Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tyler: Week 32

January 26-February 1, 2011 (31w-31w6d old)

Tyler Update:
  • He's falling a lot from trying to pull himself up on everything.  We've had to resort to rocking him to sleep to keep him from hurting himself in his crib.
  • He grabs onto Kerry's leg hair and tries to pull himself up.  Kerry yells in pain.  I can't help but get a big kick out of it.  
  • He can now sit unassisted.  He loves sitting on his feet.

  • He started crawling!!!
Video:  Tyler's 1st time crawling

  • Dressing this kiddo is a challenge to say to least.  All he wants to do is flip over and crawl away.  Regular clothing (separate top and bottom) have become a must.  The less snaps and zippers the better.
  • We had to put a bed rail on our bed to protect him when he sleeps with us.  He wakes up and  climbs all over us.

  • He loves clasping his hands together.

  • He had his first bath in the real tub.

  • He's cutting his first tooth on the bottom!  He's more fussy and not sleeping as well, but no fever or drooling.  He bit my nipple once with that new tooth and it wasn't too pleasant.
  • His hair is growing in fast, but still a long ways to go.  There's actually enough hair now to stick up and have bed head.  Doesn't he look like a cabbage patch doll in this pic?

  • I got him his own straw sippy cup so he would leave my water bottle alone.  I really thought he would just chew on it, but the little guy knows how to drink from it like a pro!

  • He's obsessed with necklaces, clothes hangers, cords (electrical cords, tubing on my breast pump) and anything electronic.
  • We're experiencing a new kind of diaper leak.  Up until now, if we had any leaks, it was always out the top of the diaper.  Now it's out the legs from being more physically active.  Cloth diapers with leg gussets are a favorite now.
  • Fully clothed, he weighs about 18 lbs.


We introduced avocado straight out of the skin and he loved it!  I kept having to get up and slice more because he just couldn't get enough of it.  Makes for a very fast and easy feeding session as there's not much prep.  I think I fed him too much though, I swear he was broader, chubbier and heavier due to the high fat content.  By the end of the week he was pooping guacamole.

We introduced peaches and it was a no go, but it was out of a jar, so will try again with fresh fruit.

I bought some store baby food just for the jars for food storage.  I didn't want to waste the food, so I went ahead and attempted to give it to him.  He wanted nothing to do with that processed jar food.  I then made him some homemade mixed green beans/carrots/butternut squash and he went nuts over it.  I tasted the jar food and I'd have to agree, it's pretty nasty.

Kerry hadn't changed a diaper in awhile so he got quite the surprise when he pulled the diaper off and a ball of poo rolled off, hit the floor and made a thud noise.  He then completely caught me off guard with what he said next; "Ya know, with the way you feed him, I bet there's more nutrition in his poop than in that McDonald's burger I just ate".  LOL

This week in photos:

This is Tyler's deep concentration look

Gum brushing time

I love watching him sleep!

Happy baby

This week in video:

Video:  Tyler Push Ups
(Tyler says "All Right!" at the end!)


  1. Holy Cow Girlfriend.....Tyler weighs exactly what Cameron weighs at almost 17 months!

    Looks like he loves his tubby time like my little guys!

    We have that same exact bed rail....I leave it at my mom's for when he sleeps with me there.

    Is he sleeping in his own crib all night now?

    Love that he's finally getting some hair:) He's got the cutest smile!

  2. Hahaha, I hope Kerry didn't actually proceed to do a taste test :)
    I love cabbage patch kids and yes, Tyler looks just like one!!

  3. He is soooo big - I know I say it every time I comment but really, he is! I love the bath photos, so cute!

  4. Helloooooooo! What a cutie/sweetie pie! His smile is so sweet! Your Mom is right about him having a million cute expressions! He has become our Monday night conversation piece and I love hearing your Mom goo-ga-ga over her grand-baby...he completes her! lol Take care and be well! Love ya!

  5. Awww, what a big boy you've got crawling all over the place!!! Love the pics and video-- he really is photogenic! Can't wait to see pics of that tooth popping through... That will change his look a lot!

    Good to hear you're doing well-- Colton was watching and waving at the screen. Skype date soon!? I added you to my skype contacts. :0)

    The Other Jill

  6. He does look like a Cabbage Patch Doll in that--that takes me back :)

  7. So sorry, but I have ANOTHER question for you...lol!!! The bed rails I ordered for our King size bed arrived today and they will not work...they are not tall enough to even block them from falling...I guess because they are really made for a toddler bed I should have figured. Do you have a King or Queen sized bed/mattress? What bed rail did you buy? It looks like it is very tall which is hat I am looking for...... let me know where you got it when you get a chance. Thanks:)


Thank you for your comment! Hugs, Kerry and Jill