Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tyler: Week 3

July 7-July 13, 2010 (2w-2w6d days old)


Same as week 2... nipple shield, pumping and storing/supplementing.

Tyler Update:

Tyler got his first taste of a paci this week.  We caved when he became inconsolable one night.  We use it very sparingly as to not add to more nipple confusion.  He loves it.

Tyler lets out a loud, high-pitched yelp when he yawns.  The first couple of times it scared us to death, but now it cracks us up.

Tyler's blue eyes are brighter and his eye lashes are coming in.  He's starting to make eye contact.

We've tried multiple times over multiple days to get Tyler's hand prints and it has been impossible.  He clenches his fists so tight we feel like we'd break his fingers if we pried them open.  We've even tried when he's sound asleep.

Tyler's legs go crazy when I change his diapers.  They kick all over the place and make diaper time a little challenging.

Tyler provides a warning before the alarm sounds.  He starts breathing really fast and loud.  Once this starts, we have about 10 seconds to soothe him.

Tyler is a really good baby and usually only gets upset if he's hungry or cold.

Gpa and Gma's Visit:

Bye bye Gpa and Gma!  Thanks for all your help!  Tyler misses you!!!

Show and Tell:

Sibling rivalry... Homey says move over Burrito!  Yo quiero mi papa!

Daddy's thumb and Tyler's foot

Mommy and Tyler zonked out

Tyler with G-momma, G-daddy and Great G-momma

The oldest and the youngest of the family

Tyler with Kerry at 3.5 months
I'll have to take this picture again when Tyler is 3.5 months.

Mama Update:

I forgot to weigh myself this week, but I'm pretty sure I didn't lose any additional baby weight.  Seems the rapid weight loss has come to a halt.  I think it's due to the exhaustion which leads me to eat crapola as I'm too tired to fix myself something healthy.  I miss my hubby being home, he fixed me a plate of fruit in the morning, kept my water bottle full and made sure I had a healthy lunch and dinner.  I have got to find time to take better care of myself!  I'm so consumed with making sure all Tyler's needs are met that I forget about my own.

Things are healing nicely "down there".  I'm shocked, it really does go back to normal!  Got a ways to go, but it's going in the right direction. 

I've got a new nickname... Boob!  It's hard for me to get quality cuddle time with Tyler because every time I try and hold him, his mouth opens wide and heads for the boob.  I then only have a matter of mins before the hysteria starts if I don't whip it out.  I'm no longer mommy, I'm Boob!


  1. Cute photos and it's always nice when the grandparents come to help out a bit. After they leave, they are missed a lot :(

  2. Lol, you are the food cart...or cow...basically, baby sees you and thinks "yay! food!". It always cracked me up. Of course, now that I am trying to wean, it just makes me cry (it happens rarely but when it does it reminds me what I am missing). I used to have to hand Teagan off to Brett for cuddling b/c she would want cuddles AND food from me even if she just ate and my nips were too sore!!!!

    He is so handsome. He is going to look just like Kerry's baby pic when he plumps up at 3-4 months. All of a sudden, you look at them and think Gerber baby!!!! (and then you go, OMG, he/she is a little PERSON!). I am so happy things are going well.

  3. Sounds like things are going well...he sure is a cutie...very sweet!

    You have to "try" hard to take care of yourself and eat well because with all the sleep deprivation, your immunity is WAY down and you can get sick very easily. I STILL have a hard time remembering to eat sometimes now that I have two kiddos. It's definitely a full-time job.

    It is amazing the lady bits really do go back to normal. Of course, I haven't asked someone who's had 10 kids....LOL

    Way to go on the breastfeeding....I never did figure out the whole nipple shield thing...he never seemed to be getting anything through it and it would always slip off my boob, etc....glad you could figure it out:)

    How many hour stretches is he giving you of sleep at night?

  4. Can't wait to see you "Boob" oh I mean Sis. LOL

    We're really working on driving up next Friday so I can meet Seven on the 7th.

    Please take care of yourself too
    The pic of Gramdmomma and Tyler is priceless.
    Love you


  5. Hey Boob-- I mean Momma! Sounds like you are getting the hang of all of this... Kudos to you! BUT, you MUST take care of yourself, darling! I'm sure it's hard and I'll be doing the same thing in a few months... :0)

    Your little man is just adorable! He really looks like Kerry-- that pic comparison seals the deal. He's just a doll... and still so tiny!

    Love reading the updates. SO glad you are continuing to breastfeed-- hopefully he will get the hang of it soon and you won't feel so much pain!! Keep on keeping on!

    Love ya,
    The Other Jill

  6. Hey, Boob. Tee hee. I guess that's what I have to look forward to....

    I think Tyler looks more like adult Kerry than Kerry at 3.5 months did! I guess that's because he's still skinny, like adult Kerry, whereas Kerry at 3.5 months had those plump little cheeks!

  7. What a cutie! Glad things are going well.

  8. We worried tons about nipple confusion as my girls were bottled and also were given pacifiers in the NICU but I am happy to report that at almost 6 months, they have already quit using their pacifiers and they are among the only two kids I know of that will both bottle and breast feed with no issues. It will allow you more freedom on the future to get out for one evening and miss a feed so hang in there! You sound like you're doing really well though and I'm glad all of your lady bits are getting back to normal. I remember doing sitz baths all the time and wondering if things would ever be normal again down there and one day, it was!

  9. Haaaaaaaaaaaa! The boob. I love it. Very funny stuff. I am so happy Tyler is doing so very well. You captured some adorable pics. And grandpa without a shirt bonding with baby is priceless. :-)

    It is nice to know you can heal so fast after delivery. Might not feel 'so fast' to you though, right?



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