Kerry loves saying into my belly "hello, this is your captain speaking".  He then tapped a drum beat on my belly and Seven tapped back.

I seem to have middle of the night insomnia these days.  It's not very uncommon for Kerry to find me upstairs nesting around 4am.  The other night I organized all of Seven's clothes by type then size.  He has a few rompers, shirts and onesies, and then the rest are all sleepers.  Ya know, because my little man is going to be such a sweet little peaceful sleeper who sleeps through every night and never cries.  ;-)  Behind me in this picture is a room with absolutely nothing baby-related in it.  Yep, got lots of work to do.

I finally broke down and bought the milk jugs some new cartons.  I received a great tip to go ahead and buy nursing bras instead of maternity so that I can continue to use them throughout breastfeeding. I've been avoiding this as one, nursing bras are very expensive and two, I have no idea what size I'll need once my milk comes in.  Nursing bras seem to run $30-$60 and makes this girl's eyes bug out.  We're talking about a girl that is completely content with her $10 Walmart bras.  I am soooo thrilled to have found some very comfy ones at Baby Depot for $7.99!!!  They seem just as nice and I was so excited about what a deal I got that I keep repeating to Kerry all night, $7.99!!!

This week's belly...

I think my Bad Hair Day pjs have shrunk (wink, wink)!!  Yikes, this top used to cover my pre-pg belly.

Up next, an u/s in 2 weeks.  My OB wants to double check the marginal cord insertion and get another cervix check.  I think she's really only scheduling this for my peace of mind, and while I believe I'm doing much better in that dept, I'll take it!  I invited my mom so I'm excited for her to get to see her grambaby for the first time.


  1. Thanks for the update....Glad that everything is going well. Your little boy is gorgeous!
    We couldn't decide on a name and ended up choosing one after we met the baby.
    Love the belly shots too!

  2. Wow 15 weeks left! Isn't it amazing how fast it goes!! Love all the new pics! So glad you recieved the reassurance you needed! Now enjoy girl!


  3. A++++ for a great OB that was willing to do all of that for you. Ahhh...the dreaded orange drink...I remember that thing. :0P I'm glad you didn't have to redo it. 15 weeks!!! Yipeee!!!!

  4. are right....15 weeks will be here before you know it.....believe me....I don't even know WHERE my pregnancy went, let alone the last 5 months!!! Things really are going perfect for you pregnancy wise which is wonderful:-) I hope your GD test comes back negative....the 1 hour is a breeze, it's the 3 hour that almost killed me, that's why I refused it the 2nd time around and we just went with my GD diagnosis after I failed the 1 hour:0(

    I can soooo relate to the insomnia thing...I had it the entire pregnancy and really still do but now it's a matter of somebody actually waking me up...LOL

    Too funny about the keys.....

    Miss you girl....feel like we haven't talked in FOREVER

    love ya

  5. Hi Jill & Kerry & #7...
    Congratulations on getting Baptized! That was an awesome video of you, I wish I could've heard the whole ceremony...but that's okay.
    Your little boy looks very looks like he might suck his thumb-awwww! It's funny how they manage to take care of themselves and do things, like sucking their thumbs and turning around, just fine inside, but when they come out they can't manage to find their mouths to put their thumbs in and they are so dependent on their mommies and daddies (FOREVER)!
    Only 15 weeks 2 go-Holy Cow! It's going fast! No matter what you do, you'll NEVER be as ready as your imagination thinks you should be! So RELAX. Take a deep breath. Everything will be fine! Alls he needs to start with are diapers & mommy & daddy & his thumb & a name! Then you're good to go!
    Keep on doing a fine job of being the good, loving, caring & crazy parents you are and before you know it, Kerry will be saying, "Breathe Mama, breathe!"
    Love always and a day-Aunt Carol xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  6. So glad you were able to get some reassurance on your cervix. Great news all around. It sounds like Seven is a pretty active little guy! It seems like your pregnancy is really flying by! 15 weeks, where has the time gone?

  7. All I can say is I had so much fun reading this tonight. Had a hard day and you really lightened it up. So glad things are cruisin along. I WANT TO SEE YOU SO BAD!
    Love you

  8. What a great post!!! So happy for you and your baptism! That was awesome.
    You really are cruising! Can't believe you're 25 weeks! WOW. I have the same pangs of anticipation that you do about "so much to do, so little time". But, with good friends and family to help, it will get done! Just remember that. :0)
    Love the pics of Seven! He's looking like a precious little baby and you are so lucky to get to see him so often. What a relief that your OB has taken the time to check everything out to calm your anxiety-- and PTL that your cervix is just how it should be! That's a huge relief.
    Loving that gorgeous bump you have... You are right on track!
    Love ya,
    The Other Jill

  9. Loving your OB here, as well as your photos. He's a cutie! If you're 36mm at 25 weeks, all my reading said you have nothing to worry about. Especially if you're not having the contractions/tightenings I was having. You should be past the point of IC rearing its ugly head.
    Glad your DH found the keys and was willing to eat crow about it. Serves him right!
    Looking forward to you next set of u/s and belly shots - you're both looking great!

  10. So glad things are going well for you! You are still so tiny girl! You look awesome with that cute baby bump!

  11. Jill, you are looking so adorable with your cute little baby bump! It sounds like everything is going really well! Before you know it your beautiful little boy will be in your arms.
    $7.99 nursing bras!!!!What a bargain, I paid about $50 for mine. These days I shop on ebay...much better value if you knoe exactly what you want.

  12. Jill, you look so cute! I love this post! Everything seems to be great and I am so excited for you to go into the third trimester. To be honest, I love having our baby girl here but I miss carrying her around in my belly too! That last few months where she was a constant presence is so beautiful. I can cry just thinking about it! So, I am excited for you to go through it.

  13. I'm so glad you got the reassurance you needed re: cervix. It's great you got to see Seven (butt crack and all!) too.

    Enjoy every last second--you look great!

  14. You are having the perfect pregnancy. I am so happy for you, Kerry, and our Grambaby!!! I love reading his/your progress. Like this week he is the size of an eggplant. Wow I have seen some big eggplants.
    Your tummy looks so cute.
    The baptism was a piece of cake. What? No towel? LOL
    I love you so big as the sky even.
    Love always,

  15. Congrats on getting to 25 weeks!

  16. Wow! You have so much exciting stuff going on! AND Seven's birthday is almost only double digits away! =D Can you believe it?

    So good to hear that the ol' cervix is staying nice and put, and that you're not battling GD.

    Keep up the nesting (I know you will)! *hugs*

  17. No funneling! Good cervix! YAY! You look great, and it is so exciting to hear about Seven visibly moving around. :)

  18. I am so glad that everything is continuing to go so well for you! :) Your pg belly looks so stinkin' cute:):)

  19. You're trekkin right along! Beautiful u/s pics and beautiful pg belly!

    Btw, I failed my 1-hr GTT so had to do a 3-hr test. Luckily I passed that! In hindsight, I shouldn't have eaten grapes before my 1-hr test, but nobody told me that! :)

    If you haven't heard from your OB about your results, most likely they're normal. Keep on baking that baby! Teeheehee. You're having a baby!!!!

  20. congrats on making to under 100 days left you guys!!

    see you at swing night,



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