Wednesday, April 28, 2010

32 Weeks

Good gravy, 8 months today!!!  8 weeks / 56 days to go!

Things are going well.  I'm still having significant back/hip pain and it can be hard to walk, but it's all worth it.  Baby has been very active and my belly is moving all over the place.  If you push on him, he'll push back.  I hadn't really gained much weight in the 3rd tri until this week when the scale said I gained 2.5 lbs.  Baby is gaining a 1/2 lb a week, so I guess I have to claim the other 2.  I told Kerry it must of been all the left over cake and chocolate I've been eating from the shower.  When I opened my blog, my pg ticker at the bottom updated with "Mommy is gaining a pound a week.  Lay off the cake woman!  You're not REALLY eating for two.".  Kerry and I laughed so hard. The ticker is psychic!

We had our 3rd childbirth class.  We went over pain management options, epidurals, induction, forceps/vacuum, c-sections, pushing techniques and met the anesthesiologist.  I told Kerry that I think I'm underestimating how painful this event could actually be.  I'm blown away by the amount of prep taken (reading books, childbirth classes, practicing techniques, needing a support person) all for about a 1 day event.  It's like we're preparing for a triathalon.  I think I'm in for a big wake up call, but I'm happy to answer that call.

My 1st baby shower was amazing!  We had it at our house which meant all of our projects we had started in about every room of the house had to be completed.  We're talking drywall repair, caulking, painting, etc etc.  We worked around the clock all week and finished right before the shower.  We were exhausted but it is soooo nice to have it all done.  It meant not a lot got done in the nursery and all our guests who were excited to see it didn't get to see much, but oh well, at least they were able to maneuver around our house without tripping over tools.  Now we can focus all our attention on the nursery.

I thought I would share one of my non-nursery projects, a cherry tree wall decal.  This project took me 4 days as I had to transfer each blossom onto the wall individually.  It really brightened up the dining room.

So back to the shower.  My hosts Eden and Kal did such an amazing job!  They made me a memory board that made me cry, several times.  It took me forever to read it all because it was so emotional for me.  Every time I attempted to read, I had to walk away.  While I have survived infertility and made every effort to regain a normal life, I will never forget the painful journey.

Cute brown and blue giraffe balloons:

The coolest party favors, home made chocolate 7's!!!

Vases filled with some of my syringes/vials from treatment:

A perfect little chocolate/blue/giraffe cake with our 27w u/s pic on top:

Some of the best friends a gal could ask for:

Hilarious games like 10 diapers filled with different melted chocolate candy bars where you had to guess which candy bar it was.  Hysterical to watch every one smell these very realistic looking "poopy" diapers!

Wonderful gifts from wonderful friends:

The joy of a preggo chocolate addict receiving chocolate as a shower gift:

A goofy husband:

Huge belly laughs as the husband announces to the entire room that my pg induced farting has equalled 8 yrs of pay back:

How's this one smell hubby???:

A huge thank you to my twin hosts Eden and Kaleena for a wonderful shower!!!  Hey, we kinda look like sisters in this pic!

This week's belly:

Nursery update:

I made the liners for the storage tote and hamper which matches the basket I made earlier:

We assembled the crib and I made the crib skirt:

We started installing the crown moulding tonight but didn't get very far.  Lots of work ahead of us!


  1. Wow, I LOVE your cherry tree decal. And the shower looks awesome.

  2. Love you pictures! And that cherry tree is AWESOME! good job!

  3. Your dining room looks great! Um, can you say nesting??? How do you have so much energy?

    I'm glad your shower was so much fun! It looked great. I totally agree with not necessarily being ready for birth...but don't get nervous. In my experience, things NEVER go as you expected so be ready to just roll with it. I'm pretty sure that with all of your research and reading you will do great. (Oh, and don't beat yourself up if you do end up going for that epidural...if I am lucky enough to get pregnant again, I think I'll ask for it sooner next time, lol, but I'm not sure if that is because of induced labor for 23 hours or if natural contractions aren't quite so idea).

  4. I LOVE your party favors!! So cute! I want one of those chocolate 7's!! lol Your dining room looks great also! Can't wait to see that nursery finished is going to be beautiful!
    About labor and delivery, I know they always say that you should go in with a birth plan, which you should but you should also be ready to chuck it out the window if you need to! lol As far as the epi, I had one with Brit but not Brett or Carley, and if I had to do it again, which I don't, I honestly would go without (that's just me) For me labor seemed faster without and you knew what you were doing because you could feel it. Wtih the epi they were telling me I wasn't pushing when I thought I really was and it took a million pushes to get her out. With Brett, 2 pushes, and Carley about a half a push and they were telling me to stop! lol Anyways, enough about me! So glad everything is moving right along! I can't believe you are 8 months, it's flying by and that baby will be here before you know it!!


