Wednesday, April 14, 2010

30 Weeks

10 weeks or 70 days to go!

Everything is going great.  No more heartburn, no more back pain, finally sleeping through the night and no more braxton hicks other than that 1 day last week.  Must have been dehydrated that day.

So while I've enjoyed being symptomless in the 3rd tri, I found that boring and decided to fall and pee myself to spruce it up a little.

I don't know what it is about being pg, but I choke alllllll the time!  I swallow my water/spit wrong at least once a day.  The other night was the worst episode to date.  Just sitting on the couch watching a movie with hubby and out of the blue, I swallowed spit wrong and choked really hard.  This time there was no leaking, no siree, I fully peed my pants.  Kerry always finds it hysterical watching me run to the bathroom while holding myself.

With arms full, I had my first fall.  I stubbed my toe on a chair leg and flew across the kitchen.  Everything went flying out of my hands except my husband's iPhone.  Kerry came running to see what the ruckus was and as soon as he saw me sprawled out on the floor and his iPhone in my hand, he quickly asks, is my phone ok?  Yes honey, I held onto it for dear life as I knew I wouldn't live if I broke it.  Luckily I somehow managed to fall in slow motion and somewhat gracefully (as graceful as you can get for a fall) and avoided landing on my belly.  My middle toe didn't fare so well...

We really enjoyed our childbirth class last week.  We are only 1 of 4 couples attending.  We just happen to have the same exact due date of June 23 as another couple in the class.  Totally different stories though as they announced their pg was an accident.  We covered the 3rd tri, what to expect, how to cope with discomforts, warning signs and nutrition.  Kerry and I looked at each other and cracked up when the topic of hemorrhoids came up.  Yep, check, we discovered that one last week!  We attend our 2nd class tomorrow.

We've kicked into high gear on trying to get all our reading done.  We have designated at least 30 mins each night for reading.  I have 3 labor/birth books to read.  We have 3 infant books to read.  Lots to read, lots to learn!  We are determined to be the best parents we can be.

This week's belly.  It's getting bigger and bigger.  I had 3 ladies at church separately ask me how I was feeling and I told each of them that I felt like I was going to burst.  They all said the same exact thing, oh honey, you just wait till the last month, you have lots of growing to do.  So far no stretch marks or the brown line down the belly, but I'd be shocked if I make it through this without them.

Nursery update.  Not a whole lot to report this week.  We spent most of our time on drywall repair and caulking on the rest of the house than we did on the nursery.  We did get the crown moulding measured and cut.  OMG, it practically takes a genius to figure out those inside/outside corner angles.  Not your simple 45 degree cut since crown doesn't go flat against the wall.  But alas, we prevailed.  Now to measure/cut the chair rail and then paint and install.  I haven't done anymore sewing other than 2 burp clothes, but I have ordered 9.5 yards of fabric for the curtains, boppy pillow, diaper organizer, tote liner and hamper liner.  So lots of sewing coming my way.

We finally got the call yesterday that our nursery furniture is in.  They told us 8 weeks and it took 11.  Kerry is going to pick it up tomorrow.  Wahoo!

Homey G is living it up and still thinks all this baby equipment is for him.  He now sleeps in the pack-n-play.  I turned on the vibration thinking it would scare him out of it, nope, he loved it and laid down on it.  I filled it up with toss pillows thinking it deter him but instead he said thanks, I needed a pillow.  Oh well, he better enjoy it while he can.

That's it!  I wrote this post earlier and I guess I jinxed myself, the braxton hicks are back!


  1. Awesome!! So glad everything is moving right along! I can't believe you are 30 weeks!!!! Amazing! I don't remember my pg going this fast! Really strange thought I have pics of a purple toe from when I was pg too! I triped and fell into Carley's cradle that we had set next to our bed. I guess that belly just really throws you off! Be careful and enjoy your last few weeks!!


  2. Ouchy about your toe!!! Yeah about being 30 weeks!! Hope everything continues to go well for you and I can't wait to see pics of the nursery.

  3. Woah on that belly.....glad you're finally getting bigger....just think that belly has 10 more weeks to will surely be HUGE by then....LOL

    Ouch on the toe....wonder if it's broken?

