Wednesday, September 16, 2009

FET#1.5 - Let The Building Begin

On my mark... Get set... Go!

Today I start the following:

Estrogen patches every other day
L-Arginine 2x/day
Vitamin E 1x/day
Baby Aspirin 1x/day
Lupron 5iu 1x/day
Acupuncture 2x/week

In addition to what I've already been taking:

Wheatgrass Juice 1x/day
Prenatal 2x/day
Folic Acid 2x/day
CoQ10 1x/day
L-Carnitine 1x/day
Probiotics 1x/day
Omega 3's 1x/day

For the body, I've been trying to get some kind of exercise each day. For diet, I've cut out all processed foods and sugar. For the mind, I listen to my hypno recordings every night and read a book on the power of our words and being positive.

Today I also:

Booked our flights
Reserved our rental car
Scheduled my blood draws and u/s
Scheduled my acup appts locally and in Denver

Left to do:

Book our hotel
Order more estrogen/progesterone
Schedule another HynpoFertility session

Building a nice lining sure is a lot of work!  Seven, this is all for you baby! I can't believe it, I thought it would never get here and now it's only 2w5d away!!!

On a side note, can I tell you how nice it is to have some estrogen back in my system?? Kerry can! I feel soooo much better and I'm nice again. =)


  1. Oh yeah. I'm getting smiles, I Love you's and affection once again. Estrogen -- I love you :-)
    Bring it !

  2. Congrats on the start of the building!!! Wishing you the best!

  3. Yay for you and the fantastic program you have planned for yourself!! Wishing you happy building!!

  4. that is some preparation for that little lining of yours:-) Boy time seemed to have flown from this end!!! It will be here before you know it and #7 will be snuggling into that beautiful lining very very soon! I can't wait!

    love ya!

  5. Estrogen is my drug of choice! Oh yeah. So glad things are moving forward!

  6. After all that straight lupron, estrogen is HEAVEN! Glad you are on your way to bringing 7 home!!!

  7. Funny how we're on the same countdown. 18 more days till Lyndsay passess the torch to you.
    Can't wait to welcome my new grandson. Brady, and get ready for my new neice/nephew.
    Notice I put neice first. LOL

    Counting with you for the big coaster ride
    Love ya


  8. Yay! Booked flights, estrogen! You are moving for real! I will say that is a lot of stuff to keep track of, how do you do it? Pill boxes? Calendar? Checklist? Just wondering....

  9. Let's keep on building. Oct 5 is going to be a great day.

    Love you bunches,

  10. You are down to the wire, Jill! Woohoo! Get that estrogen flow and fluff up that lining nice and good:)

    Thank you for taking the time to read the Caring Bridge sites from my last blog post. I have read them and some of the guestbook entries every day and I have been moved to tears too many times to count. I just can't believe that such a thing could happen. I will be going to the wake/visitation on Sunday evening to give support to my family friend/ex-boyfriend.

  11. I'm sure it feels so good to get through all these steps! I can relate to feeling great on the estrogen - as it sounds like a lot of us can!

  12. I like your mind/body strategy! Kerry cracks me up, as always!

  13. 2 more weeks!!!! Whoo hoo!!!!

  14. I'm going to comment here again. You may want consider stopping the L-arginine, CO-Q 10, and wheatgrass juice while you are building your lining. I think those things are more for egg quality, and not so much for building your lining. I never noticed that any of these helped with my lining. I also ditched the L-arginine and CoQ-10 when it didn't seem to help with my egg quality either. I think it depends on if you are kidney yin deficient or kidney yang deficient. I'm kidney yin deficient, and these things don't help as much for me. Just my ass-vice, for what it's worth!!


Thank you for your comment! Hugs, Kerry and Jill