Monday, May 12, 2008

IVF#1 - Acceptance

I'm doing much better today and am in the process of accepting that this didn't work for me. I'm still spotting bright red all day long and had another negative test today. I called my IVF nurse and she said it is unusual to start your period while on progesterone, but there are those that do. I don't have the horrible cramps that go along with my cd1 AF, but I think my body is just trying to start. She also said that it's not abnormal for women to bleed and be pregnant, so I still have to go through with the beta and won't be able to stop my progesterone injections until they see a negative beta. My beta is scheduled for tomorrow but I won't get the results till Wed. Once I get the negative beta, I will have a post-IVF consult to go over everything.

Now it's time to try and take a break from all of this and let my body recover and then gear up for #2.

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