Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tyler: Week 18 (4 Months Old)

October 20-October 26, 2010 (17w-17w6d old)

Tyler Update:

Tyler turned 4 months old on October 23!  We had a doozie of a time trying to get a pic of him with his 4m sticker.  Every time we tried to snap a pic, he would suck on his fists which covered up the sticker.  This is the best we could get:

I finally just stuck it on his butt.

He's mastered the grip and likes holding onto his toys/blankie.  Unfortunately he likes to apply the death grip to my hair as well.  I see a short style in my future.

Even after he's fallen asleep, he's still holding them.

He likes helping with diaper changes, or least he thinks he's helping.

This kiddo loves getting his diaper changed.  He smiles and coos through the whole thing.

Video:  He loves our changing table routine; sit-up, stand-up, yeah!

He loves being read to.

He's mastered rolling over both ways and can flip over instantly.  He loves being on his tummy and flips to it every chance he gets.   This is what I woke up to:

Up until now, Ty has slept in our room almost exclusively and has determined his own bed time.  We started a bed time routine on his 4 month birthday.  We start the routine at 8p.  We read to him, change his diaper, put him in pajamas, dim the lights and either walk with him or put him in his swing just long enough to get him drowsy.  We then we put him in his crib at 8:30p.  It works like a charm and he does so well.  Proud mama!  I've decided to alternate between the crib and co-sleeper until I can adjust to him being upstairs.

He's quite the wiggle worm and rarely sits still.

He's really close to holding his own bottle.  I bet he could if it wasn't for us using glass bottles as they are  a little too heavy for him.

He's found a new nursing position he likes.  He sits on my leg and nurses sitting up.  I don't know how long this position will work as I'm short waisted and he's long waisted, it won't be long before he's too tall.

He recognizes the milk jugs and dives for them whenever he sees them.  It's quite hilarious!

He only had 1 patch of strawberry blonde newborn hair left, so we cut it off and saved it in an envelope. He's now a pure blondie.

Seems everywhere we go, ladies gaga over Tyler.  Kerry says he's a chick magnet.  He jokes that maybe we could rent him out to single guys to recover some of the IVF cost.

Tyler gets lots of comments on what a calm, content baby he is.  We have an ongoing joke whenever we get compliments regarding him, we tell them we paid extra for that upgrade.

He's continuing to grow out of his clothes lengthwise rapidly.  I started him in his 3-6m size and he's already too long for about half of his sleepers.

He weighs 13lb14oz.

Show and Tell:

Video:  Daddy making Tyler laugh.

Mama Update:

Nothing new, just getting closer to being bald.  =(


  1. He's growing so fast! LOVE the videos (So does Carley as always) Don't stress about the hair loss. It will stop falling out. Just keep taking those prenatel vitamins and really Dont Stress! Stress causes hair loss! :^)

  2. So that's why mommies wear their hair short!?! Love getting these updates :)

  3. Hi Jill & Kerry...Tyler is so adorable and his "baby" giggles are priceless! I find myself giggling right along with him! He is so tall-(probably up to Daddy's ankle, right?!) With his big blue eyes and his sweet face, I can see why he's a chick magnet(he's also a great aunt magnet too-oh yeah, I'm a chick, never mind-lol)! Thanks for sharing, I really enjoy seeing the pics and reading the adventures of Tyler. Gammy loves to fill me in too...she loves that little guy! love Aunt Kook

  4. Oh that hair pulling gets Cameron does it on purpose to get a rise out me!

    He's growing WAY too fast.....Cameron is 13 months and only weighs a few pounds more than Tyler and he's still in 9 month clothes....LOL

    I would LOVE to see a shorter style on should do it until the hair loss slows really does make a difference!!!

    Love all the new pics and you are blessed to have a gentle tempered baby.....I'm realizing just how gentle tempered Brayden was as a baby compared to Cameron....

  5. Thanks for the update - he is such a cutie! I love that snuggly giraffe blanket thing - I wonder if they come in my size??

  6. Wow, he's quite the roller! I don't think we're anywhere close. We got the calm & content upgrade, too! Worth every penny. And speaking of pennies, my donor has started a second cycle. Email if you want details.

  7. These are so precious, can't wait to see all of you in December.

    Love ya

  8. What a cutie! And don't bother with the short haircut--I ended up with a bad (irrepairable) hairdo and had to basically get a military buzz cut, and even at two inches long my 5 month old somehow manages to grip a handful right at the roots and pull-and since I can't grab the hair to keep it from pulling while I unclench his hands i think it is hurts worse short!

  9. What a ladies man!

    I know hair loss post pregnancy is normal, but make sure your thyroid is OK...sometimes the thyroid goes a little wacky postpartum.

  10. I am smiling from ear to ear after seeing the giggle video!!! He is such a doll.

    I am amazed at all the things he's doing-- I am anxious for Colton to start doing those things... What a big boy, rolling over and pulling up. :0)

    Can't believe how fast the time is going... We've got 2 fast growing boys!!!

    Hugs & Love,
    The Other Jill

  11. Just wondering where you are and what you've been up to. I'm from the VR board and have followed your journey for a few years. I so look forward to your weekly updates on Tyler and have missed them. Hope all is well! :)


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