Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tyler: Week 46

May 4-May 10, 2011 (45w-45w6d old)

Tyler Update:

  • He started tossing and turning like crazy at night and then started making a teeth grinding noise. He was refusing to eat and was very fussy.  I took a look at his upper gums and sure enough he has his first set up upper teeth coming in!  By the end of the week he had 3 coming in at once.

  • We celebrated our 1st out-of-the-womb Mother's day together.  I'm hating my new haircut and I can't wait to get these ugly braces off!

  • He experienced his first park swing and omgoodness did he love it!  He grinned and squealed with joy.

  • He's walking pretty well this week, though still with a really wide stance for balance.  He's lost interest in his walker and is crawling less.  He's able to rotate and switch directions.

This week in photos:

Tyler and his potty seat cover, such a ham!

Loves crinkling newspaper!

This week in video:

Tyler walking all over the place!  He also shows off by standing up hands free.

Tyler swinging at the park

Thank you to all that left me a comment on my last post!!!  It was really nice hearing that some of you are still out there following along and would continue following if I kept this blog going.  A special thanks to those of you that are still fighting the fight and continue to read all these baby updates, you are brave, strong and a faithful blog friend!  I will try to keep this blog going even if it's not as often.  My goal is to get it completely up to date before Tyler hits 1 which is only 1 week away!!  Hugs!


  1. Wow, Jill, I can't believe Tyler is almost 1!!! I remember back a year ago I kept checking your blog every day for an update to see if you went into labor yet!! Where did this year go!! It is crazy how hard it is to find time to do anything, nevermind keep this blog going!! I figured writing a weekly post would be a piece of was I wrong!! I am just about 7 weeks behind on my blog so I know exactly how you feel!! Looking forward to hearing all about Ty's 1st birthday milestones! Wish we were closer so we could bring a present and wish him a great day!

  2. Aww, seeing Tyler makes me realize how many good things are to come :) He's just such a little charmer! Even if I don't always comment, I'm still reading along. Time is limited these days :)

  3. I'm still here and enjoying all the updates:) Again, WOW how fast that year went.....just thing we are coming up on TWO in a little over three months!

    Poor baby on the teething:( Are you still BF???

  4. Your boy is getting so big! I can't believe he is turning one already! His teeth are coming in in groups...poor guy! Is he drooling alot? His squeals of delight are plain delightful! He makes me feel happy when I see him so happy! He is walking so good and fast! Don't let him escape, you'll never catch him! That was a beautiful mother's day pic! Have a wonderful birthday ought to be wild! lol I love you all...Aunt Kook

  5. Enjoy the updates very much. I send them to some people that really enjoys reading about Tyler and how he is growing up so fast.
    Also it give his G-Granmomma a chance to see him more often.


Thank you for your comment! Hugs, Kerry and Jill