Thursday, July 30, 2009

Giving It My All: Body

1 week 5 days to transfer and I'm continuing to giving it my all. Here's the next area I've been working on, body.

I've bumped up the amount of exercise I get. I've been riding bike, taking long walks, kick boxing and doing aerobics. It's been a great stress reliever. Unfortunately I've had to give up anything that gives me a good sweat as it causes my estrogen patches to peel off. I can't take a chance of messing up my lining by not getting enough e2.

As usual, as soon as I get a workout program going, this is what happens: I have to stop for fertility treatments, I chunk up and then have to start all over again. So here I am again, starting over just in time to have to stop again. But some is better than none. I thought I better try to lose as much chunk as I can now because soon I'll be taking it easy to grow a little human. =)

On Mondays I have electro-acup with an American guy. I provided him with the protocol that CCRM recommends for improving uterine blood flow. Americans, at least the ones I've had, seem to be pretty gentle with the needles, so it's not too bad. I love the e-stim as it's so relaxing.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I go to chiro to make sure everything is in alignment and all communication is at its best. Hopefully I have some good brain signals traveling down my spine and telling my uterus to get ready because it's going to be busy for the next 9 months! =)

On Saturdays I have regular acup with a Chinese lady, the real deal. She's excellent. She doesn't follow CCRM's protocol as she believes she can do a better job by going after my specific areas of need instead of a one size fits all type of thing. While I'm sure her session is doing more for me, she about kills me. She has needles all over me from head to toe. Every time she starts inserting the needles, I become very clammy. After she taps the needle in, she then twists the needle while moving it up and down to really get the body's electrical current flowing towards the needle. Let me tell you, it works, sometimes too well. I can literally feel the current traveling to the needle and sometimes feel like I'm being shocked. One time I swore my uterus was hit by lightening, I felt the current exit my cervix. We saw no smoke, so we continued. Once every thing's in place, all's good. If torture = baby, bring it on.

I plan on having a session or 2 of electro-acup in Denver as well.

Here's my view of my tummy. You can't see all the needles in my legs and feet because there's a pillow under my knees. While I can't see my feet, I hope soon I won't be able to see my feet for other reasons. =)

Speaking of needles... Do any of you IVFers experience tough skin after so many injections? My injections start out easy and painless and then after so many, my skin gets tough and the injects start to hurt. I finally gave up and gave Kerry the job as I just couldn't self inflict pain anymore.

I have to tell you, he has wayyyyy too much fun playing doctor! See for yourself. The dark area next to my button is an estrogen patch.

That's all for now.

Thanks mom for your comment on my previous post, you made me cry! Ditto


  1. Awwww...I'm so proud of you on the changes you are making and on your positive attitude:-) You are a HUGE encouragement to me in many areas of my life.....keep up the good work and positive thoughts. When do you leave for CO?? How long will you be gone?

    Can't wait to sit here on pins & needles waiting for the BFP post!!!

    love you!

    btw...your mom's post made me cry too:-)

  2. Keeping up with you! Everything seems to be going great. I haven't ever done acup...but I hear it is great for infertility...

  3. Wow! That's great that you're feeling such positive results with acupuncture! Sounds like you're feeling really good and energetic! Keep up the wonderful work!

  4. Oh man, that injection video is too much! I am glad you're loving the acupuncture...well, maybe not loving it, but at least feeling all that current running in the right directions.
    You're doing everything imaginable and I'm so impressed! Seven is going to be impressed, too :)

  5. Hmmmmmmmmm I was wondering why it was getting so prickly here on this coaster. It's all YOUR NEEDLES LOL.

    Proud of you girl, totally proud of you. What a journey for our entire family. We're right there on board with you, and can't wait for the next couple of weeks. Looking forward to a fun easy ride.

    Love you


  6. Good stuff! Not as delicious looking as your previous post, but still good stuff.

    I think I'll just miss passing you in the airport next week!

  7. You guys crack me up! I don't know about the skin getting tougher. I know I have gotten tougher cuz I just jam those needles in now. I do my lupron shots in my thigh. There is plenty of fat there, LOL! I hate it when my DH goes slow, so I prefer to do my own shots, except for the PIO ones.

    I'm very impressed with all you are doing. I can't believe you took a picture of your belly during acu, LOL!! I'm too chicken to go to a Chinese acu. I've heard their technique is kinda "no pain, no gain". The guy I see isn't into the painful needles, and he studied in China. I guess we Americans are just wimps (but not you).

    I hope you are getting a nice thick lining. Keep up the good work!

    P.S. Can I borrow your mom sometime? She's a gem!

  8. You're so close now! I'm very excited and hopeful for you. I did all the acu and wheatgrass before transfer as well. Are you going to do the acu at ccrm before and after transfer? I'd really recommend it, it was wonderful and very relaxing, plus I think it really boosts your chances. I'm on pins and needles following your progress.

  9. Ahhh, I used to melt when I had my electro-acu done 2x/week. I loved it and left there feeling so realaxed. It sounds like you are making some awesome changes and your body will be in tip-top shape when your arrive at your transfer:)

  10. Hey Jill! Sorry, I haven't been keeping up on your blog. I've had my hands full, literally!

    Just know that we think about you often, and wish you the best!

  11. Hi... OUCH OUCH OUCH!!! In the end, it will be worth it!!! Glad that you are exercising and eating right. Sounds like you are right on track.
    Love you as big as the sky! Mama

  12. Gulp!?...I barely survived ONE accupuncture visit...I'm impressed! And yes, my injects seemed to hurt more toward the end. Take care...

    Smiles, Heidi

  13. Getting close now!!! Hope you are doing well and preparing to nest. :0) Waiting for your next update on pins and needles!!! Sorry, couldn't resist the pun.
    The Other Jill


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