Wednesday, November 4, 2009

7 Weeks

Seven turns 7 weeks old today!!!  May we have 33 more weeks together as one!

Today's estrogen/progesterone levels:

Estrogen:  1070 (>300)
Progesterone:  10.89 (>6)

CCRM asked me if I was ok to continue my meds for another week before they start weaning me. Well of course I am!  Weaning off the meds scares the crap out of me. So I go for another level check in 1 wk and then they may start weaning me.  Also, they called me in a prescription for Folgard.  They want me on the prescription strength folic acid even though my homocystine came back normal.  Ok with me, better safe than sorry.

Symptoms (week 4-6):

Frequent Urination (scared to see the next sewer bill!)
Spotting (week 6)
Uterine Achiness/Pulling Sensation
Very Thirsty
Large Appetite (Kerry laughs at me on all the food commercials as I drool and say "mmmmm")

I've been very blessed with no m/s so far.  I'd be very happy to skip this one.

Today I bought my first maternity item.  It's a BellaBand which allows you to keep wearing your regular pants unbuttoned.  I figured I'd be needing this soon if my appetite keeps going at this pace.

6 days till the next u/s!


  1. Yay! I'm so glad that Seven turned 7 weeks! You really are going to have to name him/her something that means Seven or something like that :) (or is that too cheesy?). You are so fortunate to skip the m/s AND you have a big appetite - lucky girl! Re: the frequent urination, I stopped flushing every time (sorry - TMI). I would go, the water wouldn't even change colours (b/c I was drinking so much water) so I would wait to flush until the next time. Trying to be environmentally friendly! Enjoy every single second!

  2. I'm so glad you have all those reassuring symptoms, but no morning sickness. Hooray for the belly band!

  3. Yay for Seven!! Happy 7 weeks to you both. And I agree, I'm in the better safe than sorry club, so if it won't hurt, Folgard and hormones sound great!

  4. Happy Birthday Seven

    Love you and your Mom

    Auntie Sheree

    PS: Glad you're not being to rough on her, hope she doesn't get M/S

  5. Yay for 7 weeks!! I'm so glad that things are going well for you. x

  6. Happy 7th week birthday #7! Congrats on the Bella Band and the pregnancy symptoms! :D I love reading all the exciting things happening. I love you! Can't wait to hear about the next u/s!

  7. I'm laughing at KayJay's comment b/c I did/do the same thing. I just go so often...particularly at night lately that I didn't flush everytime b/c I don't think I really peed that much, it was more of a "room" issue.

    So happy for you! 7 weeks! Great news on the lack of m/s...can I start guessing that you *might* be having a boy? (I reserve the right to change this guess in a few weeks...:-)). I'm jealous of your appetite...we're supposed to gain the most weight in the second trimester and I'm still not a big achiever in the food dept! Brett is starting to annoyingly encourage eating ALL THE TIME. Hugs!

  8. Already 7! So happy everything is going well!!! Remember, keep that toilet bowl clean because that m/s could sneak up on you at any time! Trust me. As far as being thirsty, keep that water flowing! You can never get enough when your pg. Can't wait to see the next u/s pic!!


  9. Yay!
    Heck, I only flush when there gets to be too my toilet paper in there. If I flushed every time I peed, I'd be doing some serious environmental damage!

  10. Wow....7 weeks really does fly'll see...before you know it it will be time for your 20 week gender scan!!! I'm soooo glad you aren't experiencing morning sickness...I had it before I ever got my BFP with all my pregnancies and it continued for all of the first trimester! Just think you're already half way through first trimester already....woohoo!!!

    Can't wait until you get a bump!!

    love ya!


  11. Seven at seven! What a special day! I am thrilled that things are going well for you!

    Ha ha! So you drool at food commercials? I do that even when I am not pregnant! LOL! The BellaBand sounds like a great gadget! Looking forward to seeing you with a big bump soon!

  12. Yay - so glad 7 is 7 weeks old! Good luck for your next u/s! Keep us posted!

  13. Just smiling at all your comments!!! I especially laughed at the one who thinks it's a boy. I keep remembering the truck I seen in Atlanta. It was a huge number 7 in a blue circle!!! It really caught my eye!!!
    It's grammy doesn't care if it's a girl or boy. He/She is going to loved very much.
    I love you as big as the sky, Mama

  14. I am so happy for you.I started reading you blog couple of days back and couldn't help myself but read it day and night.Got lots of information through you blog.I once got pregnant with CCRM but miscarried at 5 weeks.Gaining some courage to go back again.Your blog really inspires me.I am so happy you finally could hear the heartbeat:-) What and amazing feeling.

  15. Yay! Lucky 7's all around! Happy seventh week, little 7! =D


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