Friday, November 19, 2010

Tyler: Week 19

October 27-November 2, 2010 (18w-18w6d old)

Well Visit:

At 4 months 6 days, Tyler is doing fantastic.  He loved being naked and rolling around the table.  He was all smiles, giggles and coos until the nurse said hi to him.  He cried instantly, just from a hi!  I dread to hear the screams come out of this kid when they actually do something to him that grants crying.

Weight:  13.5 lbs (18th %tile, up from 9th)
Length:  25" (49th %tile, up from 15th!!!!)
Head Circumference:  16" (12th %tile, no change from 12th)

Tyler Update:

He found his voice and boy does he love to display it!

Video:  A very vocal Tyler

Video:  Baby Tarzan

Video:  Tyler practicing the vowel "O"

His wake up routine is rolling to his tummy and bobbing his head up and down while he fusses and then eventually yells.  As soon as I pick him up, he dives for the jugs.

He's getting closer to holding his bottle.  He can hold it for a few seconds and then drops it.

He's starting to display a little stranger anxiety.  We used to be able to hand him to anyone but now on occasion he'll protest.  He stares at the person, sticks out his bottom lip and starts crying.  He's fine if they turn him facing out.  It cracks us up, see no mean scary person, then they must not exist.

He discovered his feet.  He leans over and stares at them, then grabs his toes.

He's starting to lean forward and reach for things.  We sat him in front of a bowl of candy and he started grabbing the candy one by one dropping them onto the counter.  When he got to the Milky Way, he held onto it and started sucking on it.  We cracked up since it is a Milky Way!

He's doing a prerequisite to crawling.  I call it the downward dog yoga pose.  While on his tummy, he buries his face into the floor, puts his butt up in the air and straightens his legs.  He then tips over.

This little boy loves to stand.  While sitting in my lap, he rocks himself back and then thrusts forward to stand.  I think he would sleep standing if he could.

He's becoming more strong and spastic.  He grabs and pulls hair.

His hair is continuing to grow in.  It's still pretty thin and peach fuzz like, but he no longer looks bald.

He went from 5 poops a day to 1 big one.  I assume his digestive system is starting to mature and run more efficiently as nothing else has changed.  He's still exclusively breastfed.

Show and Tell:

We had our monthly get together with our childbirth class friends.  Toby 5 months, Tyler 4 months and Matilda 3 months.  They pretty much all look the same age.  Tyler looks like a cabbage patch doll when he sucks his lips in like this.

Video:  Tyler talking to Toby

Video:  Tyler trying to cuddle with Toby

Nap Nanny + iTunes Visualizer = Babysitter while Mama's in the shower:

Wearing Daddy's socks:

Random cuteness:

Mama Update:

To tell you how utterly exhausting it is to nurse in the middle of the night, one night I took a big gulp of water and when I woke up several mins later, I still had that same gulp in my mouth.  It almost poured out all over Ty, but I sucked it back in just in time.  That was a first!

You may remember me talking about all my brand new (regular) bras being very painful in a previous post.  After several commenters mentioned that they liked their Bravado nursing bra, I caved in and bought one.  I got the Bravado Body Silk seamless nursing bra.  It is heaven and no more pain!  If you're nursing, I highly recommend this, don't be cheap like me and try to get by with regular bras.


  1. I love the Daddy's socks picture!!! So cute!

  2. OMG, he has gotten so big! When did that happen?? He's a big boy already, it goes so fast. I've been eyeing those Bravado bras, good to hear you like it too.

  3. Judging by his ht to wt ratio....he's going to be tall & skinny like his daddy! Gosh he's growing like a weed!!!

    Love all the new pics....he's getting cuter and that he's finally getting some hair:)

    Those videos are too cute....he's definitely going to be social!

  4. I played the "o" video with Teagan in my lap, she was laughing and trying to reach to the computer for Tyler! Too bad we live so far away, I smell romance:-)

  5. Your cutie is growing fast! He seems pretty advanced in his motor skills, doesn't he? No downward dog here yet at 8 months.

  6. LOVED ALL THE VIDEO'S!!! Made me LAUGH...after being on the road all week, it was fun to see this. What cute baby friends too!!! I LOVE YOU ALL AS BIG AS THE SKY AND THEN SOME!!! Mama


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