Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Today was our anxiety reliever u/s that my ob/gyn ordered for me. It came just in time as the anxiety was starting to kick in. All of my symptoms have disappeared over the last 2 days. While symptoms come and go and it's completely normal, the symptoms were my binky.

First stop was the dreaded scale. I gained 3 lbs in 1 week, holy oink! Did I not say I could eat like a man? Now that my extreme hunger has seemed to fade away, at least for now, hopefully my weight gain will slow down.

The u/s was definitely not as high tech or as high quality as I had been getting, but it was still great. Here's our little bean with big head on the right and stomach to the left. The placenta is on the left side.

1st measurement: 17.2mm 8w1d (5 days behind)
2nd measurement: 18.5mm 8w3d (3 days behind)

I'm trying to not let the measurements freak me out as this was done on a portable machine and the ob/gyn said all was perfect.

The yolk sac is getting smaller and the placenta more profound which happens as the baby's nourishment transfers from the yolk sac to the placenta. Hopefully this means the placenta will take over hormone production soon. The placenta is at the top of my uterus and away from my cervix, yeah!

I asked if the hemmorhage was still there and she took about 2 seconds to look and said she didn't see one. I'm still having very light spotting off and on but nothing to worry about.

She measured the HB using her watch and said it's about 150 bpm and that was great. I'm not worried about the difference from last week since it was measured by the u/s machine then.

As we were admiring the HB, little Seven did the jig! That was the highlight of our week, our little baby moved! I wasn't expecting that at all.

Here's a short video clip of the u/s. The ob/gyn points out the head and limbs. After Kerry zooms in, you can clearly see the heart beating away. At the very end, you can see Seven start to wiggle and then the video cuts off.

I get another anxiety reliever u/s in 2 weeks and then she said if I wanted to do the NT scan at 12w, I could. I said heck yeah, it means another u/s! She also said if the anxiety gets too bad before my next u/s, to just call her and she'll see if she can get me in. Wow, can't get much cooler than that!

After our appt, we went up to the 6th floor to visit a friend in the hospital. After our visit, we ran into the nursery. I got so excited, we were on the L&D floor! A nurse saw my excitement and asked if we wanted a tour and we jumped at it. It was so surreal to see where I would deliver! The thought of labor scares most pg women, it makes me giddy. We'll see how giddy I am in the end, lol!


  1. So glad all is looking well. I am sure the symptoms coming and going is normal and natural.

    Seven looks adorable!


  2. Great pics! I'm glad you had this to put your mind at ease. Try not to worry about the measurements (although I was right there with you)...to this day I am still measuring 1 full week behind my CCRM due date and everything is fine.

    Yes, the idea of delivery used to make me giddy as well...however, now that we have been given an induction date that is 12 days away, that giddiness is transforming into something else...not sure what, but, let's just say a little less giddy. LOL. ;-)

  3. Awwww.....that u/s brings back VERY fond memories of getting to see my little beans move for the first time......isn't it just the greatest? There will be soooo many more firsts to come...so hang on for the most wonderful ride of your life:0-) As far as the placenta taking over...they should have told you that this "usually" happens right around 12 weeks and it's such a relief when you know you're to that point....not too much farther for you...can't believe you're already almost to 9!!!! This is all soooo exciting for me since I just went through it and now I get to "relive" it all through you:0)

    love ya girlfriend!

  4. Yay!!!!!

    And your video made me cry. Yep, even just 20 seconds of your bitty bean on video is enough to get me all worked up! I'm just so, so excited for you.

    We continue to pray for all good things!!!

  5. Woohoo! I am so, so glad that everything is going so well:)

  6. So exciting!!!!! Can't wait to see the next one!

  7. Woooohoooo, the very first home video of little Seven!! That was so cool. :0)
    Hopefully you will continue on without the anxiety, and before you know if, you'll be feeling Seven kicking and jabbing and there will be no wondering at all!!
    Love hearing the good report-- praise the Lord for His hand over you and your womb!
    Will be anxiously awaiting the next entry.
    Love ya,
    The Other Jill

  8. I can't believe how big little 7 is getting already. And what a thrill to see him/her move!

  9. Great video! How cool is your OB? I want to come to your town to see her too! Yay Jill!!

  10. Your OB is awesome! What a beautiful little heartbeat and how great to see little seven wiggling away! I am jealous you got a L&D tour! Ours was cancelled due to the H1N1 and we are unlikely to get one before birth (boo!). But, I'm with you on the labor front. I thought I'd be nervous by now and my BFF from grammar school (who happens to be due the same day as me) is freaking out about it...but I think the difference is that you and I have had years to think about this and fight for it...and nothing compares to the pain of those years...so bring it on:-)

  11. I loved the pics and video...that was so cool! My little great niece/nephew already on the move...amazing! Tell Kerry "good job" on the video, but it needs to be MUCH longer, especially when the babys' legs and arms grow more and it starts doing flip-flops and tumbles! Take care, be well...love you all, always and a day-Aunt Carol xoxoxoxoxo

  12. Wahoo! I don't know that I agree with the cursor placement on either picture (didn't get right to the rump on #1, didn't look like the crown to me on #2), so I bet it's not actually measuring that far behind.
    Nice limb buds kiddo, and with a good heartbeat and moving, I think you can be pretty reassured. It'll look so much better in 2 weeks, too.
    Congrats! Your OB sounds great.

  13. When they're still so small, being slightly off on the cursor placement makes a huge difference in the estimated gestational age. Hopefully the scan on a bigger baby in 2 weeks will put your mind at ease.

  14. Absolutely amazing video... made your Mama cry again. I love him/her already!!!! I am glad you aren't suffering with m/s.

    Love you as big as the sky,


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