Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tyler: Week 40 (9 Months Old)

March 23-March 29, 2011 (39w-39w6d old)

Tyler Update:

  • He turned 9 months old on March 23!
  • He started using his pincer to pick up very small objects, like a piece of lint.  He then contains it in a tight closed fist as if he's being sneaky and hiding it from me.
  • He started making the cutest popping noises, looks like mouthing "mama".
  • He's learned how to break his fall while sitting, he reaches his hand back and stops himself from tipping over.
  • He's starting to take a small step or two while standing on his own.
  • He discovered the toilet.  I caught him leaning over with both hands playing in the toilet water as I was running his bath.  Ewe!
  • He finally decided he likes fruit this week!  He now likes cantaloupe and combinations of apple, pear, banana and blueberry.

9 Month Well Visit:

All is perfect!

Weight:  17 lb 13 oz, 9%
Length:  28.5", 57%
Head Circumference:  17", 4%

Mama Update:

Blocked ducts in Lefty, AGAIN... and for the first time a lovely fever to go with it.  It took several days to get it unblocked.  =(  Am I the only one out here that gets blocked ducts over and over again in just one boob???

This week in photos:

Tyler taking a self portrait!

This week in video:

Video:  Tyler's fake laugh

Video:  Tyler saying mama


  1. Wow--he's almost been 'out' as long as he was 'in'! So super cute!

  2. LOVE that fake laugh....LOL OMG your living room looks like ours "used" to look until recently....he's pretty much out of the baby toy stage and into his big brother's toys:)

    Woohoo for 57% percentile for boys pretty much stayed in the 5% or so (and sometimes lower)

    He's so cute.....LOVE his peach fuzz!

  3. Oh, he definitely was saying Mama!!! Love love the cute pictures:) Happy belated 9 month birthday, Tyler! Yeah I have to shut the toilet lid whenever Savannah is around too... ick. Hope to see you all soon! Miss you!


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