Wednesday, April 21, 2010

31 Weeks

9 weeks to go!  OMGosh, we're in the single digits folks!

So this week has been a little trying in the pain department.  I've been having horrible sacrum/posterior pelvic pain.  From the web - "This pain is caused by stretching of the pelvic ligaments, causing the pelvic muscles to attempt to establish stability by increasing muscle tension, leading to chronic pain in that area. Because the discomfort is primarily caused by hormonal changes, it cannot be prevented during pregnancy."  Some days it's quite debilitating and I can barely walk.  If someone offered me a wheelchair, I'd gladly humble myself and take it.  When I told Kerry my hips were spreading, he wrapped his back brace around them.  He laughed hysterically that it took all his might to get it around my butt!  Yes, that's spreading right along with the hips.  The pain went away and I could walk again, but it unfortunately put too much of a squeeze on the baby bump.  If anyone has had this and knows of anything to help, please let me know.  Chiro did help get me walking again, but it doesn't resolve the pain.  Oh well, I'll take it, I'm just so grateful to be pg.

Our childbirth class went well.   We went over labor, comfort measures, breathing patterns, support person's role and pushing techniques.  Everyone was so serious during the practice breathing but Kerry and I could do nothing but laugh through it.  Hee hee haaaa, hee hee haaaa...  or Kerry's version, hee haw, hee haw... sounding like a donkey.  The teacher said our labor is going to be quite comical.  I'm sure I'll regret laughing at it when I'm in labor.

I had my OB appt at 30w5d.  Everything is perfect.  I had the nurse tell me what position the baby was in and he's head down for the first time.  Glad to know he can go upside down as he seems to love being breech or traverse.

I guess it's quite obvious that I'm pg to the public now.  I constantly get asked when I'm due, what's the gender and if we have a name picked out.  Oh why can't I pick out a name!!!???  I guess because he's a very special little guy and I want a special name.  I still have time, but my family is going nuts waiting on the name.  Sorry fam!

This week's belly:

We've made decent progress on the nursery.  We're not as far along as we had hoped as every project ends up taking twice as long as we planned and the hours after work are so limited.  But we will prevail and just keep working at it until we finish, or keel over.

We finished cutting and painting the moulding:

We picked up the crib and night stand, but have yet to assemble it.  We still have to pick up the dresser and chest.

I installed the blind and made the curtains:

I made giraffe appliques and added them to the toss pillow:

I made the liner for the basket.  I'll be making the same liner for the hamper and storage tote.

And lastly I made a boppy cover:

A few thank you's are in order... thank you Eden for loaning me your boppy, bumbo and maternity tops!!!  Thank you Maggie and Phylis from Hawaii for the surprise box of goodies!!!  Thank you Tarryn for the early shower gifts that allowed me to work on a couple more sewing projects!!!

I'm really excited about this coming Sun.  It's my 1st of 3 baby showers!  The 1st one is a friends shower, the 2nd a church shower and the 3rd a family shower.  I can't even believe it, a baby shower for me???  Someone pinch me!


  1. You are very crafty!!! Everything is so cute. I can't wait to see the finshed room!! Are you registered anywhere??? And I need you to email me you address again. I can't seem to find it.. Sorry about the pain your having but 9 weeks left!! It will fly by and you won't remember the pain. I hope you find a remedy that helps!


  2. Hello! I found your blog last weekend after googling something about FET and was interested in reading your story because you were a CCRM patient. My CCRM FET is tomorrow. I read the story of your FET and 2ww and was so inspired by your positive attitude. I even blogged about it a few days later. You REALLY helped boost my spirits during the past week. Thank you! I wish you all the best. Love all the cute things you're sewing!

  3. WOW, your sewing projects are terrific and adorable. As are you :) Your belly is getting cuter by the minute!

  4. You look ADORABLE!

    You are so talented, I can't wait to see the finished product (nursery)!!

    I can't believe you are single digit weeks away ... it will fly.

    I'll continue to quietly watch, but know that I'm still around :)


  5. Yay for single digits! You're quite the talented seamstress, I have to say. Hope the pelvic pain lets up soon, but I'd not be surprised if it hangs around till you deliver. Sorry!
    Have fun with the showers. I wish someone had offered to throw us one, but no one did. Ah well. Guess we're friendless losers!

  6. Wow - time is flying by. Not long to go now! You look beautiful by the way! x

  7. So glad that things are moving along so well for you!!:) Wow! Your sewing projects are beautiful! You are so talented:) You should start your own company doing this for other moms who can't find the right bedding and accessories for their childs room. Nine weeks to go! Can't wait to hear the arrival of Little Seven!

  8. Wow, those are impressive sewing projects. I especially love those curtains! Very cute - I'd buy that in a store!

    You are looking great!

  9. Such wonderful progress on all fronts! I can't believe it-- only 9 weeks left?!?!?!? WHOA!!!!! You are cruisin' right along! :0)

    Baby's room is looking good! Love all the patterns on your boppy, curtains, basket, pillow, etc! Looks amazing. Love those lil' giraffes. :0)

    Your bump is so cute! Has Kerry got to feel him yet?? I know he shows off for Momma, wondered if Daddy has had the pleasure yet.

