Tuesday, May 6, 2008

IVF#1 - Progesterone Level

Today was my progesterone level test. They want it to be >30. Mine is >80 and they said that was excellent.

While I was there, I asked to look at my embryo report. It was worse than I realized. Remember how I only had 2 that fertilized? Well one of them never got beyond 1 cell. So out of 10 eggs, I ended with ONE slow dividing embryo. I probably could have accomplished that on a natural cycle. It really is going to take a miracle from God on this one, and maybe that's right where He wants me.

I'm feeling completely back to normal as of a couple of days ago. It's amazing that after all of those injections of high dose hormones and procedures, I can't even physically tell I did IVF. But in all honestly, I'm feeling pretty down lately. Nothing is pointing to me being pregnant and I'm struggling with being hopeful. My emotions are up and down. I want off the ride.

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