Wednesday, May 14, 2008

IVF#1 - Beta

My beta is in, and I'm officially NOT pregnant!

My beta was less than 2 and the IVF nurse said that most likely the embryo didn’t develop very far and did not implant. She said the bleeding is most likely my period trying to start and that the progesterone is trying to slow it down. I’m officially done with all injections, for now. I conquered my fear of needles head on! I sent in a request for a copy of all my records. After I get that, I’ll be calling to make an appt with the doctor for a post-ivf consult. Looking back, I’m so glad I tested before the beta as it was so much easier to handle the “sorry, you’re not pregnant” phone call. I can’t imagine my devastation if I really thought I was pregnant. It’s easier to be told you’re pregnant when you thought you weren’t than to be told you’re not when you thought you were.

I'll post the results of our post-ivf consult and then I guess that will end IVF#1.

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