Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tyler: Week 17

October 13-October 19, 2010 (16w-16w6d old)

Tyler Update:

He's now grabbing, yanking, pulling, slapping and twirling his toys that hang from his entertainment mat and surround his exersaucer.

He twiddles his fingers.

He's now able to roll over back to front without getting his arms stuck.  He revs his butt up by rocking it back and forth until he gets enough momentum to roll over.  He then squeals in excitement and is so proud of himself.

He constantly wants to sit up or stand.  He says laying down is for babies.

He laughs like a dolphin.  He makes clicking noises and then lets out a high pitched squeal.

We put a cloth wipe over his wee during diaper changes to protect us from getting peed on.  He grabs it, yanks it off and smiles at us.

Seems this week Ty wants to poop every time I try to take his picture.  The face he makes cracks me up!

He loves sucking on his security blankets, or anything he can get into his mouth for that matter.

He's become picky on his BFing position.  He wants me upright with him parallel to the floor.  He doesn't want anything touching his feet or he kicks it.

He's becoming almost too long for my lap, just as much of him hangs off of me as on me.  If he keeps lengthening at this speed, we'll soon take up 2 spots on the couch.

He's taken over our house.  It looks like a baby store exploded in our home.

He's such a good baby, especially in public.

He's growing by leaps and bounds both in size and developmentally.  All his babysitters are always shocked at how much he has changed in just 1 week.

He weighs 13lb6oz.

Show and Tell:

Ty on his imaginary motorcycle:

Ty on his imaginary surf board:

Grammy is CrAzY about her little Ty:

This is how we found Tyler in the church nursery:

Neighborhood Halloween party:

We took Tyler to the pumpkin patch:

Mama Update:

My hair is STILL coming out in clumps.  This has got to stop!  I guess it eventually will, because at some point I'll be bald!

Now that I've been walking after work for awhile, I'm happy to report that my hips have stopped hurting.

I'll end with a funny:

Kerry:  when's the last time you ate sliced cheese?  
Me:  a couple of weeks ago when I made a grilled cheese.  
Kerry:  well I just found the package of cheese in the kitchen junk drawer.  

What can I say, getting up 3 times in the middle of the night every night for 4 months straight makes for a very tired mama.  Who knows what else he'll find in strange places.


  1. Hahahaha, not a good storage place for cheese! Tyler is so cute in his bear outfit in the pumpkin patch pics I'm squealing :)

  2. Your living room looks like mine, although I sold the jumperoo and I moved the bouncy seat out to try & sell it too so as far as big things, we only have the PNP and swing still in the living room...woohoo!

    That Tyler makes the stinkin funniest faces I've ever seen.....LOL

    Fun fun with all the new developments....I love watching them change, grow & learn new things!

  3. Love all the pics!! It's funny--Colton makes the same poop face... concentrates real hard, then the corners of his mouth go into a smirk. Cute!

    Lots of new and exciting things happening... new discoveries daily, I'm sure! What fun.

    Love reading the updates.

    The Other Jill

  4. I love the stories and the pics about Tyler...he is so darn cute! He has a million funny/cute faces, especially when he's going potty-lol! He is growing so fast, I can't believe he's 4 months old already! Wait until Tyler starts putting things in weird places...I found a container of butter in the phone book drawer with little finger scoops where it was tasted! :) Then again, I recently lost a boom box and I looked EVERYWHERE for it and found it sitting on my kitchen table all by its lonesome! It only gets worse Jill! First because you're dog-tired and so busy, then because you're old and forgetful! But that's, love and laugh no matter the stage of life you're in!

  5. Having such a good time reading all these and seeing the pics. Counting down the days till you come here for Christmas.

    Love ya


  6. Funny pictures and I love the commentary that goes along with it!! Glad to hear your hips are no longer hurting and that is one funny story about the cheese :). Surprised it didn't stink up the house!

  7. You guys are such awesome parents! I love reading the updates. I especially love him on his imaginary motorcycle!!!

  8. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I haven't commented on yours forever but I've been following closely. Even my husband has watched some of the video clips with me. Tyler is very entertaining to us! It helps us prepare... However, the "he has taken over our house" photo from this post terrifies me since we'll have twins. Thanks for everything you've shared in your blog. It's a great resource for me!

  9. And he remains fantastically adorable! I love the "laying down is for babies" bit and his imaginary motorcycle and surf board! What a little imaginary thrill seeker he is!!!


Thank you for your comment! Hugs, Kerry and Jill