Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tyler: Week 49

May 25-May 31, 2011 (48w-48w6d old)

Tyler Update:

  • He started saying ba-ba and finally da-da!
  • We introduced watermelon and cantaloupe and he loves them both.  

  • He experienced his 1st trip to the zoo.  His favorite part was the petting zoo.  All he wanted to do was lay his hands on the goats and yell at them.

  • He can color.  He shocked me at a restaurant when he grabbed a pencil and tablet out of my hand and started scribbling.  Later at home, I handed him a crayon and paper and he colored.  Not sure where he learned this as we've never colored with him before.
  • He can throw quite the temper tantrum when we take something away, holy cow!
  • He shakes his head no and understands no.  Whenever we say "no Tyler", he pauses and moves on, other times he tests the limits.
  • We couldn't find any of our home phones, our nanny later found them all in his laundry hamper.  Now whenever I can't find something, I can usually find it in his hamper, lol!
  • He goes to the door and waits when I say "Daddy's home!".  It's so cute!

This week in photos:

Stud Muffin



Ever since he started getting top teeth, he sucks on his upper lip.

A snuggle with Daddy

This week in video:

Video:  Tyler yelling at the light.
It's amazing how much his walking improves each week.

Video:  Tyler yelling at a goat.
I think he was trying to make sure he was heard over the cicadas!

Video:  Tyler saying ba-ba.

Video:  Tyler's new smile.


  1. So cute! And now he's over a year - I can't wait to see how you guys celebrated his big day.

  2. I thought I was going to roll in the floor off of Tyler's new smile!!!! Hahahahahhahaha! What cute things he is doing!!!!!! Alyssa and Mason love Tyler videos. If they hear me turn one on, they can tell it's Tyler. They come running from wherever they are yelling, "Tyler!"

  3. That smile is too cute.......cheesy little thing:) You are going to amazed at how much he will learn now that he's not a "baby" favorite stage by far has always been like 18 -24 months.....sooooo fun!

  4. Love that last video!! What a cutie patootie. Love seeing the progress-- he is walking better, less cowboyish. :)

    Keep up the good work/blogging! Can't wait to see the first birthday post!!! :0)

    Love and Hugs,
    The Other Jill

  5. Finally got to see these video's. Loved the one where he is trying to say ba-ba. He has a lot of expressions. This is a fun stage for sure. Love you all as big as the sky!!

  6. That new smile/stink face is the best! He's changed in less than a week! What a doll baby! I laughed till I cried. I miss him so so much. Luv u all. Patti & Dad


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