Wednesday, March 3, 2010

23-24 Weeks

There wasn't much to update at 23 weeks so I decided to combine week 23 and 24 into one update. Thanks to those that checked up on me. I am officially 6 months now, wowser!!!

Everything has been going really well except for a little anxiety. Not getting cervix checks anymore has affected me more than I anticipated, especially after seeing a friend lose her baby to incompetent cervix. I find myself taking the better safe than sorry approach most of the time. This has resulted in a lack of exercise and self imposed bed rest, not good for me emotionally or physically. I'm chunking up! I tried to schedule an u/s for a quick check but they were only willing to let me come in for an internal exam, which I don't feel is very thorough as you can't feel funneling. I'm going to talk to my OB next Tue at my GD appt to see if we can get one more cervix measurement so I can relax and more fully enjoy life without all the anxiety. I really believe all will be totally fine, but can't seem to get myself to take any chances with all I went through to get here and no ability to get back. I guess I'm already a little over-protective over this little guy.

Seven is doing great and is kicking up a storm. Kerry has seen and felt him kick a few times, though he usually stops as soon as I tell Kerry to look or feel. According to my pg updates, my uterus is now the size of a basketball and Seven is starting to put fat on, as am I! I'm up 14.5 lbs and officially weigh more than I ever have. Supposedly I'm right on track and hope to remain on track.

Week 23 Belly:

Week 24 Belly (Hotel 7 has taken the lead from milk jugs):

We made our next sorta big purchase, a Graco Sweetpeace swing in a giraffe print:

I went to my first consignment sale and this definitely won't be my last, talk about great deals on gently used baby items! I volunteered to work the consignment sale for 10 hrs and in exchange I was able to shop before the public.  It was like black Friday with everyone lining up an hour before hand and racing to get to the best items first.  We were newbies and weren't quite sure what to go after, I'm sure we looked lost.

Here's a few items we got, many still with tags. Between these, gifts and other hand me downs, baby is stocked up on sleepers!

Notice a common pattern in what we were drawn to?:

Kerry was quite proud of his find:

We also got a baby video monitor that retails $199 for $20. Thanks Sharon for introducing us to Sugar Babies consignment!

My mom bought me a keepsake that will be treasured for a long time to come. This is my little man hatching out of his shell right before transfer:

I know it's way past Christmas, but we needed to wait on the gender to know if to get pink or blue.

A video for the family...  this is the commercial ad on local cable featuring Kerry:

Alrighty, I'm off to go get dunked, not sprinkled, fully dunked!  I'm finally getting baptized, better late than never.


  1. You look great, Jill! And I just CAN'T believe you're already six months along! Time is whippin' and whirlin.

    Looks like you guys made out like bandits at the consignment sale. =) Lovin' all the giraffes! The "Who's The Tallest" get-up is perfection.

    Here's to hoping your wish for a cervical check is granted. I know it would take a load off your mind. *hugs*

  2. Sorry you are feeling so much anxiety right now, Jill. I hope your doc is able to help ease these fears for you with a check.

    Holy shopping! It looks like you got some great deals and little Seven should be set.

    Love, love, love the ornament. Beautiful!

  3. You are looking great Jill and I'm so happy that everything is going so well! I love all the clothes!! I love little tiny baby sleepers, I can just smell that freshly bathed and lotioned baby all cuddled up in their little sleeper! That is the best!! I miss it. Congrats on the Baptism too!!


  4. Love to read your updates and see that everything is going well. Giraffes rocks :)

  5. I'm glad you had a good time at the sale and that you found some great deals. That TV monitor was awesome!! I also love the swing you guys got. It is adorable! I am praying that they will let you have your cervix check. Just a word of encouragement. My cousin has four kids. With the last three she had pretty bad cervix problems and every single one of them are now healthy kids. One is only a few months old. Her deliveries were smooth and everything was fine. :0) By the way, nice commercial Kerry. :0D See you Sat girlie!

  6. Glad to hear your update. And you don't look at all chunky, only in your uterus!! I hope they get you in for an u/s, it's important for you to enjoy yourself during the pregnancy.

  7. Great update Jilly! I love all the pics. You are looking absolutely adorable! I understand your anxiety, and pray that God will give you peace, no matter what the docs do or don't do, say or don't say. You'll be fine! Seven is just plumping up and waiting for his arrival date in June!
    Love all the cute sleepers! You are getting all prepared- impressive. I feel completely unprepared, but oh well... We've got time. :0)
    Look at your movie star hubby! How cool is that!
    How's the name game coming?!?
    Love you and your lil' fam!
    The Other Jill

  8. Woohooo!! You're moving right along, little lady. You look beautiful! I'm so glad you finally decided to update... I was beginning to go through withdrawals. Congrats on the 6th month mark. You're almost done!

  9. Just remember at your appt what I told you are to think of yourself as high maintainance and you are already your son's advocate and are trying to get him here safely and timely. Love the maternity top, very pretty. yes, you do have lots of sleepers and looks like the giraffe that's coming to you will fit right in.
    Kerry did great in the commercial!
    Things are going to start picking up for me this Happy early Anniversary and Happy early Birthday to Kerry.

  10. You are so CUTE!!! What a happy belly. And I *love* the ornament! So much fun. Enjoyed the chat yesterday, we should do it more often :-)
    Love you!

  11. Congrats on the bargains! And on 24 weeks. And of course happy baptism!
    Glad to hear Seven's a wild thing in there. Hope to hear you've talked them into a final put-my-mind-at-ease cervical length check. I'd even pay $200 out of pocket for the peace of mind.
    You're looking good!

  12. Hi Jill...

    You are radient, as I have told you before. I have never seen you happier. I am proud of you going through with the baptism. I wish I could have been there too.

    I love the girfaffe's too!!!

    I see your embaby ornament!!! I am glad that you liked it!!!

    By the way, I didn't know my son-in-law was a movie star!!! He is as handsome as you are cute. Don't tell him I said that though. LOL

    Can't wait for my grambaby to get here!!

    I love you as big as the sky

  13. NOW you really are taking on the true pg look! Love the ornament from thoughtful...and I am so excited you got baptized!!! That made my heart very happy!

    Love, Mom2

  14. Congratulations on everything! i hope that you get your next check like you want.. They should do it, just for your own peace of mind..

    I don't know if you are still looking for baby bedding, but I saw this brown/blue bedding set with giraffes and thought of you guys..

  15. I think that belly is FINALLY getting bigger and more round...I still can't believe how tiny it is...LOL I looked absolutely HUGE by now with both babies! Don't you love those sales? I used to go to them all the time in MI...they were just called "Mom to Mom Sales"....Looks like that babe is MORE than set on sleepers girlfriend....LOL Hope the GD test goes well and that you DON'T have to do the 3 hour!

    Love ya!


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