Saturday, April 11, 2009

Taxes, College and IVF, Oh My!

I finally finished our taxes, wahoo!!! I'm such a procrastinator! I do our personal and Kerry's business taxes, so it's quite a bit of work. Took me 3 solid days. The sad part is that 2 days of it was all dedicated to consolidating our medical expenses and mileage. I knew the figures were going to be crazy... In 2008, I had 58 doctor visits, all fertility related. Our out of pocket medical expense came to $52,110. Good gravy, there went our future kid's college fund.

Thanks to IVF, we are getting a $5k refund. =))) Thanks to IVF, it will be eating our refund for a snack. =(((

Now I need to get caught up on my college course. Yep, I've been procrastinating on that too. If you knew what I'm having to study, I think you would procrastinate too. Let me give you just a taste of what I'm having to deal with...

Axiomatic semantics, correctness proofs, predicate calculus, weakest preconditions, inference rules, theorums, etc. A few examples...

{P1} S1 {P2}, {P2} S2 {P3}
{P1} S1;S2 {P3}

{P3x2-->E2} x2=E2 {P3}
{(P3x2-->E2)x1=E1 {P3x2-->E2}

You had enough? That's just one chapter. I swear my head is going to explode. I have got to get my rear in gear and not only catch up, but get ahead. My final exam is due on my tentative 3rd day of stims, so ya see, I have got to get er done A S A P.

So IVF#4 is coming up soon. I still can't believe it, #4, wow! I remember saying just over a year ago; "I will never do IVF!!!". Har har! I have my protocol, calendar and Schoolcraft's thoughts. Next post, I'll layout all the details. To answer one of your questions, yes we are going back to CCRM.

Thanks everyone for all your support, you have no idea how much it means to me!


  1. Okay, we just finished our taxes on Friday too, but cheated and let someone else punch it all in for us. I figured the spreadsheet and binder I put together for our $57k in medical expenses was more than enough to do. I'll bet you are relieved to have it all done!!

    I know for sure now that I could not go back to school. LOL. I look back at the classes I took and it all looks like a foreign language. (-;

    So when does the new protocol start? You know we need more details than that, right? (-;

  2. Yay on getting your taxes finished! We did ours before this last FET, as we figured that we'd get a huge refund from what we spent last year on IF treatments (2 IVF/PGD-FISH/CGH cycles, meds, travel expenses, hotel stays each time at around 25 days). What we did to make it easier was to put all the expenses in an Excel spreadsheet as the expenses occurred. That way, when it came time to do the taxes, we just have to pull it up and it's already totaled for us.

    Good luck on your school work. What's your area of study? Mine was biology for undergrad and genetics for grad.

    Can't wait to hear the details of your upcoming cycle. :)

  3. Hey we're all coming in at 50K+ for 2008. What a sad club to be in! We got our refund a month ago or so and of course it went right back into "the fund"...for what, we still don't know exactly...

    I'm so excited for you going back to CCRM. Maybe I'll let you pave the way for me...

    By the way, what are you studying in grad school? It's so funny...if I started writing things about apoproteins and lipoprotein lipase and the like it would look like Greek, just like your stuff did...(well, most of it anyway). Good luck with the final!

  4. We had our taxes done by H&R this year b/c of all the crazy stuff...well, we've done it the last few years b/c of my miserable student loan situation (amazing that I am still paying off law school and am not using it much and can't remember all of it anymore anyway!), anyway, we got our refunds and it ALL went right to that credit card balance from CCRM. It was ridiculous. Now, we are considering adding back on to that card...or taking a loan. eeek.

    Hope all is well! By the way, did you see KJ got her results? (which are awesome!) I'm dying here!!!! Wishing we were able to do microarray! boooo!

  5. Wow! you sure have your plate full!:) Can't wait to hear the details on your upcoming cycle. I am excited to follow along and ride by your side.

    What is your degree going to be in? I have no idea any of that stuff you were talking about, LOL!:)

  6. Yep, the tax thing is crazy. On the one hand you have the "treat" of seeing exactly how much you've spent on IF, but on the other the refund is nice. I kept a running total, too, but I have to say it made each expenditure that much more stressful, because we knew how much we were up to already....

    Now I'm dying to hear what you're studying! Looks exciting!

  7. The only good thing about the crappy economy for us is that we are getting huge tax returns. Of course, all that money goes back into the baby making pot. I'll be watching your next adventure at CCRM, aka BigShotFertilityClinic on my blog ;)

  8. Happy Easter! Always glad when taxes are done too. And your college course, well that all is Greek to me and when I was reading it, it seemed like it was all running together, lol. Looking forward to you next post.

    Love you,

  9. Happy Easter! Happy "I'm glad you figured out your taxes, on time." If you would've skipped them all together, you could've got a job in the government's economic sector, ya know, therefore you wouldn't have to study for your college course because you would get big bucks working for the government. Yah, I'm confused now too! I had a nice Easter. I went to Julie's Saturday for a day trip and today I went to eat with Lance and Jenny for a guilt trip (I ate too much)! I gave my dog, Rock, a plastic egg with dog treats in it and he was so cute rolling it around and he finally got it popped opened and enjoyed his treats! I feel guilty for not getting out to see Rusty and the rest of the family today, but they take everything off the graves on April 15th, so I will go decorate them after that. I think I'm the only one who goes anymore...but I don't mind, it's such a peaceful place. I feel they're everywhere I am anyway, so it doesn't matter where or how I choose to honor them, they know. :)
    Well, I best close so you can study...have a nice day and I love you and I will pray for God to bless you with a wee-one soon.
    Love always and a day,
    Aunt Carol xoxoxo

  10. I read pretty fast but when I got to the paragraph with all of the gobbildy-gook from your college course, I felt like I was reading at a grade 3 level - sounding out the words and going back to phonics!! What on earth are you studying that uses those formulas???

    We have filed our taxes too and I am waiting for my refund. I strongly susupected they were going to take a huge magnifying glass to our return so we paper filed for the first time in a very long time so they're taking their sweet old time with it. I'm hoping to see it soon so it can help pay for my travel expenses from the last cycle!!

  11. Wow - $50K in one year!! My goodness it is so scary to add up the costs of infertility treatment.

    I am so excited that you are about to start number 4. I am hopeful for you girl!

  12. Whatever you are studying, it sure does look impressive!! What is that stuff anyway? Classes are hard while going through treatment...I know...I have asked for so many extensions on assignments in the class that I am taking. It's not as if I'm that busy, but emotionally, just maxed out.

    Congrats on getting your taxes done! Remember the good ole' days when $5K was a lot of money? Now it's just a quarter of a cycle.

    I wouldn't beat yourself up about saying that you would never do IVF...this IF stuff is so fluid. I don't think many of us truly know that next step until we are in the position of being forced to a make a decision.

    Best of luck on IVF #4! I'll be watching...


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