Wednesday, November 25, 2009

10 Weeks

10 weeks already, can you believe it!? Here's another boring update.

Results of today's hormone check:

Estrogen: 1175 (up from 892)
Progesterone: 14.77 (up from 12.42)

CCRM wants me to reduce to 2 patches on Fri. They also wanted me to drop to 1 Endometrin but I chickened out. It scares me to death to go off of the progesterone as it's maintaining my lining until the placenta takes over. CCRM said they really need to get me completely weaned by 12 weeks or the baby can start absorbing these extra hormones, but that it would be ok stay on 2 Endometrins a little longer and reduce at the next check. I'm to recheck next Tue.


* The prednisone-like after taste is gone after 5 days, so I will get to enjoy my Thanksgiving dinner. Yippee!

* I haven't had any spotting in 8 days. Yeah!!!

* Still exhausted as ever. Yawn!

* I haven't been feeling up to par the last few days. I think it's due to my hormones going up and down during this weaning process.

* I had uterine achiness all night last night that kept me awake. I think Seven's home is going through a little remodeling.

That's all for now. See, boring!


  1. It may be boring to you, but it's such good news that everything is progressing as normal!!! Love to read about it.
    I can imagine you're nervous about weaning off the meds, but God makes it all work in perfect harmony-- I pray He'll give you peace through the transition, and your body will easily "do it's thang!"
    YEAH for tasting a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving meal!!! Good news, just in time.
    Love to you and your peanut.
    The Other Jill

  2. So glad to hear your happy update! And I'm with you on the progesterone... glad you are sticking with 2 for now.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!!

  3. Great news on the levels and 10 weeks!
    Interesting - my RE said to cut out the progesterone at 11 weeks, my OB (who does some RE stuff too) said to keep going till 16 until we were sure we wouldn't do amnio or anything that might stir up the uterus. And then the tightenings stopped and I've been on the progesterone ever since. Sure hope the baby'll turn out ok! From the research I tried to do, I don't think natural progesterone (like prometrium) is considered likely to cause any problems.

  4. Wow....10 weeks....I can hardly believe goes fast from this end....remember you following my pregnancy and you could hardly believe it when it was time to have the said it just flew by:-) The achiness is a sign that things are really growing & stretching in there....I'll be amazed if you're still exhausted in 2nd trimester....with both of my pregnancies it's like someone turned the exhaustion switch off right after 12/13 weeks!


  5. I remember that Wednesdays were my milestone days too!

    It sure looks like you will have a great Thanksgiving with lots to be thankful for this year!

  6. I'll take boring if it's all good. The comment from CCRM about the baby absorbing the hormones is interesting. Doesn't the baby absorb the hormones from the mother?

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Glad all is going well...Happy Thanksgiving! Smiles, Heidi

  8. Boring but wonderful!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. It's not boring- it's exciting to hear an update! Happy 10 wks and Happy Thanksgiving! Wish I could be with you all today at Grandmomma's. Eat all you want today and more, little Seven may not get to taste a Thanksgiving again til 2011.
    Love you,

  10. Hey, boring is good at this point, right? Have a very happy Thanksgiving Jill!

  11. Boring is GREAT!!!!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Jill....I know you are having an extra *thankful* day this year!!! ;)


  12. Woohoo! So glas that things are going so well for you!:) This post wasn't boring at all either. I like to know what's going on and how Seven is progressing!:)

  13. Thank you for your comments!

    Nice... 10 weeks already! BTW, I think they say that the placenta starts making hormones at around 7 weeks... so you should definitely be safe if they want to wean you off by 12 weeks.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all! :)


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