Wednesday, July 8, 2009

CGH Results, Part I

After an agonizing six weeks, we finally received our results yesterday. I’m sorry I didn’t post right away or call anyone, but Kerry and I needed some time to digest everything. Actually, we are still digesting it but didn't want to keep you in the dark any longer.

Out of four embryos from two IVF cycles, we have one normal.

We are taking the time we need to grieve the three we lost before we can celebrate the one that we are incredibly grateful for. I'll go into more detail in the next post.

A kind request to please not say "It only takes one!".


  1. Oh, Jill! I know this is not the news you were looking for. I am thinking of you...

    Please take all the time you need. I will still be here wishing, hoping, praying and rooting you on.

  2. I know this is not what you were hoping for but please know I am thinking of you. I am here praying for you and know that God has a perfect plan for both of us!

  3. Thinking of you Jill. This is such an incredibly hard journey with so many peaks and troughs. No-one can know how difficult it is unless they have walked in our shoes. I am really hoping that the wonderful results which people are getting after transfer of one chromosomally normal embryo gives you hope of an amazing peak yet to come.

  4. We are thinking of you - and here if you need us.

  5. Aw honey. I'm sorry you didn't get better results. It is such a long roller coaster of a ride and it just never seems to stop does it? My heart is hurting for you both and I am holding you lovingly in my thoughts.

  6. Jill,

    I too know how much you wanted better results than what you got and I'm praying that your grieving is brief and that you can both move on and look with excitement to this one little embryo that's just waiting to call you Mommy & Daddy someday:-) Thank GOD for medical science and for the opportunity for you to have these tests done on the embryos in order to have some answers as to maybe why the other cycles didn't work.

    HUGE hugs are being sent to BOTH of you right now. We are praying for you here in GA!

    love you!

  7. (((Jill))) I'm sorry this was the news that came back...please know I'll be keeping you & Kerry in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. I Love you both and can't wait to give you both a big hug in person this weekend.

    Just sitting here praying and ready to walk ( or ride ) with you through the next part of this incredible journey.

    See you soon


  9. Dear Jill and Kerry,
    Even though I am ignorant in my knowledge of IVF, I know enough that you both are hurting and sadden from the results and to that I can only say I'm sorry for your loss. Only God can give you the answers you search for and the comfort you need, may He give you strength and resolve soon. Thinking of you today and always.
    Love always,
    Aunt Carol xoxoxoxo

  10. Won't say anything that hasn't already been said. Just ((((HUGS)))) - here for you if you need.

  11. Well, we already spoke, but you know you can call any time!

  12. My first thought was, "this is great news!" You are making normal embryos! I understand the need to grieve your loss. I also feel you have something to celebrate. Congratulations! You give me hope that I might be able to do the same, though I doubt I will qualify for CGH.

  13. Jill
    I"m sorry I'm so late commenting. I'm at home visiting my dad with limited internet access.
    Grieve all you need to for your three you lost. And on the other side of that grief, I think you'll be celebrating and grinning ear to ear for your one beautiful, normal, perfect baby to be!
    I'm thinking of you.

  14. I can't believe I missed this post yesterday. I know it is hard. Very very hard. But, you do have one for that eSET and you still have beautiful success rates for that transfer. I know, grieve for those 3 - I grieved for mine and then I seriously grieved for the embie we transferred that didn't make it too. It hurts.

  15. Sitting beside and grieving with you, Jill. I'm sorry for the loss of your 3 and hoping your one normal will become the baby you have been dreaming of for so long

  16. I remember when we got our CGH results back from our 5 eggs in April of 08 ... and we got 1 normal ... I was trying to remain positive (I kept thinking to myself: it could have been zero, at least we had one) ... but there was a huge hole in my heart for the other 4.

    I just wanted to send you a hug. It is a lot to adjust to ... after so much effort, so much time, so much hope.

    Big hugs Sweety,


Thank you for your comment! Hugs, Kerry and Jill