Wednesday, February 17, 2010

22 Weeks

A happy belated Valentines to all!  Kerry and I renewed our vows for V-Day with several other couples.  Towards the end of Kerry repeating his vows, I got a neck cramp from looking up for so long and then my jaws started charley horsing from smiling so big.  I kept rubbing my jaw which got us giggling.  Then it was my turn to repeat my vows and I butchered them!  My first line was "Today I renew my vows..." with which I said "Today I remove my vows...".  I didn't even realize I messed up until Kerry exclaimed "what do you mean you remove your vows??"... so then we ended up belly laughing through the rest of the vows.  Never a dull moment.  We'll be married 8 yrs next month!

Our little Seven has has been working out.  No more wimpy little flutters, but instead full out kick boxing.  It all started last week when I went 2 days without feeling any movement.  I was getting a little nervous and got the doppler out to make sure he was still alive.  As soon as I put the doppler on my belly and found the HB, he kicked it several times.  I don't think he likes the doppler!

He's now kicking up a storm daily.  He seems to really love our church band, especially when the bass is booming.  I think he'll be a drummer like his daddy.  Yesterday I saw a couple kicks externally and again today.  It was the coolest thing ever.  Kerry still hasn't been able to feel him move, most likely because he stops every time Kerry puts his hand on my belly.  Hopefully soon.

I've had several strange episodes where out of the blue I get an incredible urge to pee that lasts about 1 second.  It took me awhile to figure it out, but I now know it's Seven kicking my bladder. I just know he's going to have me in Depends before this is all over with.

Introducing Sponge Bob Jill Square Pants!  What is up with my square belly???  I noticed this in the beginning but assumed it would round out as my uterus grew above my belly button.  It's like my belly button is stuck to something internally and is refusing to poke out.  Maybe my organs have run out of room and are scattering any which direction they can fit?  Maybe it's because the baby is always sideways?  I don't know!

For those of you that knows what it means to "pop", have I popped yet?  If it just means showing, I definitely have, but I was under the impression that you pop when your uterus grows high and heavy enough to drop over the pubic bone and that it happens overnight.  I haven't noticed an overnight change or a drop.

Lastly, please stop by O Baby: Where Art Thou? and send Amy your love and support.  She just lost her baby at 16 wks due to incompetent cervix.  My heart broke into a million pieces when I read her post.  It really hit home as this is exactly what I'm at risk for.  I think I might just have to ask for another cervix check as I've discovered that I'm not quite out of the woods yet.  After revisiting the topic a little further so that I could watch out for signs (which there usually are none), I found that many women with incompetent cervix lose their babies around 20-25 weeks.  Yikes!


  1. That's funny about you guys losing it during the ceremony...LOL I have always wanted to renew our vows since we didn't have a "wedding".....we are coming up on 6 years on March 4th. I'd still like to do it "someday". Don't worry about the square/"B" belly will probably round out once the baby is bigger and he changes positions. I would venture to say that it's because he's transverse and because you are so short waisted:-)

    OMG about your friend Amy...I just posted condolences on her blog...that just breaks my mom should EVER have to go through something like that.

    I was JUST going to e-mail you today and ask if you were feeling movement (or did I e-mail you???)....isn't that just the greatest thing? Yep, those cervix kicks/punches sometime will literally take your breath away....sometimes it will happen constantly for days & hours at a time....LOL

    I don't think you have "popped" yet but you definitely look preggo...LOL I can't believe you've only gained 11 lbs so!

  2. Your vows sound like a riot. So glad you had some fun and it sounds like Seven is having some fun too. (-;

  3. You guys sound so happy! I love that you lost it during renewing your vows! It is a very sweet and happy story!

    You look great. I have no idea what they mean by "popping"...I know, looking back I remember one day waking up and being like "whoa" but I'm not sure if that was me finally realizing it or it just happening?

    Do the cervix check. It is just worth it to make yourself feel better. I'm learning this lately since I am becoming a nervous wreck about going over and nothing happening...I'm almost debating calling them for another appointment on Friday instead of Monday, just for peace of mind. After all we've been through, we are allowed to be a little hight maintenance!

