Friday, May 2, 2008

IVF#1 - Day 3 Transfer

I'll get right to it as I know you are anxious. Only 1 embryo survived. We transfered 1 this morning. It was 2 cells yesterday (should have been 4) and it was 5 cells today (should be 8). It was a grade B with slight fragmentation.

So now for the details....I had to arrive an hour before the transfer and was told to bring my Valium. I was also not allowed to pee 2 hrs before the transfer. We sat in the waiting room for 20 mins and I was getting really nervous as I had no idea how our embies were doing or if we even had any left. Finally the nurse comes and gets us and I ask her if I could please take the Valium now. I asked her if we had any embies left and she didn't know anything. We get to our room, I get in my gown and Kerry puts his scrubs on. I fill out paperwork and take the Valium.

The embryologist comes in and I immediately know one didn't make it because there was only one photo on her paper. We discussed the details of the eggs and sperm. She said both are not great but not bad and are just ok. So sounds like there is some egg and sperm quality issues. She said they had a hard time with Kerry's sperm as he had very few good swimmers. This explains why we never conceived naturally and why IUI would have such a low rate of success. It was unfortunate for me that I had so many immature eggs and that really hurt my chances. They had to trigger me a day too soon because my E2 levels were getting dangerous. I'm on bed rest for the next 2 days, so as soon as Kerry can get my photo scanned I'll post it.

Next I was wheeled to the operating room. They tilted the bed so my head was lower, put me in stirrups and wrapped me up in warm blankets. They brought the incubator in, looked just like a baby incubator. Kerry got to look through the microscope and see our little embie. They put the u/s on my belly and said my bladder was very full, uh yeah, I was about to bust an hour before that. They need a full bladder so that they can see the uterus and catheter on the screen, it also straightens the uterus out so the catheter doesn't have to bend. They inserted a speculum and cleaned my cervix while the embryologist loaded up the embryo into the catheter. Then they inserted the catheter through my cervix and into my uterus. It didn't hurt at all. The embryo glows on the monitor so they can see it leave the catheter. I have an u/s photo of this, I'll post it as well.

They took me back to my room and I had to lay there for another hr. 30 mins into it, I was going to bust, so I opted for the bed pan. That was a first for me. They propped it under me and then gave me some privacy. Unfortunately peeing while laying down, let's just say it doesn't go straight into the pan, it runs up your butt crack and onto your lower back, yuck! I peed forever and hubby was getting nervous that I was going to overfill it. He was a great hubby, wiped and cleaned me up. Practice for when I'm an old lady. After another 30 mins, they sent us home and I'm now on 2 days of strict bed rest.

In summary, I do have a few things against me. I had a day 3 transfer instead of a 5, I only had 1 to transfer and it's dividing slowly. But, I'm still holding out hope, it did continue to divide and maybe it will take off and catch up now that it's with its mom. OMG, I'm a mom! Come on little embie, you can do it!!! May 14 is my first beta, this will be the longest 2ww I've ever experienced. If for some reason this doesn't work out, I'm going for it again.

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