Monday, March 7, 2011

Tyler: Week 34

February 9-February 15, 2011 (33w-33w6d old)

Tyler Update:
  • He's pulling himself up to a standing position on anything and everything that he can get ahold of and he's pretty good at it. Occasionally he lets go and stands without support for a second.
  • He's no longer falling straight back and hitting his head, he's learned how to sit back down.  He also has learned how to bend at the waist when he does fall and land on his butt.  Thank God!
  • Getting him to sleep has become a challenge as all he wants to do it stand in his crib and yell for us.  
Notice the red sound meter?  That's how loud he's yelling!

Sometimes he looks right at the monitor as if to say; I know you're watching me, come get me!!!

  • He can walk a short distance while holding onto furniture.
  • He's cutting his 2nd bottom tooth.  The 1st tooth is starting to show in pictures (you may have to click to enlarge to see it).

  • Thanks to teething he no longer sleeps longer than 2 hrs at a time, around the clock.  I'm beyond exhausted.
  • He fell asleep in his jumperoo for the first time.  Obviously he's exhausted too.

  • His Granmomma babysat him while daddy and I went to a party. Tyler squealed and giggled with excitement when he saw me return. That one little moment washes away all the exhaustion.
  • He's loving peek-a-boo.
  • He can now clap.
Video:  Tyler clapping

  • He took his first bath in his new duck tub and it did not go too well. While he loved it, all he wanted to do was stand in it, which is dangerous. This child will not sit down!

  • I've introduced spinach into his pureed veggies and we have another winner! He's still loving all his veggies and won't have anything to do with fruits.
  • Just when I thought diaper changes couldn't get anymore difficult, they have! Every time I change a poo diaper, he grabs himself as soon as I open the diaper, gets poo all over his hand and then grabs everything in sight to get himself flipped over. Poo gets everywhere! Thank God he poops on his potty about 75% of the time.

Mama Update:

Lefty is still underproducing Righty by 50% from a series of blocked ducks ducts a few weeks ago (I think the above pic subliminally messed with my spelling!).  It's embarrassing going out in public when I'm full as the twins are definitely fraternal these days.  I would say they are easily a cup size in difference.  Someone with experience please tell me that Lefty will eventually repair itself!

On Valentine's day, hubby and I were watching The Bachelor on Tivo.  Kerry left and then came walking back in with a rose and said "will you accept this rose?".  Too funny!  I of course happily accepted!

I'll end with a funny on Grammy.  She babysat Ty while Kerry and I attended a health workshop.  Half way through the workshop I got a text from her telling me that Ty had pooped in his exersaucer and was standing in poop.  Grammy has a hard time getting his diaper on well as he won't hold still.  I started silently chuckling and Kerry started nudging me to stop.  Then I get another text; "Yes, that is your son's poop!" with the following pic:

Poor Grammy stepped in Ty's poopy diaper she had left on the floor.  Maybe you had to be there, but I was bent over, wheezing and tearing up I was laughing so hard.  Kerry was getting perturbed so I handed him the phone.  He read it and then joined me in the hysteria!  When we returned, we went to change his diaper and found one side completely unattached.  No wonder poop is falling out of his diaper!  LOL


  1. I can sooooo relate on the sleep deprivation thing...just when we got used to sleep in this house, the teething started and it's still going on at 17 months.....he's cutting two molars at once right now, still has a 3rd to cut and then the eye teeth start.....I figure somewhere between two years old and 3 years old you actually do get sleep again:)

    OMG the poop thing was sooooooo gross...I can't blame you for laughing you heads off.....sounds like Grandma needs a lesson in cloth....LOL Hubby still has a hard time for some reason getting cloth dipes on properly:(

  2. LOL, from one lover of poop stories to another, that't sht is hilarious!

  3. So glad you accepted that rose, ha.
    Hilarious story, but so gross too!

  4. That's too funny about the poop - I bet it was gross for Grammy, but it might have been easier to clean her bare foot than her shoes!

    And I can't believe the size of that bath duck! You obviously have a big place. We decided not to even get a little tub because we don't any place to keep it when not in use. We'll just put him in the sink, and then the bathtub...

    I love reading your updates!

  5. Well isn't he a smart boy clapping! That was adorable! Those darn teeth make everybody miserable, especially Tyler-poor guy! I laughed so hard when Grammy was telling me about her experience with Tyler's diaper change and the whole sftermath of it-lol-she's hilarious with her stories about caring for him! And the rose was so sweet-lucky you! Advice on your girls...just be happy they don't hang to your waist-yet! lol Take care/be well. Love Aunt Kook xoxoxo

  6. So, is your house babyproofed, now that Ty is mobile??? I have GOT to get on that soon. :0)

    Loving the pics of him staring at you through the monitor! Cracks me up!! So funny to see that little tooth poking through-- that changes their look so much. He's getting so big so fast! He'll be running around the house before you know it. Sigh...

    Nice poo story-- poor Grams! Mental note, don't leave any diapers on the floor... ;0)

    The Other Jill


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