Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tyler: Week 39

March 16-March 22, 2011 (38w-38w6d old)

Tyler Update:

  • This child will not co-sleep with us!  We've tried numerous times.  We go to bed, let him nurse and try to snuggle with him.  All he wants to do is yell, stand and play.  Even if I can get him to lay down, he fusses the entire time.  I've tried waiting him out, he out lasts me.  I give up and take him back to his crib because I need some sleep.  He's out cold as soon as his head hits the crib mattress, so he's clearly tired.  I know this is the opposite problem most people have, but I miss my little guy sleeping next to me!  =(((  For those of you co-sleeping with your baby who refuses to sleep in their crib, give them a big squeeze and really enjoy them.
  • He's a tosser just like his mama.  Every time I look at the monitor he's in a completely different position.  It makes my life a little less stressful as it seems every time I wonder if he's still ok because I haven't seen him move in awhile, he'll roll over.  I then say thanks Tyler!
  • He now understands the edge of the bed.  Before he continued crawling as if the bed just kept going.  I of course had him tethered by the ankle.  Now he'll stop right at the edge, look over and then try to spiderman down.  Now I just need him to understand that he's no super hero and wouldn't slide down nice and slowly solo.  It's stressful because he wouldn't hesitate to give it a try on his own.
  • We introduced him to acorn squash and it was a hit!  I introduced kale to his mixed veggie puree and he didn't seem to notice.  He refused banana again.
  • Eating just got messier.  He now sucks on his fingers after each bite and then rubs them all over his face.
  • I believe he has truly weaned himself from his paci.  He has no interest in it when I hand it to him.  He even refused it when he was crying super hard in the church nursery.  That was just way too easy.  I kinda miss it, it was a really nice calming device.
  • He starting dancing.  He sways and bounces to his toy's music.  It's no surprise considering how much we dance with this boy.
  • He really loves his music.  When he gets fussy during playtime, his Tyler CD almost always fixes the fussies.
  • He clearly knows the word milk as well as the sign.  While playing with his toys, he continually ignored me despite trying everything to get his attention, until I said milk.  He yelled, ditched his toy, climbed on my lap and tried to nurse through my shirt.  We laughed so hard.
  • Last week he started saying mum, mom and mama, but I wasn't completely sure if he knew what he was saying.  I now definitely believe he does.  He looks me right in the eyes and calls me mom and says it when he's really wanting me.  He hasn't call anyone else mom.  Kerry always hoped he would say mama before dada after all I had to go through and then all the sleepless nights.  Now that he has, Kerry says to him "you Tyler, me Dada" all the time.  Tyler just squawks and giggles.
  • He's not much of a snuggler as he never sits still, but boy is he a hugger.  He reaches for me all the time and as soon as I pick him up, he wraps his arms around my neck and squeezes.  If he can't reach my neck, he steps into my hand and pushes himself up.
  • He can now climb to the top of the stairs and at a pretty good pace.  I'm working with him on how to get back down safely.
  • He can now go straight from sitting to standing without pulling up on something.

Chick and Dude Update:

  • I had my first dream since pregnancy, at least one that I was aware of.  I guess it's been that long since I've fallen asleep deep enough to dream.
  • We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary!
  • Tall Dude celebrated his 45th birthday!

This week in photos:

Giddy-up Ducky

Enjoying a stroll

I put Kerry's reading glasses on him and he sat like this for a good 5 mins just smiling.
Shockingly he never once tried to take them off.

Bad bad kitty caught on video!

This week in video:

Video:  Tyler dancing to his toy music

Video:  Tyler and Daddy dancing

Video:  Daddy teaching Tyler how to dance

Video:  Tyler getting anxious to get in his tub
(He says "mum" at the very beginning)


  1. I love the dancing!!! Haha! He's such a happy baby. You guys have done an excellent job!! I can't believe Homey G got in his crib!!! :0P Yay for video monitors!! LOL. Congratulations on getting your first "mum." :0D

  2. Awww, Tyler is just too cute! And LOL at that bad kitty! I just love the elicit monitor shots. Too funny!

    Happy anniversary!

  3. That kitty picture is hilarious! Ayla has started sucking on her fingers after every bite now too! Weird!! She takes a bite, sticks her fingers in her mouth and then waves them around and rubs her head! I love how they are doing the same things!!!

  4. Hi There Morris Family!

    Well this was an extremely entertai!ning blog this week! I had so much fun watching the videos of the "boys" dancing...Tyler has some rhythm in his genes, obviously! I loved the reading glass picture too-lol! And I got a kick out of Homey checking on "his" baby! It didn't look like a bad bad kitty to me, it looked like LOVE! LOL Thanks for the laughs!

    Love ya all!

    P.S. Happy 8th Anniversary AND Happy 45th Birthday Kerry!

  5. Happy 45 Kerry....ugggghhh....I thought 42 was bad....LOL Just kidding.....hope it was a wonderful birthday!

    Love when the babies start's something just innate in us as humans I think because every baby does it and I LOVE to watch them do it. I must have 100 videos of my kids dancing....that and sleeping:)

  6. Totally cracking up at the glasses picture! That is TOO funny! Also laughing at your cat... Looks like Ty may not be the only curious one who may test your boundaries! ha!

    Colton has also weaned himself of the paci. I'm with you-- it's nice to not have to worry about taking it away (before kindergarten! ha) and the tantrums that ensue... but being able to pop it in and soothe the babe was kinda nice!! Oh well. :0)

    Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday Kerry!! Bryan just celebrated his birthday yesterday, and we'll celebrate our anniversary on the 20th of this month. We're close in dates yet again!

    Colton was just loving the videos and pics. He was talking to Ty on the computer. We must have these boys meet! :0)

    As if he couldn't melt your heart already, those Mums, Mamas and Moms are just amazing! So sweet.

    Hugs to you all!
    The Other Jill

  7. Love the dancing videos and the bath adorable!!!!! I can't get my twins out of my bed.....but I admit that is mostly because I miss them too much at night to try long enough with the cribs. There is nothing like baby snuggles. Hope you are enjoying the new stroller...Ty looks happy in it and I love the red color! I found that my babies prefer veggies too. Although they do not refuse anything, they often makes faces with new fruits. I think they might be too sweet and tart sometimes. What I started doing was mixing the fresh fruit purees with homemade oatmeal(or the Earth's Best brand)and then they gobble it up. If they do not like a fruit on the first attempt I just add it to oatmeal and get them used to it that way. Each time I give that fruit again I slowly decrease the amount of cereal and increase the fruit...after about 6-7 times they are usually 100% fine with eating that fruit alone. Maybe try mixing the fruits with a cereal & breast milk and see if he likes them better that way.....

  8. Alleluia! Tyler can dance! Love the shoulder dance and the bath anxiety! So so sweet.


Thank you for your comment! Hugs, Kerry and Jill