Thursday, June 12, 2008

IVF#1 - Post-IVF Consult

I’ve had my post-ivf consult. Basically the main reason for failure was too many immature eggs. I believe I was cooked too hard, too fast. They will push me an extra day next time. They really couldn’t label me with bad eggs from the one IVF due to only having 2 fertilized eggs to deal with. They said almost all patients will have a few low quality or slow dividing eggs, but when you only have a few to work with, it’s hard to make judgement. I found out one of my eggs was ruined when it was accidently injected with 2 sperm, Ugh! They thought I would have a good chance of this working next try but they are going to change things up a bit. They said I’m not a poor responder, but a low responder.

54 injections down and gearing up to do it all over again. I get to start again next cycle. I'll start a new thread for IVF#2 soon. Wish me luck!

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