Monday, October 11, 2010

Tyler: Week 13

September 15-September 21, 2010 (12w-12w6d old)


After reading a suggestion from a BFing book, I've been trying out feeding on demand around the clock, when possible.  I let him nurse anytime he wants whether it's a meal, a snack or just for comfort.  When he gets fussy I offer him the breast right away, even if he just nursed 15 mins ago, instead of trying everything else first.  This has saved a lot of time as this is what he usually wants and gets in the end anyway.

As an adult who can feed herself, if I'm hungry or thirsty, I meet that need.  Tyler relies on me to meet that need for him, so who am I to deny him because it's not time?  I'm not forced to eat or take a drink of water on a schedule, so why should he?  This has resulted in him nursing 9-11 times a day, with an average of 15 mins a session.  He's a very happy boy with this arrangement and when baby's happy, mama's happy.  I thought this would be exhausting, but I've found extra offerings is much less exhausting than calming a fussy baby.  Some may think this is spoiling him, but I just see it as meeting his needs, physically and emotionally.

If this method continues to go well, I can stop stressing myself out about getting him on a schedule and worry about that when we get to solids.  For now I just want to enjoy a happy baby and not watch the clock.

I read that letting the jugs get full slows down production as the body starts to think it's producing more than needed.  So this on demand should help with supply.

I still haven't figured this out, but half the time he latches perfectly, the milk flows like crazy and makes for a very happy baby.  Then the next time he will only latch onto the nipple which is painful, unproductive and makes for a screaming baby.  If he knows how to latch correctly, why doesn't he just do it that way every time?  I don't get it!

By the end of the week, my supply seemed to recover more quickly.  Instead of taking 3 hrs to refill, it now takes about an hour.  Righty has even started leaking if I go past 2 hrs.


I tried a new type of diaper, a fitted diaper, by Kiwi Pie.  These are basically a cloth diaper that doesn't require folding or pinning, but does require a cover.   They are super cute and soft, but since they require a cover, I don't see them being my go-to dipe.

He outgrew the BumGenius AIOs size small, even though they're supposed to last till 16 lbs.  He's now in the mediums.  They're a little big on him but will hopefully last him longer than the smalls.

Tyler Update:

This little man l-o-v-e-s his daddy!  He grins ear to ear and starts talking up a storm when his daddy comes home.

Video:  Daddy and Tyler dancing

He started giggling this week.  He chuckles and goes high pitched while sucking in air.  I could listen to this 24/7!

Video:  Tyler's 1st giggle

His coos are getting louder and are so stinkin' cute!

He smiled at his Grammy for the first time.  I've never seen my mom more happy.

He loves it when we swing him through the air.

He loves seeing himself in the mirror.

He likes to look at the floor.  I have no idea why.  We'll try to get his attention but the floor is more interesting.

He's starting to show desire to sit up.  He crunches his abs, lifts his neck and thrusts forward when we have him reclined.  He'll sit up with assistance.  I just let him hold onto my fingers and say "sit up".  He lifts his head and legs and pulls.  Once up, he holds onto my fingers and wobbles back and forth.  He thinks it's the greatest thing ever and talks up a storm.

Video:  Tyler sitting up with assistance

He started drooling big time!  He can soak the entire front of his onsie.

He displayed his fussiness for the first time in public.  We went for frozen yogurt and had to leave early.

He's definitely able to use his hands better these days.  There was a paci sitting beside him and all of a sudden I heard a sucking noise.  I turned around and he had the paci in his mouth.  I was shocked!

While breastfeeding, he grabbed onto my nose and just held it the entire time.  Wish I had a picture of that!

He's getting so big and is growing at lightening speed.  People are commenting on how they can't believe how big he's getting.

He weighs 11lb13oz.  He's gaining about a 1/2 lb a week.  I don't know how accurate I measured, but his length is 24.5" and his head circumference is 15.75".

Show and Tell:

We had our monthly visit with our childbirth class friends.  Tyler and Toby were so fascinated with each other.  They sat and starred and smiled at each other forever.  It was so cute!

Video:  Toby and Tyler

Tarryn and Savannah visited.  We had a funny moment.  Tarryn went to put something in the fridge and saw my breastmilk supply in there.  She asked if we would use all that milk before it went bad and I replied with "oh yeah, Kerry drinks tons of it".  I thought she was referring to the three 1/2 gallons of regular milk that was also in the fridge.  What she must of been thinking!

Video:  Tyler and Savannah

Random pics of Ty:

Our walk in the park:

My mom's new credit card she had made (this is a draft picture, so the number isn't real):

Mama Update:

I'm starting to lose tons of hair, especially in the shower.  I've read this is normal after pregnancy and you're really not losing more hair, you're just shedding the excess hair that pregnancy hormones caused you to not shed.  I'm glad I read that or I'd be panicking thinking I'm going bald!


  1. What a cutie! (I'm losing my hair too....just got a ton cut off because I was tired of finding loooooong pieces).

  2. He is such a cutie! I am so glad that breastfeeding is going well again! I don't think it is spoiling him at all...I literally thought that is what you were supposed to do (especially with a breastfed baby) so maybe that is why I never had bfing problems? I was on demand all the time and so it was super enjoyable for both of us. To be honest, Teagan is now bottle fed and eats solids and I only have her on a schedule for the solids..but I think she figured out her own schedule for bottle feeding and it is working for us. I can't help but think that if I am hungry, I eat, you know? Plus, it is supposed to be better for your baby's overall eating well-being because they learn to only eat when hungry and only eat as much as necessary so it is better in terms of not encouraging I'm so happy it worked for you!

    I just recently started losing hair (probably when we hit the 6 month mark) but I think that was related to thyroid function, unfortunately! Oh'll level out!

  3. Tyler is so cute! What a happy, giggly boy! And he's very talk-a-tive and so socialable! I think I heard him say, "Agoo", Agoo! (Like mother, like son!) I think that was your first word spoken or at least your favorite word! As I was looking at the pictures I thought that he's was growing like a weed, until I reached the pic of Ty sitting on Daddy's shoulders while taking a walk...he looked like a newborn again! He's very adorable just like Gammy tells me all the time! :)

  4. Such a beautiful family! I love the pics!

  5. I never could understand why mom's felt the need to try & force a schedule on a young just causes too much stress most of the time. They definitely will set their own and that's what you should do, let them set their own. Both my boys set their own early on and it's obviously changes some but they stick to it now.

    Adorable pics as the pics in the park.

    I see you're still buying cloth....LOL

    Isn't it so fun when they can actually start to interact with you. That first 3 months is soooo hard because all they do is eat, sleep & poop! The fun is just beginning girlfriend....just wait!

  6. Growing by leaps and bounds! I'm sure it's exciting to see the new discoveries he makes every day. :0)

    Love the pics and videos!! Such a happy lil' family.

    The Other Jill

  7. Awesome update - he's growing so fast and is such a cutie pie!

    I can't tell if the credit card above is real or not but you may want to black out the number if it is a real one!

  8. What a cutie! Sounds like your supply is doing great. Wish mine had been as good...

  9. Kayjay - that's just a draft picture of the card she was having made, it's a fake number. =)


Thank you for your comment! Hugs, Kerry and Jill