Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tyler: Week 2

June 30-July 6, 2010 (1w-1w6d old)


Nothing really new to report this week.  I'm still using the nipple shield at every feeding.  Tyler is still gnawing away at my nipple, but that's ok, as long as he's getting milk.  I'm pumping and storing and supplementing with a bottle when needed.

Well Visit:

Tyler was circumcised at 7 days old in room #7.  He did really well.  This was a lot harder on mama than it was on Tyler.  I didn't think I would be able to stay in the room and watch, but I made it.  It really wasn't that bad and Tyler didn't feel a thing as they numbed him up thoroughly.  Glad that is over with!

Weight: 6 lbs 10 oz - 11th %tile.

Tyler Update:

Tyler lost his umbilical cord stump at 11 days old.  Yeah, now we can give him a real bath!

Tyler had his 1st bath at 11 days old.  OMGosh did this little guy love it!  He just lounged away and let us poor warm water over him.  I think we made him a little too relaxed as he pooped all over his towel shortly afterwards.

Show and Tell:

Tyler and Daddy

Tyler checking out his crib, he loved it!

Big yawn

Tyler's 1st Bath

Busted out of his PJs

El Burrito

Tyler and Grammy

Tyler and Grampy

Tyler and Gpa

Tyler and Gma

Video: Daddy being goofy

Mama Update:

Down an additional 4.5 lbs for a total loss of 28.5 lbs, 8 lbs to go.  My stomach is getting smaller with just a small pooch left.  You can still see a light brown line down the middle.  No stretch marks but my belly button took a beating, it's now wide open, more of a belly cave than button.

I'd been experiencing some pretty serious burning pain "down there" for several days.  Kerry and I got out a mirror and bright light and took a look.  We found a pretty significant tear in my labia that they missed. I went to see the midwife and she said it definitely should have been stitched up, but there was nothing we could do now because it had been past 48 hrs and there is no longer blood supply to the area that would allow suturing.  It will eventually heal, but for now, ouch ouch ouch!  That's 2 tears, one on each labia... who tears there?  Since the perineum massage saved my perineum, I wonder if there is a labia massage out there???


  1. Labial tears aren't that uncommon - I had one too. Sitch drove me nuts after the first couple weeksm since it just rubbed on the other side. So jealous of your weight loss! And that you can pump and store milk. I never had enough for that.

  2. I had 2 small very very slight at the perineum and one little one on the labia that the doctor labelled a "skid mark" thinking that teagan scratched me on her way out. Maybe that is what happens with labial tears?

    Oh and not to scare you, 5+ months in and I still have a little linea negra. NOT CUTE. I think after i am done having kids entirely, I will get it bleached at the dermatologist, lol. Brett says he doesn't care about it but it is freaky to me!

  3. You sound exactly like me as far as the nipple shield, attempt at feeding, pumping, etc....I never built up enough of a supply to freeze with Cameron...I just pumped enough for the next couple of feedings and he ate it all. I actually had tons of milk this time around (unlike with Brayden) but because of the pumping and lack of him getting enough out at each feeding, my supply quickly dwindled and none of the herbs I tried helped so I only made it two months with the pumping and then I decided to quit beating myself up and I stopped all of that and moved onto formula. It was sooooo physically and mentally draining trying to keep up the pumping and trying to chase after a toddler this time around:( I also got WAY too exhausted to pump in the middle of the night because I needed sleep so bad and that didn't help either. It seemed that when he would finally go back to sleep, it was time for me to pump and when I got done, he was up again, etc.

    Good job on the weight loss. From what I hear women lose weight quickly while breastfeeding/pumping. I lost some even though I didn't gain any during my pregnancies.

    I can soooo relate to the caved in belly button. All too common...I think it tends to stay that way...mine was bad after Brayden and even worse after Cameron now that I have more belly fat hanging around this time around.

    OUCH on the missed the heck did they miss that? It seems like it would have been bleeding at the time??? Hope it heals quickly! I have never hear of a labia tear...mine were all on the inside (muscles and everything).

    I LOVE the pics of Kerry and we need some like that of you and Tyler!

  4. Tyler is just so cute! And I love your modest bathing picture with the strategically place washcloth! :)

    And ack! Labia tear? I'm not sure I want to know these things...eeek!

  5. I love the goofy video! Too funny! Sorry about the tear. I tore slightly with both of mine. I could just sit there and watch all the videos and look at the pictures all day! He is such a cutie!!!!

  6. Tyler looks EXACTLY like Kerry! So cute!
    And I am laughing imagining the hits your blog might just get by putting the term 'labia massage' in your post. Ha ha, someone's going to get a surprise!

  7. He's so adorable! And he does look JUST like Kerry. Sorry about the missed tear! Ouch! I hope that gets better soon. And that breastfeeding gets better. Good for you for having such a good attitude about all the pumping and gnawing and so forth. I'm sure he'll get the hang of it!

  8. The pic of him in the bath is completely adorable!

  9. He is just precious!! Love the pics. I can't believe how long he looks-- especially in the bath tub. :0) Just like Daddy.

    Hoping you're getting some good rest and that the feedings continue to get better. Your poor nips! Yikes! Just another week or so and you'll be headed back for your 6 week check up! Amazing how fast the time flies.

    The Other Jill

  10. Tyler looks just like Kerry! He is totally adorable too and soo tiny!

    Ouch on the labia tear! Do you have a squirt bottle? I was given one post birth and even though the peeing stung, squirting with water while you pee will get rid of the acid so it doesn't sting as much on the open wound.

    You are one brave Mama to watch the circumcision! My sister said that she burst into tears the second they got out the syringe to do the freezing on her little boy and she had to be led away by the nurse. I am so glad I didn't have to do anything like that with my two girls!


Thank you for your comment! Hugs, Kerry and Jill