    You guys are too funny about the book reading thing. Most people I know read & read & read only to end up doing things their own way anyways....LOL As far as reading on the birth thing......HA....birth NEVER goes like you "think" it should....I learned that the hard way....I never read any books but still had my "idea" of how things were going to go or how they "should" go....LOL

    I told you pregnancy would fly by fast....or at least until the last couple of weeks then it seems to take's really really gone fast from this end:0(

    I miss you......never hear from you anymore:0(

  4. He's going to be here in no time!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, that did really reassure me. :)

  5. I'm so glad the iphone is ok! Just kidding. I'm so glad YOU'RE ok! Way to fall gracefully! I know what you mean about the peeing. I've got a nasty cold, and every time I have a coughing fit I pee a little. I'm glad you're seeing the humor in it, as I'm having trouble.... I'm impressed with all your sewing and getting ready. I'm feeling so behind!

  6. Soooo jealous that you don't have the linea negra! I thought it was cute when I was pregnant, but it is still there! Its got to go away!!! Oh and I can't even discuss crown moulding without breaking out in a sweat. DH and I did that in our last house and struggled and fought and struggled and fought more...that stuff is stressful! I'm glad you got it done and you two still sound like you are happily married, lol.

    You look beautiful! Your poor toe doesn't though:-(

  7. Your stories crack me up! And your kitty cat better get ready for a major upheaval :)

    Is it appropriate to say your belly is glowing?? :)

  8. Your POOR TOE!!!! Holy toledo girl, that is one big boo boo!! I have found myself to be clumsier, too, and even knocked off a piece of toast from my dinner plate with my ta-tas. Can't wait til I can't walk!!

    You continually keep me in stitches with your stories. I am going to send you some Depends pretty soon!! :0) I had Bry read your last post about your new grape-like discovery and we were both laughing outloud!

    Your belly is looking great!! Are lots of people (strangers?) rubbing it now?!? Does it itch like crazy, or is that just me?!? You look awesome.

    Can't wait to see your next sewing handiwork. Kudos to you guys for doing the nursery yourselves! If I had a handyman husband with my attention to detail, we would too. But alas, I am the only OCD one and that doesn't work well for home improvement projects. :0) Post pics of your furniture soon! Looking forward to seeing it!

    Keep up on your water, momma. Love ya!!
    The Other Jill

  9. You look great! We are measuring 2 weeks ahead so we are sort of at the 30 week mark too! Crazy how time is flying by. I know you can't wait to meet your little man and we can't wait to meet our baby girl!

  10. You look so great!
    Sorry about the toe - my shin and hip can commiserate, as I stumbled climbing up the stairs yesterday and landed with shin on edge of stair and right on my hip and forearm in an attempt to protect Kara from the fall. Will likely have a permanent scar on the shin, since I lost a couple layers of skin there, and have a 2.5" bulging bruise on my hip.

  11. We need to get together other than the baby shower. I can't wait to see your preggy belly and hopefully feel Number 7 kick!!! I am so happy for you and love reading all about your little episodes. Call or email me when you get a chance and let me know when we could get together. :-)

  12. p.s. OUCH!!!! Your poor toe! :-/

  13. Your stories always get me laughing! I know peeing your pants isn't funny and I'm glad you weren't hurt falling down but be careful - your center of gravity has shifted so be extra careful moving about! Your belly looks so cute and perky and be thankful you don't have that line! I echo Sue...mine hasn't faded yet either. About the stretch marks, I think I woke up one morning and I hadn't seen any yet but then I finally clued in to look at the underside of my belly and lo and behold, there was an entire field of stretch marks there! I still have those too but that's okay :).

  14. 30 weeks? Seriously? I blink and you're 30 weeks along? WOW!!!

    And look at you! Your belly is so cute! I hope everything is going along well, and you're feeling well - but for the choking, and leaking! ;-)


  15. Hey - Definitely like the y Brest Friend pillow. I don't have a boppy, but was hoping to get away with just a regular throw pillow. I had trouble getting it to the right height and hated how it got narrower closer to my body where the baby was supposed to nestle. At least this is flat, is close to the right height (would likely be perfect if I weren't so tall), adds support if I need to walk somewhere in the house while feeding her, and I like the lumbar support. Had I known, I'd have ordered it from Amazon for cheaper than I got it in Canada (and in a better fabric). I'd recommend it, and wish I'd gotten it weeks ago!

  16. You're belly looks SO beautiful, but your toe, YIKES ~ you poor thing!!

    So did you get the nursery furniture all set up yet? I can't wait to see the pictures of it when it's all done!!

    I'm so excited that you are getting so close to holding your son in your arms!!!!


  17. Awww, Jill, you are just so darn cute...well, except for that toe anyway. (-; Ouch!

    Hope your appointment went great today.


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