Saturday, July 4, 2009

CGH Wait Top Ten

Top Ten clues you're going cRaZy waiting on CGH results...

#10. Not missing that elusive call is more important than taking a shower. Wash cloth baths and after hour showers have become part of your daily routine.

#9. Your outfit must have a cell phone pocket. Tight underwear makes a good alternative.

#8. You constantly check your cell display for a missed call even though the phone hasn't left your side.

#7. You have to charge your phone every day, not from talking on it, but from #8 above.

#6. You have a near panic attack when you find yourself in another room and realize your phone is all by itself. Comparable to forgetting your purse at a department store.

#5. Keeping up with your cell is more exhausting than keeping up with a toddler. You frequently find yourself back tracking your steps. Finding it on the floor in front of the toilet has become the most probable location.

#4. You find yourself hallucinating ring tones. You run as fast as you can to get to your phone only to find that the ringing is your head.

#3. You have a pure adrenaline dump every time your phone rings. More than 1 false alarm within a short time span requires a yoga session.

#2. You want to slap the person that called just to chat, punch the person that got the wrong number and completely knock out the telemarketer. Your husband values his life and has learned quickly to send a text warning "I'm about to call you".

#1. You avoid any establishment that requests to please silence your cell phone. If this is unavoidable, you put it on vibrate and plan out an escape route that's manageable within 4 rings.

I'm at 5w4d today and yes, I'm going crazy!


  1. I sure hope they call and put you out of your misery soon!

  2. Hope they call soon! I loved this is hilarious!

  3. Great post - I admire your patience. I would be going crazy by now too!

  4. You are going to drive yourself crazy!!! But laughing!!! Just think, it's going to have to happen soon!!! Are we going to sit in the pulse cafe? LOL I will be ready to go to church at 10... Love ya as big as the sky, Mama

  5. Ok, Ok, I slapped myself for you! I won't call your cell anymore until you hear from Denver first!

  6. I'm so sorry this wait is so freakin' long! It WILL happen!

  7. Hilarious! These are my exact behaviours both times I waited for "the call". Surely this must be the week. Hang in there!!!

  8. I'll be there in 5 days, maybe we can find some things to do to take your mind off of things for maybe a nano second. LOL

    Looking forward to seeing you,


  9. I guess calling you right now would be a bad idea, eh? I'm sure everything got backed up with the holiday too. Loved the pictures. I can relate from the other calls I've waited for from my clinic, but that's usually just a day or two. Ugh!! Hang in there!

  10. Oh that is so true! I hated that wait! I've never been so obsessed with my phone! I hope it ends in great news soon!

  11. I LOVE this post and the humor that find in almost anything:)

  12. I hope your wait is over this week!! Cute post to describe your torturous wait. I can't even imagine!!

  13. Crazy is a distinct trait of our family, so all of your actions are of no surprise to me! Have a great day!
    Love always and a day,
    Aunt Kook xoxoxoxo

  14. Oh girl......I'm traveling back to GA as we speak and just "happened" to get online at the hotel tonight to check for updates from you....I'm crazy right there with you......hang in CAN'T be too long yet!

    You're doing great!!!

    love ya!


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