Monday, December 27, 2010

Tyler: Week 24

December 1-December 7, 2010 (23w-23w6d old)

Tyler Update:
  • He poops and pees in his potty chair.  It's really quite impressive.  We just sit him on it and tell him to go potty and if he has to go, he goes.  Amazingly he's very patient and will sit there until he goes.  I try to give him several potty-tunities a day.
  • He likes to pick up and drop his toys over and over again while he sits on the potty.
  • For a little guy that can't sit or crawl yet, he sure can get around.  He is all over his crib.  He rolls, inch worms and climbs the slats sideways as if they were a ladder.
  • He started rocking side to side in his exersaucer.  I say "Rock it Tyler, Rock it!" and he goes crazy rocking side to side.  It's so funny.
  • People seem surprised when they ask his age and hear how young he is.  They respond with wow, he's big!  It must be his long torso plus a cloth diaper.
  • I started softly rubbing his face and saying "gentle" whenever he gets unintentionally aggressive with hands, ie pulling hair or scratching my face.  He seems to understand as he softens his touch.
  • He's getting really good at turning the pages to his books.  He seems to understand "Tyler, turn the page".
Video:  Tyler turning pages

Video:  Tyler can read!

Show and Tell:

Daddy surprised Tyler with a visit at lunch time.  Tyler lights up when he sees his Daddy.

Kerry loves palming him in the air.  Tyler is 8 ft up when Kerry stands.  I got a feeling this kid will not have to deal with fear of heights.

This is what I found when I came out of the bedroom, Kerry in the Nap Nanny watching football!

Our little newsboy:

He cracks us up with his squat stance.

Video:  Dancing Baby

Video:  Daddy's kisses are funny

Mama Update:
  • I think I've hit an all new sleep deprivation stage.  It's not surprising, I've been getting up 2-3 times in the middle of the night, every night, for almost 6 months straight now.  The most sleep I've had in one stretch has been 5 hours and that doesn't happen very often.  I'm not complaining because this little guy is worth every second of it, what I am saying is that my brain just doesn't function very well these days.  I struggle to finish my sentences and if someone asks me how yesterday went, I sit there looking dumbfounded and say, I don't know, what was yesterday?
  • My hair loss has slowed down a little.  It probably would slow down even more if Tyler would quit yanking it out. 
  • I was able to freeze my first bag of breast milk this week!  I actually froze 3 bags.  This was a huge milestone for a low supply BFing mama.  I must have opened the freezer door 20x, looked at that bag and smiled.  I know, I'm crazy, but it was such a huge accomplishment.  I contribute this to Ty's new routine as I'm now nursing 8 times a day instead of 13.


  1. I know everyone keeps telling you this but he is getting so big and yes he does look older than he is...I think it's because he's bald and has a long torso. Bald babies always tend to look older, I think. He's soooo precious and so cute though!

    It's amazing how hard sleep deprivation is on your body. I got spoiled with Cameron because he was sleeping 12 hrs. a night by 9 weeks old BUT then teething hit and I've had zilch sleep for the past 6 weeks now. Every baby is sooo different and Brayden just breezed through teething with no complaints...but then again he never slept through the night until he was TWO! My muscles burn so bad and I can't put my thoughts together and my arms & legs feel like spaghetti.

  2. Wow! Your little guy is doing so much! So exciting to watch his progress and get a foretaste of what is to come at our house. :0)

    I love the videos. I wish it didn't take so long to upload them! You must have a lot of patience with your blog!

    Perhaps since you've had some luck with getting breastmilk frozen, maybe you can get a night's rest with Daddy or some kind soul pinch hitting for you! I got one 5.5 hour stretch last night and it was wonderful!! You NEED more sleep darlin'!!! At least one night would do wonders for you. ;0)

    Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy the NY celebrations with little man (and tall dude).
    Love ya!

    The Other Jill

  3. JIll, you are so lucky Ty hasn't been sick yet!! It is the worst because they are just so miserabl and they can't sleep or eat. Hopefully you can get through the season without a cold! Jake is a chunkster......people always think he is at least 6-7 months old. I just want to sqeeze him all the time. It is so funny how he and his sister have such totally different body types! Anyway, I love the picture of Ty with Santa! That is the one thing I wanted to do with the twins but never got around to. Did Ty like Santa? Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


Thank you for your comment! Hugs, Kerry and Jill