Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tyler: Week 38

March 9-March 15, 2011 (37w-37w6d old)

Tyler Update:

  • He started sleeping with his butt in the air.  He also sleeps face down on his hands which totally stresses me out.  The video monitor and I have become best buds.

  • He loves the song "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Katharine McPhee.  Whenever he starts throwing a wing ding in his car seat, all we have to do is turn this song on and he instantly becomes peaceful, every single time, has never failed.  We've tried many other soothing songs and no other song will do.
  • He can stand unassisted for up to 10 seconds.

Video:  Tyler practicing standing

Video:  Look Mama, no hands!

  • He knows where my office is and how to get to it.  While he's with the babysitter, he tries to sneak away and crawl to me while I'm working.
  • He followed his daddy all over the house for 30 mins while daddy vacuumed.  Actually, we're not sure if he was following daddy or the vacuum cleaner.

  • He can now climb the stairs.  He attempts to stand after each step and doesn't hesitate to fall back to his butt.  He would totally go tumbling down if we weren't there to catch him.  Baby gate time!!!

Video:  Tyler climbing the stairs

  • He's hilarious when we remove his diaper and hold him in the air.  His legs go 90 mph.  Looks like he's doing the Running Man from the 80's.
  • He loves bath time in his duck tub.  In the beginning he refused to sit down but now he sits right down and plays and plays.  The other day I was in the bathroom getting ready to give him a bath.  He was crawling away towards the door.  As soon as he heard the tub turn on, he turned around and very excitedly crawled to the tub and practically jumped in.

  • He learned how to clear his nose.  He breathes in/out really fast and loudly while he scrunches his face.  Quite funny.
  • He's no longer sticking everything in his mouth.  While he still taste tests most things, I've noticed that he is starting to just hold and look at an item and not have to stick it in his mouth.  I will be soooo glad when he's completely done with this phase.
  • He loves opening and closing things and this week he added drawers to that list.

  • We started teaching him "no".  Up until now we would remove him from the no object but now we let him touch the object, gently remove his hand and tell him no.  We repeat as many times as needed.  We also keep our voice/tone at a normal level as we want him to learn the word and not the tone.
  • He said his first 3 words this week; mum, mom and then mama.  It was a very nice surprise since he hasn't started babbling yet.  I tell him he can have anything in the world when he calls me mom.
  • Banana is still a no go.  What baby doesn't like bananas, or any fruit for that matter??  He has yet to turn down a veggie.  Every 3 or 4 days I steam up a large basket of random mixed veggies, puree them in the blender and then store them in small mason jars.  When it's time to eat, I grab one from the fridge, warm it up in the bottle warmer and then Ty gobbles it up.

  • Ty got a very nice surprise visit from his Gpa and Gma who haven't seen him since he was 3 weeks old.  It was one of those kind of surprises where you get a phone call asking if they can stop by in a little bit.  I was completely shocked!!!

  • I'll end with Ty's latest silly faces, including his new toothless grandpa impression where he sucks his upper lip in:


  1. Haha! He's getting so-o big!!! He is so smart! I love his new funny faces! :0)

  2. Well I thought he was getting bigger until I saw him next to Kerry and the vacuum cleaner...he looked like a little ant! lol Grammy tells me he makes so many funny faces and tongue tricks and I totally agree! lol Him practicing standing is so cute...he seems so proud! I think his next words might be "ta-da"! Thanks for sharing your boy...he's just plain adorable! Take care and be well...Love Aunt Kook

  3. Gosh you have a little monkey on your hands....welcome to the world of boys:)

    I just can't believe that little guy is going on ONE soon.....I told you it would fly fast. my opinion the really really great times are just beginning. Once they can communicate, walk, etc....things get so much easier and more entertaining. 18 months is really my favorite's like they just explode with their learning and it's wonderful!!!

  4. Standing at the drawer is my precious.


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