Thursday, April 23, 2009

IVF#4 - Prerequisites

My IVF nurse has given me a few prerequisites that I need to complete before cycling.

1. Pap
Check, did that last week. I've been nervous because of all the hormones I was on for 3 IVFs and all the spotting I've had. The results came in yesterday and I'm happy to report all normal, wahoo!

2. Mammogram
Check, did that a couple of days ago. This was my first mammogram and let me tell you, I was terrified! My friend sent me a forward with the following comics the day before my mammo (she had no clue I was getting this done).

It created quite a bit of anxiety. So I arrived at my appt and filled out the paperwork. The form asked the standard questions that access your risk of having breast cancer; Have you ever had breast cancer? Is there a history of breast cancer in your family? Do you have any lumps, pain or discharge? I was happy to answer No to all. Then I got to the last question; Have you used hormones such as estrogen? Oh crap! Well, uh, yeah, and then some, like all last year!

I was then called back. I was asked to remove any deodorant with some baby wipes and put a gown on. The lady took me to the x-ray room and asked if I had any questions. Only one, is this going to hurt? She said no, it will just be a little uncomfortable. She had me slip my arm out of one side of the gown and she proceeded to put my boob in the machine. She pushed a button and the machine started to compress. She then manually turned a knob to compress a little bit further. The plate is clear plexiglass, so it was quite a sight to see one of my girls flattened out. She had me hold my breath and took the x-ray. There were 4 x-rays total. 2 for each girl, one horizontally and one vertically.

I'm very relieved to report that it was a piece of cake! I wouldn't even call it uncomfortable. I hope this helps anyone out there having the same anxiety I had. Now I anxiously wait for the results. I wasn't scared of the results until the question on the form about taking hormones.

3. Communicables
Lastly, Kerry and I need to update our communicables. CCRM requires communicable testing on all patients and it expires after 6 months. Ours just expired, booo! I begged them to let us do our communicables with an in-network lab but they said it could only be done at their lab because they consider embryos to be human donor tissue and that requires a special FDA approved lab. How convenient! Why doesn't any other IVF clinic have this requirement? I can't believe Quest or LabCorp are unqualified to test us for cooties. I told my nurse that by time I'm pg, I won't be able to afford to raise the child. She said if there were any loop holes, she would have let me known. Oh well, what's another $620... insert rolling eyes.

So my nurse wanted to send me a blood shipping kit so Kerry and I could get this done right away. I think the kit costs around $80 if I remember correctly. I did not see the point in this since we would be in Denver soon anyway. She hesitantly agreed to let us get our blood drawn when we arrive. Considering that these expire in 6 months, I want to wait as late as possible so that I'm not nearing expiration during my FET(s). Also, what if I'm cancelled at suppression check? So I'm dragging my feet trying to extend this 6 month start date as late as possible.

As far as timeframe, I ovulated 2 days ago and am waiting on AF. It is going to be here before I know it and honestly, it hasn't even hit me yet. I think it's because there's no BCPs or Lupron suppression before everything kicks into high gear. No low gear with this protocol. As soon as I start, it's instant high gear. Ugh, I'm not ready!

-------- Update --------
Mammogram came back normal, wahooooo!!!!


  1. I am so glad you didn't have a bad experience with your mammogram. I love the comics. Made me giggle. Wishing you the best with all the prereqs.

  2. Sounds like you are moving right along.

    My insurance denied me getting a mammogram until I am 40 so I ended up signing a waiver for CCRM to not do it. (-; I have no clue what it is like, but have heard it isn't bad if you are on the smaller side and pretty uncomfortable if you have more to smash.....

    Yup that antagonist protocol can really sneak up on you!! It won't be long now, huh?

  3. I've been doing mammograms for three years, and the digital ones that came out in the last year are sooooooo much better! Prior to digital, I understood your comics so much! Can you say "ouch"? The key is to do it on about day 7 of your cycle when there is no progesterone to make your boobs big. Do not do a mammogram in your luteal phase, or you will die.

    I'm rolling my eyes with you on that wasted $620. I tried to get them to waive my husbands, because we used his 14 year old sperm to make my embryos. I'm like, come on, really!! We got the whole speech on how they treat embryos the same way as donor organs. Give me a break. I hardly think they compare. Would you like me to cough up another lung with that credit card payment?!

  4. Oh yes - all the prep work before the IVF!!! Good that you got things rolling, and that your mammo wasn't uncomfortable.

    Good luck!!

  5. Looks like you have everything rolling! Your cycle will begin before you know it:)

    My local clinic accepted our infectious disease testing we h ad done at CCRM as long as it was done at an FDA approved lab (and it was). I don't know why CCRM is so strict on that since I am pretty sure LabCorp and Quest are both FDA approved labs.

    I can't wait to see how things go for you this cycle with the antagon. I start stims and ganirelix today and I am so nervous about how this protocol is going to work on me. It looks like you and I are similar responders.

    I am here cheering you on!

  6. Why do you have to get a mammogram? Unfortunately, I have had two before. They were both excruciating and then my diagnosis: dense tissue difficult to read on a mammogram. So I wound up with ultrasounds (much much better!) anyway. Dense tissue=big boobs. I mean, come on!

    Sorry about the communicables. What a rip off. The hoops we jump through, right??

  7. Wow! that is coming up so fast! I am glad your mammogram experience went well...I, too, have fears, given all that I've heard. So, thanks for posting your experience! And, yes, I totally worry about all the hormones we are using. My SIL is a doctor and keeps saying she thinks I'm crazy to risk breast cancer like that. But, there is no proof and its not like we are on them forever. Oh well, too late to worry now!

    I can't believe how they get you for everything at ccrm. That is my one complaint- so damn expensive! And that communicables crap every 6 months is ridiculous.

    I am so excited for you! You will be in Denver before you know it!

  8. I hate all those tests. Ick! Luckily you've already gotten thru most of them!

    (was MamaSoon)

  9. I was a chicken and signed a waiver for the mamogram...we don't start doing them in Canada until you are 40 unless there is a history of breast cancer in the family (there isn't in mine). Your comics made me laugh though and I have heard about the squeezing and stuff and it didn't seem so bad from your experience.

    Our communicables expired just a few days before ER so they made me redo mine b/c I would need to have updated communicables for ET. Yep, just handed over my VISA when she asked for my insurance card lol. I hope we don't have to repeat the 1 day again if we end up cycling again later. Things do get moving along very fast with the Antagonist cycle so you'll be back in Denver soon - I will be following along with you!!

  10. Goodmorning! I'm glad to hear you're all fit and healthy for your proceedures coming up...I don't think I could go through what you and Kerry have gone through. But once you have your baby, you will forget struggles and hardships of your journey and know he or she is well worth it. The things you fight for and struggle to get are the things you find you love the most sometimes. Of course, I didn't have any problems getting pregnant and Julie and Lance are my most loved treasures, so I guess it all depends. I guess my struggles, in regards to children, were raising them and having to work at the same time (that sucked).
    I thought your take on mammograms was great! Grandma and Aunt Sandy use to say they hurt so bad...I never thought they did, but then I went to great lengths to not have their medical attitude. Interestingly, Julie just had her first also! She found a lump, but it was okay. She is lucky that she works in a medical center that she can have it done on a break while she's working and it's free!
    Anyway...I know my "comments" are more like letters, but what the hey! I love the sites new look, by the way!
    Good luck in your baby-quest and I will see you again soon at The Birds and The Bees!
    Love always and a day...Aunt Carol xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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