  5. The diaper game was too funny!! They did a great job on your shower! Love all the new decor. :0) 8 months!!!!!! Oh my! Now if I can just stay in my skin when he actually gets here. ;0P

  6. OMG - I just LOVE that tree decal thing. It looks so good. Well done Jill!

    And really - those syringe vases are too much - cute, funny and ironic - all at the same time. Looks like a really fun shower.

  7. Holy cow! You are really making progress girl!! I love the cherry tree in your dining room. So pretty!

    Your shower pics are great-- I imagine you had to pinch yourself a time to two... after all the showers you've been to, this one was for YOU and YOUR BABY!! :0) I know that's how I'll feel after hosting more showers than I can count. Kind of along the lines of "always a bridesmaid, never a bride"-- TIL NOW! :0)

    The crib looks great! I like the one you chose. I'm sure your room will be just gorgeous with all the work you're putting into it. Very impressed with your sewing abilities! Everything looks great!

    I can relate to your pg weight gain. It just appears so fast! How does that happen?! I'm NOT eating for two, and feel like I'm eating healthy, but boy oh boy! This is scary!! I know we're supposed to be gaining weight, but this goes against everything we know and have heard our whole lives!! KWIM?!?! :0) It's okay tho-- my hubby loves my preggo body, as I'm sure Kerry does too. We'll just grin and bear it.

    Happy class tonight! Hope you and Kerry have fun (don't get kicked out!).

    Talk soon!
    The Other Jill

  8. Those vases full of syringes cracked me up! I loved the chocolate 7s, too. You have very creative friends! Your belly looks great. I can't believe we're getting so close!


  9. What a great update! And isn't it just nice (to say the least) to finally be at YOUR baby shower!! :) And don't think/worry about 'underestimating' the labor some, I didn't find it that bad really. Smiles, Heidi

  10. Hi..
    I am sorry I missed your shower...Mother's shouldn't have to do that. But on the bright side, I shouldn't be missing the next two.
    What a nice shower you had!!! It's wonderful to have such good friends, isn't it? Loved the decorations... and the chocolate 7's were a very cute idea and yummy too. The diaper sniffing is about to come to a screaming halt, I am afraid!!!
    I love the cherry blossoms!!!
    The baby things are really impressive too.
    But most of all, I love you, Kerry, and the baby!!!
    Love you as big as the sky... Mama

  11. looks like I missed at great time:0( I wanted soooo bad to be there. Your progress on the nursery is coming right along and looking really cute. Can't wait to see it finished. I like your dining room....awesome decal! You sound like me with my first pregnancy, I repainted our entire condo by myself..walls, ceilings, doors, trim, etc...I was climbing up on ladders..full of energy...then with this pregnancy I had NO ambition whatsoever, even to clean my house...LOL

    You are DEFINITELY in for a "wake up" call as far as childbirth goes. You can watch all the movies and read all the books you want but I found that NOTHING can compare you for it, truly. Everyone is different and everyone's pain tolerance is WAY different. I was amazed at how painful it really was and that's why I wasn't afraid to ask for an epidural both times. I made it a LONG time without it and then I couldn't stand it anymore when I had contractions one minute apart and lasting for a minute each was WAY too intense. Just be prepared to throw your "birth plan" out the window totally if needed so that you can actually try to enjoy the experience a little:-)

    This last trimester is flying by REALLY fast from this end....I'm so excited to meet your little man!

    love ya!

  12. Ooooooooo Lady, it's gettin' so close to Go-Time! =D

    You look gorgeous (as always), and I'm super impressed with your baby shower (LOVE that you incorporated the IVF meds and needles!).

    Seven's nursery is really coming together!

  13. Lots of fun stuff this week! The wall in your dining room looks awesome!! And I love all of the projects for your nursery too:)

  14. That decal in your dining room is just awesome!! I didn't even know that they came that big although I can't say I'd have the patience or time to put each cherry blossom on individually!! You rock at this decorating thing! The nursery looks awesome and your shower sounds like it was a lot of fun. You look great and I am amazed at all the stuff you're getting done Mama!


Thank you for your comment! Hugs, Kerry and Jill