Saturday, November 14, 2009


Yesterday's hormone levels after dropping from 4 estrogen patches to 3:

Estrogen: 903 (>300)
Progesterone: 11.07 (>6)

No more weaning for me, both numbers dropped.  Boo!  I'm so ready to shut down my bedroom pharmacy.  I'm to remain on my current doses and go for another check next Fri.

For those of you that did this protocol, when did you start weaning and when were you completely weaned?


  1. I'm no help - I was supposed to stop the estrogen cold-turket at 9 weeks (kept going to 13 since I had extras), and stop the progesterone at 12 weeks. I'm now 24 weeks and still on the progesterone suppositories. Who knew that I could stand 5 months of the dripping mess the way I have?

  2. I struggled throughout the weaning process...I wasn't weaned from everything until 11 1/2 weeks. And I was freaked the whole time because my #s constantly went up and down. And I had three episodes of various colored spotting/bleeding throughout that first trimester. I feel your worry - but here I am - 36 weeks and probably delivering in 2 weeks.

    Positive thoughts are with you!

  3. Weaned endometrin from three a day to two a day and stopped estrogen completely at 8 weeks, then weaned to one endometrin a day at 10 weeks, then stopped completely at 11 weeks. They never checked any hormone levels at all during my entire FET cycle.

    Needless to say I was worried...but all was fine.

    Hang in there. It is a joy to finally be off the meds...but it does feel strange.

  4. I'm not much help because I didn't do IVF, but I was on progesterone until 12 weeks. They never checked my levels again after I was weaned and I was nervous at first but trusted that things would be o.k.:-) Hang in there....all of this is so scary but things are looking great and you need to have faith that God got you "to" this point and he's going to get you "through" this!

    love you!

  5. I was on progesterone until week 16! I forget about the estrogen. But even at week 16 it was still scary!

  6. Week 12 -4 patches - 4 pills of estrace

    Week 13 - 3 patches - 3 pills of estrace

    Week 14 - 2 patches - 2 pills of estrace

    Week 15 -1 patch - 1 pills of estrace

  7. I didn't keep track of the specifics but was on 17 pills/day at week 8 (vit, folic acid, estrace, prog, etc). I was on prog for quite a while...I didn't worry about it as my RE was reassuring. And have a 9 month crawler to prove it was! :) I am sure you are ready to be done with all the meds but hang in there...all will be fine. Smiles, Heidi

  8. I don't remember the exact schedule but I know mine dropped a little too. I ended up on the progesterone support until about 11 weeks and on the estrogen support until about 10 weeks. Tomorrow I can look up the exact dates (since they are somewhere in my blog). Don't worry - it's totally normal. With the FET your body does NOTHING until it absolutely has to!

  9. I've only ever gotten pregnant from fresh IVF ycles/xfers, but either way I didn't wean from meds until 9-10 weeks and done by 11-12 weeks. I would be too scared to wean or stop meds any earlier than that.

    I just LOVED those U/S pics Jill...what a cute little bean you've got there with it's little arms and legs already! LOVE IT!!!


  10. I started weaning at 7 weeks but then held constant given my bleeding and then we slowly weaned here and there until 12 weeks. My levels dropped too so we just held steady until they started to regulate again but it's totally normal so try not to worry too much.

  11. They started weaning me from everything the week of August 16, and I did my FET on July 6, so at about 9 weeks. For whatever reason (most likely that big ID twin placenta) my body loved those supp hormones and I always had really high levels of both P4 and E2 so it was a quick process of about 1.5 weeks. I also cheated and stopped taking the Estrace tablets before they wanted me too b/c my level was so high I was kind of worried about it. I had horrible headaches coming off the patches. Everyone is different and they will watch you closely so I think you are fine!

  12. I'm no help either, but just wanted to stop by and give you a hug! ((Hugs))

  13. They took me off of the progesterone pessaries and estrogen tablets at about 7 weeks - really early compared to previous cycles. I did have spotting for a few weeks, but always dark brown so they weren't worried.

    I think it really has to do with how the corpus luteum forms, and that can be different from cycle to cycle.

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