Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tyler: Week 14 (3 Months Old)

September 22-September 28, 2010 (13w-13w6d old)

Tyler Update:

He turned 3 months old on Sept 23.

He has really long eye lashes and they are starting to darken a little bit.

His strawberry blonde hair is slowly falling out and blonde peach fuzz is coming in.

His hands are starting to grasp objects.

He paws and marches his hands while breastfeeding, just like a kitten.

He loves to hold his hands in the "got your nose" fist.  He's been doing this since birth, but this is the first time I've gotten it on camera.

We haven't seen much of his cute little face this week as he constantly has both fists in his mouth, going to town on them like they're going out of style.

He sleeps in his crib between 2 middle of the night feedings just to keep him used to it.

He sat with us in church and we're sad it will probably be the last.  He kept cooing really loud, which was incredibly cute, but not the time or place.  Then he farted really loud as we sunk down into our seats hoping no one thought it was one of us.  Time to put him in the nursery.

I took him for a walk in our Beco Butterfly II carrier for the 1st time.  He loves outside and enjoys looking around.  He was sound asleep by time we returned.  This carrier is a little too big for him at this time.  The crotch is really wide and his legs just don't want to spread that far yet.

He discovered TV this week.  We really don't want him watching it much.  We put his back towards it, but he craned his neck to watch.

He loves naked time and talks up a storm.

Video:  Tyler Talking

He's growing out of his clothes at lightening speed, especially in length.

His thighs are starting to get chunky.

Show and Tell:

A visit from big brother:

Video:  Daddy making Tyler laugh 

Tyler in the big boy chair:

Bath time:

A bunch of funny faces:

Mama Update:

My hair is still falling out like crazy.  I'm seriously considering getting a shorter style.

I had my annual physical.  My pap came back normal, yeah!  I told the midwife about leaking urine while walking.  She said it's normal to leak while laughing, coughing or sneezing after birth, but leaking just from walking is not normal.  She took a good look and found that my bladder was moderately bulging into the vaginal wall.  She wants me to do kegels like crazy for a month and then let her know if that improves the situation.  If not, she wants to send me to a specialist for more invasive testing and possibly surgery.  Ugh!!!!  Ladies, I'm going to say it again, do your kegels!!!!


  1. What cute pics as always:)

    You're not alone in the hair loss thing....I know tons of ladies that got their hair chopped off (including myself) once the shedding really helped me. Yes, there was still shedding but it was MUCH shorter pieces and less of a mess.

    Hope the bladder thing resolves itself:)

  2. It's always fun seeing the pics and videos...he's VERY talk-a-tive and baby giggles are the best, aren't they? He is growing like a weed, but he still is so little! His faces are so funny too-maybe he'll be a clown when he grows up(like Daddy-lol)! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful, kegely day! Love Aunt Kook

  3. Hi... I got on my computer just to see your blog...cry, for some reason, I don't have any sound!!! Grammy is so disappointed and will have to wait til she goes home this weekend to listen.
    I am having Tyler withdrawl big time.

    I love the pictures though... Yes, he has been doing the thumb between two fingers since birth!!! LOL Wow he really looks little in the chair!!!

    Kegel away and I hope it works!!!

    I find it amazing that Tyler can practically put his whole fist in his little mouth!!!

    Love you all as big as the sky!!!

    Love you!!!

  4. I LOVE all his funny faces! And his cheeks are looking chunkier, too. It's funny how different he sounds than Charlotte. I used to think all babies sounded pretty much the same, but apparently not! By the way, I think you have a really pretty home. I love those orange throw pillows!

  5. Your post is inspiring me to do my Kegels right now!

  6. He's getting so big! How are you doing - are you back at work? How is that going?

    I am kegeling as I type this - you put the fear of leaky bladders in me!


Thank you for your comment! Hugs, Kerry and Jill