    I know my hubs will be a card at our classes too. I hope we don't get kicked out. ;0)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    The Other Jill

  10. I'm really impressed by your "self taught" sewing talents....too cute! Can't wait to see it all you know you aren't supposed to use bumpers in the crib, right???

    That belly is getting bigger by the minute....I can't wait to see it at 40 weeks:-0)

    As far as the hip, lower back pain...really nothing that can be done. Chiro is the only thing that gave me relief, along with massage but nothing totally took it away. I was in miserable pain towards the last couple of months of both of my pregnancies...I couldn't sleep because the pain was so bad. Like you said, nothing you can do about all the stretching that needs to take place.

    Gosh...I can't believe all the birthing classes...we had one or two at the most and I found that nothing I learned helped....forget the hee hee's and ha haa's....LOL I found that just slow deep breathes in through the nose, out through the mouth was the ONLY thing that helped me! I didn't bother with any classes the second time around.

    Geesh is it really only single digits...I remember getting to that point and getting soooo excited & scared all at the same time. I friend of mine has a new little granddaughter born at 31 weeks and she's doing wonderful....she was almost 4 lbs. at birth and just came home yesterday before her original due date even!

  11. You are as adorable as always, my PREGGO friend!!! darling bump!!!!

    and I have to say - I have known you for years now, and I had NO IDEA that you were such a creative and skilled little seamstress! Seriously, I am impressed! Sewing so accurately to get everything to fit so well (sheets, boppy covers, liners, etc.) is quite a skill! And the fabrics you picked are perfect. You are sooooo talented! I'm just so cotton-pickin' impressed! GREAT JOB!!!

    Sorry about your aches and pains... I know that is NO fun. I hope you are able to get some help. If it makes you feel any better, I know I had a good bit of back and pelvic pain when I was pg with Mary, but I honestly can't even remember it now, lol! I know going to a chiro helped me a lot, so I'm glad you are getting to do that. I'll be keeping you in my prayers as you go through this last trimester. Wahoo!!!

  12. I had the same hip pain, horrible by the end. it started around 20 weeks and just got worse. someone loaned me a belly support band, I recommend this, it helps to lift some weight off the pelvis which is what increases the pain- when the baby starts dropping. this is not the same band used to help with clothing. but you can find it at the maternity stores. the pain lasted after delivery but for about a month or so cause the hormones are trying to reverse and weight is adjusting.
    rest helps and staying off your feet, although there were times that I would take a cold bottle water from the fridge and rest in the pelvic area and this helped too since you aren't allowed to take motrin.

    I love all the sewing you've done for the nursery, everything looks great. I'm getting ready to make basket liners for next year and there after easter baskets and then put the boys names on them like you see in pottery barn. I was hoping to buy them there on sale after Easter but no luck, they were all out of boys stuff, so I found some baskets at Joanns and picked out my fabric.
    Have fun at your shower. Wish I could be there for the 3rd one. :(

    Love you!

  13. Hey Jill and Kerry...everything is looking good! I have a
    question...can I have your maternity tops when you're belly is just as big as yours (if not bigger):( lol
    The nursery is looking great too-good job! I figure you probably will be arranging and working on the room until the baby's so fun to look at and dream about where your baby will be living in 9 short weeks, isn't it?! Your pregnancy went fast for me, I can only imagine how fast it is for you guys...hang in there!
    You guys climbed the ladder of the slide and now you're sitting on the top and pretty'll say "it's time" and weeeeee down the slide you'll go and you'll land at the bottom with your baby boy in your arms! Enjoy the ride! Love...Aunt Carol xoxo

  14. Guess I'm through being quiet since you called me on it. LOL
    You're going to hate me but UM never had the pelvic pain thing or the stretch marks with either of the girls. Of course Rachel stayed so high up the whole time I horrible thoracic back pain.
    You and the nursery look adorable, guess my baby brother does too. LOL
    Can't wait to see it and you in person, one month from yesterday and we'll be there.
    BWT, would you PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE PICK OUT A NAME, you are driving me crazy.
    Love you all, Sis

  15. You are quite talented, Jill! It looks like things are really coming together beautifully.

    I hope the pain eases for you soon! Yikes.

  16. Wow! Look at all the stuff you've sewn and made! I'm so impressed and your nursery is going to be beautiful when done. I'm sorry to hear you're in such pain and I know you don't need to be reminded but it is all worth it in the end and while hard in the moment, hang in there. It sounds like your prenatal classes are really good and more informative than the ones I took...I will never forget that the doctor said that I wasn't progressing along in my labour because of "poor maternal pushing" so it's good that your class covered technique. I didn't know there was a wrong way to push but apparently there is and my class didn't cover any of that information! You look great too BTW!


Thank you for your comment! Hugs, Kerry and Jill