Friday, September 25, 2009

FET#1.5 - A Huge Jump Forward

Thank you all so much for all the estrogen vibes. Let me tell ya, those were some powerful vibes!

On cd9, they wanted my E2 greater than 50, I was only at 37.

They added Estrace 2mg 1x/night.

Today, only 3 days later, they want my E2 greater than 75.  My nurse said she'd keep her fingers crossed for me.

My results just came in... I'm at 1015 !!!!!!  Seems there's no middle ground with me. 4 days from now, they want it greater than 300. Stop the vibes, stop the vibes!!!!  Better yet, send some triple pattern vibes!

I told my nurse I think she kept too many fingers crossed!  She said a jump from 37 to 1015 in 3 days is unheard of. This may explain why I've been feeling bloated and nauseous. Since starting the Estrace, my spotting completely stopped and I have enormous amounts of ew cm (in a pretty shade of blue I might add). I think my fat rolls have sucked every particle of estrogen out of those patches and my hoo-ha went to town on those little blue pills.

So my instructions from CCRM are to continue as is.  They don't want to reduce my meds as that would cause a pretty big drop in estrogen and that would not be good for the lining. Now if when I become pg, I'm stuck continuing the patches and blue suppositories until several wks of pg. Oh God, I'm going to have a smurf baby!

I got an email in regards to the Na-Nu Na-Nu photo below that made me laugh so hard.  It was from a very dear friend Joyce who's 73.  This is what she said "Looks like your dolly partons have grown a tad.....have they?".  Thanks for a great laugh Joyce, I needed it!  Funny thing is, just last Sun, my mom exclaimed to me in the middle of church; "your boobs look HUGE!".  Let me set the record straight, I have not gotten a boob job and I haven't intentionally done anything to make them look bigger. It just happens to be a new bra that I really love because it fits well, is comfortable and holds form through the laundry. Apparently it holds form on me as well! So if anyone out there is about to spend lots of dough on a boob job, give me a shout, I'll give you the name & model of my $10 Walmart bra!


  1. Excellent, excellent news Jill!! That is certainly some jump!! Your lining must be plumping itself into a nice triple stripe with all that estrogen flying around!

    PS Loved the na-nu na-nu pics. And who would have thought you could get that much benefit from a Walmart bra! :)

  2. Girl, I am telling you with my FET right now...I am on Lupron and just started Estrace today and geez...I feel 20 lbs heavier!!! Gotta love these hormones!!!

  3. That is some kind of jump! I'm so glad all the estrogen vibes worked :)

  4. All right! estrogen is up, and settin up nursery for your little smurf bundle for the next 9 months.
    loved the picture with the needles in the head. Good thing all errands were run earliers, huh?
    Sending triple pattern vibes your way }}}}}}}}}}}

    love ya,

  5. SOOOOO glad to read this good news from you...let's keep it coming now, shall we? :-)

  6. Wow! great news! Yeah, I'd say that that increase in estrogen could make you a little nauseous...and possibly teary at TV commercials, lol. I know you will have a beautiful lining and be right on track!

  7. That's an incredible jump! I read that body fat produces estrogen and I think I have too much of it. If only I could give you some of my fat..... LOL! Anyway, that's great news. I'm sending you plenty of triple pattern vibes your way...

  8. Holy moly! That is one big jump in E2! You really are the all or nothing girl. Sending you all of the triple pattern vibes I have!

  9. My goodness, your body responds well!! Having such a sensitive body can be a blessing and a curse, no? Sending you triple pattern vibes X 3!!!!

  10. What?! lol I'm happy when you're yea! : ) Just when I think my life is busy and crazy, I read your blog and my life seems so go girl! Prayers and wishes for always and a day for your journey ahead! Love Aunt Kook xoxoxo

  11. Yay! Yay! Double Yay! Triple lining kind of yay!! I'm so glad that things turned out and have changed direction for you!! I couldn't figure out why your EWCM was blue...until I factored in the Estrace :). Haha.

  12. I've been known to walk a fine line with some OCD tendencies, but I swear I did not send that many E2 vibes. (-; That is one healthy jump!!

    Triple stripe vibes activate.

  13. Hi Jill...
    Today you got to practice at church in the nursery with me. 7 little ones at one time could be pretty overwelming, but they were all pretty good...fortunately for us. You looked the part of a Mommy...and you said I looked the part of a Grammy. I can hardly wait for the day to come. I know the roller coaster you have been on, and I ofcourse hoping and praying that this time will be "your" time.
    I love you as big as the sky,

  14. Hi there,
    I am following your story and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. It is great that things are looking good.

    I changed my blog to

    Thinking of you,

  15. Sorry I've been MIA lately, but have been thinking about you and excited about your transfer. Nearly there!!! I had to add the little blue pills as well - did not enjoy it but it was necessary... Hope the estrogen is staying in check :-).


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