Thursday, September 24, 2009

FET#1.5 - Acup #3

I just returned from my 3rd acup appt. She felt all my pulses and said my energy and anxiety are so much better, but definitely have room for improvement. That's good because I've been working hard on it. She said my estrogen is coming up, but not quite where it should be yet. I explained the protocol I'm on and she understood it pretty well as she works with a lot of infertility patients. She said that's good they added more estrogen. She said my liver pulse is taught and that made sense since I'm on artificial hormones and my body is trying to process them. For over a year now I've been flip flopping back and forth between natural and artificial hormones, I'm sure my body is confused and worn out.

She loaded me up with needles from head to toe again. I listened to both of my recordings from Lynsi and had a nice relaxing nap. Afterwards, she massaged my stomach, shoulders and neck and then gave me some anxiety relieving exercises to do at home. She really is great!

She decided that she wanted to leave the 4 needles in my head until bed time if I was willing to. Said it would work on my anxiety all day. Thank God I work from home! I look like a martian.

Here's my Na-Nu Na-Nu greeting as seen on Mork & Mindy.

In other news, I exchanged a few emails with my nurse. I requested another estrogen check as having to wait an entire week was too much stress. She's having me go in tomorrow morning to see where I'm at. I asked what they would like it to be for tomorrow and she said "We do not have a specific number at that point of the cycle, however definitely over 50 ideally over 75." My acup said I was in the 40's today and guessed I would be in the 50 or 60's tomorrow.  I hope she's way off!

I looked into the doses I've been taking.  The Vivelle patches only give 0.1mg per day per patch. At the max dose which is 4 patches, that's still only 0.4mg a day. The Estrace is 2mg/night. That's 20x more estrogen than I was getting. Surely that has got to do something, right? For a few mins I worried that I may be getting too much, but after a little research, I saw plenty of protocols that called for 6mg/day. So I'm good.

I've been watching for fertile signs to know if the estrogen's kicking in. Last attempt I had major fertile signs 2 days after starting the patches and it continued all the way up until I was cancelled. This time I'm now 8 days past starting patches and haven't had squat. Finally today I started getting one little fertile sign and I hope it picks up. I'm confused as to why it seems I'm not absorbing the estrogen as well this time, the only thing we did different was take out the BCP and I actually had a period. You would think that would make a positive change. So frustrating. Really hoping it was as simple as wearing the patches too low in a non-fatty location. My SIL is a nurse and confirmed that the patches needed fat to absorb. I have them on rolls of fat now!

Ok, tune into me tomorrow afternoon for my estrogen level. Send me lots of estrogen and good lining vibes. 10-4 good buddy.


  1. (((HUGS))) Jill, I'm thinking of you and praying & hoping for the absolutely best!!! Love you!!


  2. Hi Jill,
    I've been looking for IF sisters to share my Traditional Chinese Medicine experiences with, and I am thrilled I found your blog. It's consoling to find people like yourself as it's a less travelled path, and I don't feel so alone in this journey now.

    I think it's absolutely great that you're including TCM/acupuncture in your treatments. I believe in it 100% because it has helped me conceive for the very 1st time after 4 years of IF, au naturelle too! Sadly, I miscarried but I am determined to do it again with TCM. I blog about my journey, and I would love it if you'd drop by sometime and share your thoughts with me. If you haven't read it already, I recommend "The Infertility Cure" by Randine Lewis. This book explains TCM in treating various IF problems in great detail. It gave me a completely different perspective on IF and endometriosis which I also suffer from. It also gave me hope and set me on the path to TCM.

    I get pricked twice a week, so I completely understand what you're going through! I hope the acupuncture is helping and kickstarting something in your body! BTW, I like your pics - you have very cute antennae! ;-)

  3. Glad to read they added the estrace pills...for the pillbox. I was on 2 vivelle patches every 2 days plus the vaginal estrace...and I have plenty of tummy rolls to tuck the patches into, so maybe thats why I didn't have a problem.

    I'm still on the same...just picked up some more Vivelle today actually. May you, too, be on those 'pills' and patches for many months to come....

  4. Lots of good estrogen boosting vibes coming your way tomorrow, Jill!!

    I love the pictures. As always, you are too cute. (-;

  5. Sending lots of estrogen absorbing vibes to you! I must say, you do look cute with those needles in your head:-)

    I can't wait for your update. Transfer day is getting so close.

  6. Good vibes coming your way! You'll probably be posting that update in just a few hours, so I'll try to check in tonight. I'm home taking care of my Dad and internet access is spotty! Good luck!!!

  7. Love your new look with the nedles.
    Hang in there. There may be a few bumps in the road, but that only makes the future ride greater.
    Believing the estrogen level will be where it should be today.
    Love you bunches,
    Jean and Crew

  8. With needles in your head, how could you go wrong!? :) And yes, sending you many, many estrogen vibes for today!! Speaking of estrogen I too did the patches (near my belly button), as well as the Estrace several times/day.

    Smiles, Heidi

  9. Still sitting here n top of the hill just waiting for you to say GO so we can take off on the ride of a lifetime.

    Going to be at Rachel's this afternoon helping them move into their house this weekend. Can you call me with results, may not have internet.(:

    Love you

  10. I love the pics:) Your acu sounds really good. I, too, was on 4 estrace pills vaginally every day so I was received 8mg/day and my lining was thicker than it ever had been. Keep that estrogen flowing! :):)

  11. Good estrogen levels & thick lining vibes to you! Your Na-nu na-nu picture was hilarious! Keep smiling and I am hoping to see a good update from you next!

  12. Oh Jill, LOL at you in those pics! The things we all do to have a child! :)

    Keeping my fingers crossed for a good high E2 tomorrow.

  13. Wow, I think I heard Moscow radio coming in on those antenna's. She was interfering with cell phone signal in the neighborhood. :-) nanoo nanoo. Love ya babe Hang in there my little pin cushion

  14. Love the picture. You do look like the female Mork! I'm glad to hear things are up in the estrogen front!


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