  4. Your belly looks cute, albeit a bit square! I'm sure it will round out as Mr. Seven grows, and moves around more. It must be very reassuring to feel him moving.

  5. From all my obsessive IC readings, if you're doing well at 22-24 weeks, it's a good indicator all will be well after that. But by all means, ask for one more check at 24 weeks to set your mind at ease.
    No clue about the belly popping. Mine just gradually stuck out more and more. I always looked pretty pregnant to me after the 18-20 week mark, knowing how flat-stomached I was before, but others didn't really notice much till later on.
    My belly still has a weird flat front to it, even at almost 38 weeks. I think it's because I have a little fat on either side of my belly button, but the belly button itself doesn't have much. So I get the minor fat bulge on either side, and it's flat (or even a little indented) in the middle).
    I sure never got much of a pop above the belly button either. She was low and transverse for ever, and then went vertex at around the 28 week mark, with her head darn low in my pelvis. And there she's stayed ever since. Maybe if I were shorter I'd have been bigger higher in the belly? Everyone at work is saying that I'm carrying low or I must have dropped.
    Glad to hear all's going well and Seven is kicking up a storm. The movements are so fun and reassuring.

  6. Hi there, my one and only Child,
    You are doing so good, and I know you have big concerns. Who wouldn't have with your issues and past history? But I have never seen you so radiant either. I believe with my whole being that your baby boy is going to be perfect!

    I can't wait for him to get here! I am looking forward to being the best grammy ever. I have really enjoyed our talks lately. I love hearing how much in love with him you are. I can see you have grown up and are now understanding how strong a Mother's love is.

    Grrr you never told me about renewing your vows. Are you getting senile too? LMAO That is funny though!!!

    You don't look square to me! Maybe it's his long vertabrae there?

    Love you as big as the sky!!!


  7. Mom told me about the Vows giggle and I cracked up.

    You look great!

    I'm so sorry for your friend> I will go to her site next. Even though with Ryan Lyndsay was further along and a different reason it is the hardest thing to see you child endure and to go through yourself.

    I agree with your MOM I truly belive you have nothing to worry about except just enjoying every minute.
    Cannot wait to meet my new little nephew. Will be mailing your Hawaiian goodies next week.

    Love you

  8. The story about renewing your vows, square belly and kick-boxing baby cracked me up! It looks like there is never a dull moment in your life! Despite your life sounding a bit quirky at times, I'm glad to hear everything's well with your baby

    I'm so sorry to hear about Amy's loss! A friend of mine also lost her baby at 16 weeks. She was scheduled for a cerclage, but it was just a day too late :-( Do keep a close eye on yours-- A cervix check sounds like a really good idea!

  9. I realized when you commented on my blog that I forgot to comment on yours! I went to your friend's blog and read about their tragedy and I guess I just got overwhelmed and forgot to pop back here! So, anyway... Congrats on a special (and hilarious) vow renewal! That's so fun! We had a very small wedding (uh, actually it was just us and two friends-nobody knew!) so hopefully we can do a vow renewal sometime in the near future with our families.

    I LOVE your belly pics, even if you do have a double bump! I can't imagine that little Seven is going to have a lot more places to go but out, so I bet you'll pop sooner rather than later.

    I'm so glad he's moving around for you a lot-- I know that has to be a comfort and reassuring. I would ask for another cervical check too, but I'm CERTAIN you will be just fine, given your previous numbers. I made a note to ask my doc about that next week too, with my 2 laser vap surgeries.

    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead and can't wait to read more about your adventures. I'm so glad I have you just a bit ahead of me to pave the way! :0)

    Love to you, Kerry and Seven (any luck on the name game?).
    The Other Jill

  10. Your post made me smile. The blog you told me to visit made me cry. Life is such a mixed bag.

  11. What better time to renew your vows than when you are expecting! How funny that you messed up your vows:) You and Kerry always have so much fun together no matter what you are doing!

    Caden was always kicking my bladder when I was pg. It is such an odd sensation to feel this urgency to pee and then all of the sudden it is gone. So glad you are feeling lots of movement!

  12. How's seven doing these days? How are you feeling? Glad to see your comment, even though I haven't seen any new posts from you in a while.
    Hope all's well!


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