Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tyler: Week 31 (7 Months Old)

January 19-January 25, 2011 (30w-30w6d old)

Tyler Update:
  • We had to remove the bassinet from his pack-n-play and drop his crib down a level as he started attempting to pull himself up.  Later that night I saw him standing in his crib on the monitor for the first time.  He then fell back and hit his head.  Thank God we lowered it just in time or he would have gone over and that would not have been a pretty fall.  He kept trying to stand, kept falling and wouldn't give up.  It was heart wrenching hearing a thump followed by a cry.

  • He started to reach for anything nearby that he can attempt to pull himself up on.  I'm finding this phase of parenthood a little stressful in the sense that your child turns kamikaze and is constantly hurting themselves.  They have NO sense of cause and effect.  Falling on their head doesn't seem to deter them from repeating it over and over again.

  • He can now get out of his car seat.  He flips over and pushes himself right out.  We discovered this at a restaurant while the car seat was on a carrier stand over hard tile.  He was quick but Mama was even quicker.
  • He had his first experience sitting in a highchair and eating at a restaurant.  It was a very new experience for me.  I became one of those hectic moms who was trying to eat, feed him, keep his hands out of our plates and keep him entertained.  I don't foresee a warm meal for some time to come, but I'm already used to eating cold food since Tyler always wakes up right as I'm about to eat.
  • Our little Seven turned 7 months on Jan 23!


I'm pretty much in learning mode.  I'm discovering Tyler's likes and dislikes, which seems to change daily.  I've found that consistency can make or break whether he likes a certain food.  Purees thinned with water/milk go over much better than thicker purees.  I've found that sticking with the same food several times in a row goes over much better than constantly changing what I offer him.  I've found that temp really matters, cold or room temp and we can forget it.  Everything gets warmed.  I've found that he will open his mouth when holding anything near it, so when checking for fullness, I have to hold the spoon further away and see if he still opens his mouth.

He taste tests his food.  On his first bite, he just barely opens his mouth and takes an itty bitty bite, wrinkles his forehead and ponders for a moment.  If he likes it, he opens wide and yells for more.  If he doesn't like it, he takes one more small bite and then turns his head.

Thumbs Up This Week:
Butternut squash
Mixed green beans and butternut squash
Mixed green beans and carrots

Thumbs Down This Week:
Green beans
Mixed apples and bananas

It seems our guy is strongly preferring veggies over fruit.  I'm hoping his love for veggies sticks with him.

We tried letting him feed himself.  We had to get him a training spoon because he shoves the regular baby spoon down his throat and gags.  The training spoon has a guard on it preventing it from going in too far.

This is Tyler after Mama feeds him:

This is Tyler after feeding himself (very little actually made it to his mouth):

It's hilarious when he decides he's done eating.  He rips his bib off and slams it down.

This week in photos:

Obsessed with that remote!

Playing guitar

This week in videos:

Video:  Ever witness a guy having fun changing a diaper?
Watch this and then you have.

Video:  Chomps and Giggles

Mama Update:

AF arriving brought along a few good things after all.  I instantly lost 4 lbs, which leaves 7 lbs to go to get back to my pre-pg weight.  My hair finally stopped falling out!  Must have been hormonal.

Lastly, I turned 38 this week.


  1. Happy Birthday!!!
    Your videos made me giggle, Tyler's laughter is priceless :)

  2. Happy Birthday!! I can't believe he'a already seven months old!

  3. OHhhhhh the cold kids are 16 months and 4 years and I STILL eat cold food....always the last to eat:)

    When you talked about trying to eat in the restaurant while watching him, reminds me of when you were here and we met at Applebees before you were even pregnant and Brayden was all over the place while we were trying to eat (he obviously wasn't a baby though) and you were like "Oh my gosh"...LOL It's quite interesting going out to eat with little ones...we don't do it very often because it's more work than it's worth.....LOL

    Wow....Tyler's legs keep getting longer and little guy is all torso and short legs like his mama!

  4. Happy Birthday Jill!! Tyler is so handsome and his laugh is so cute!! Can you believe 7 months have passed already? It goes by too fast!!It feels like just yesterday I was checking your blog everyday to see if Tyler was born...and now he is all over the place growing every second!Thanks for the remote toy suggestion...Jake LOVES it. I also bought the keys and cell phone from One Step Ahead and both my two are crazy fro all 3 toys......a lifesaver for me at times, so thanks:)

  5. Hi Jill...I'm back to ask a question. I know your are a busy mommy but if you get a chance and have a tip I would love to hear your suggestions. I remember reading one of your posts back around week 23 or so when you started the Baby Wise methods and tried getting Ty into the cribs for all naps. Well, I am attempting to get my twins to nap in their cribs for all naps and it is not working out at all because they seem to think it is time to play whenever I put them in there!! Did Ty do that? I remember you saying he cried at first but was the crying immediate or did he "play" in there first? I removed all the toys and that hasn't helped either. I have been doing the same nap routine every day but as soon as I put them in the cribs they go nuts...not crying just super active. I get them all calm before by reading books and rocking them in the big chair etc.... as soon as I put them in their cribs they start flipping and rolling around like crazy!! They get up on all fours and crawl from one end of the crib to the next! I keep resettling them but they just start up again...this goes on for 20+ minutes and after that they are just so stimulated I can't get them to nap at all. So, just wondering if Ty did this before crying/settling or if this is unique to!! Any thoughts or suggestions?

  6. Hi Again.. OK in response to your comment on my blog:
    I would recommend the Laugh & Learn Basketball....Jake LOVES it!! He hasn't figured out how to "shoot" the balls into the hoop yet but he loves pulling on the basket and the hand to make it light up and he LOVES holding and tossing the ball. It is very cute and it keeps him entertained for a good amount of time when I am trying to get something done. I also agree with you about the keys...I only let them play with those if I am holding them with close supervision....keeps them occupied, but not the best design for babies. It is SO funny how we look at each other for toys etc...I LOVE your blog because you are about 6 weeks ahead of us in age, so I feel like you give me a heads up on everything to come. For example, I laughed out loud when I changed Jake's first "solid food" diaper because I thought of your comments from your first solid foods poop. Since Jake is a BF baby I have never seen or smelled a poop like that before....but I did get a heads up from you and your post, so at least I was expecting it!! I often think it would be so much fun if we lived closer since my Jake & Jess are so close in age to TY. We lived in Nashville for a while and I really do miss it. It is such a wonderful place to live and I would not hesitate to move back with the exception it is hard to be so far away from all my family. We lived in Brentwood,not far from the Target/Panera plaza. What area do you guys live in? If we ever make it back to Nashville for a visit, we will have to meet up!!

  7. I so love these Tyler updates! That is awesome that he loves his veggies - he will be such a healthy boy! Where did you get the onesies with the numbers on them?

  8. Hi Jill,

    Delurking here to wish you a happy belated birthday and many happy returns! Tyler is a wonderful baby. Motherhood agrees with you.




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