Wednesday, February 3, 2010

20 Weeks

Half way there, I can not even believe it!  I didn't even realize I was out of the 4th month and now I'm already half way through the 5th.

It was a rare week here in TN. We were snowed in for 3 days. (Mom#2, Dad, Aunt Carol... did you send us this weather?) Since we don't get much snow here, they don't plow or salt residential areas. We live on top of a hill and there were only two ways out...

1. Down a steep hill of ice (straight ahead)

2. Down a steep hill of ice

Our entire neighborhood turned into a sledding park, which Kerry happily took part in. I on the other hand was stuck just watching, but I definitely can't complain on the why.

While snowed in, we ordered our nursery furniture by phone.  We went with a convertible crib that transforms from crib to toddler bed to day bed to full size bed.  Our hope is that this furniture lasts 18 yrs. 

Here's the crib:

The flutters I've been feeling are definitely the baby moving, though still quite subtle.  He has developed a pattern.  I really don't feel much during the day, but within 10 mins of laying down for bed, he wakes up and starts running a marathon.  I believe we have a night owl on our hands!

Baby is the size of a cantaloupe this week.  My belly size concurs with this.

A little rounder!

Oh boy!

Whoa mama!

Holy Cow!

A comparison:

Kerry notified me today that my "milk jugs" are getting bigger.  I figured so as I'm growing out of all my bras. Some day I'll break down and buy a few new ones, but for now, I'm finding free-style to be quite comfortable and a lot cheaper. I think I got this trait from my mom. Anytime I tell her we're coming over, she always asks if she has to put on a bra, lol!


  1. Love the crib and the baby belly!! :0) So excited that you're feeling movement. That is one of the best parts of being pregnant. Soon you'll be able to watch little elbows move around and kicks so strong that you'll be able to see them.

  2. LOVE the crib!! We bought that type too. But... we already gave the crib to a relative in need, we weren't ready for her to be in a tall full size bed so we have her in a very low to the floor twin. I'm sure I'll be upset about giving that away someday!!
    WOW is right on the belly! You have popped!! Give that belly lots of rubs!

  3. Those streets look crazy slick! Did you see anyone attempting them?

    Love the convertible crib idea. I hope you get 18 years out of it too!

    Adorable bump and love the full 90 degree profile. (-;

    Congrats on hitting halfway!

  4. Super adorable!
    Sorry about the snow, we live in really hilly areas but we never get that much ice/snow. I think it would be fun to get 'snowed in' for three days--ahhhh, a break from real life :)

  5. Wow.....that's quite a lot of ice....I didn't know it snowed in TN....we don't really get snow down here...thank GOD!

    That bump is definitely bigger than last week....woohoo!! You got the "double" bump going on!!

    Awesome about feeling the baby regularly now....babies do most of their movement in the evening/night....your movement during the day lulls them to sleep and then when you are quite & still, they wake up.....just wait until you are sleeping in bed on your side when the baby gets bigger and you can see a foot kicking & pushing out through your's awesome!!!

    Congrats on ordering your furniture....we have the convertible crib too, although we have never converted it past the crib stage:0(

    Can't wait to see that bump grow next week!!!

    love ya!

  6. Wow - that's a lot of snow! You look fantastic in the pictures and it seems that your lucky number 7 is growing beautifully.

  7. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  8. I saw the weather down there and was wondering how you guys were doing!!! 20 weeks!!! That is incredible! It seems to go so slowly and then just picks up speed and races ahead!

    I think I have the same crib...or almost the exact one. We didn't want a convertible one but that one got great reviews and was so nice and sturdy that we had to do it. I love it. You look great!!!

  9. Nice belly! Seven's definitely growing. I don't have big boobs, but have made an effort to wear a bra most days because I'm hoping the extra support will help keep the ligaments in the breast tissue from stretching out, leaving me sagging after BF is done.

  10. What a belly! And you can really see the curve in your back starting - that's no beer gut anymore!

  11. Hey Mama! Looking good!! You are definitely looking pregnant mistaking that for a beer belly! What a beautiful crib too and I hope you get 18 years out of it for little Seven. Any progress on the name? If you don't want to go out and buy new bras, what I found was that for a while, I got a few more weeks wear out of my non-pregnancy bras by buying extenders...they give you about 4 rows of extra hooks that expands the circumference of your normal bra and they were pretty cheap - pack of 2 was just $4.50. Of course, if you're more comfortable without a bra than by all means :). I found that with bigger "milk jugs", my nipples got a lot bigger too so without a bra, it looked like I was high beaming everyone.

  12. Such a CUTE BELLY!!! Glad you are feeling those sweet little flutters - aren't they fun?!

  13. We were right there with you on the snow and ice! Unfortunately, even though they don't plow the streets well, I still had to get out and go to work! Thank heavens for 4WD!! Glad you are safe and sound.

    I LOVE the crib/convertible bed you decided on!!! I'm so thankful that they came up with such an idea, instead of us having to purchase new furniture every couple of years... They just charge more now to compensate, right?! :0)

    Your belly looks AWESOME!!! And I can tell your milk jugs have filled out, too! lol. Your comparison pics are great. Totally cute bump.

    Keep us posted on Seven's movements... can't wait til Kerry can feel him too! Share in the fun!

    Love ya!
    The Other Jill

  14. You are right, my first comment isn't here...hmmmm...think it went something like this...

    I love the baby belly!!! So happy to hear all is moving along nicely...half way already?! I too like the crib...did I miss a post about names or are you both still working on that?...tough job...especially for a boy I thought. :) And my bra tip, when I needed new ones during pg I went ahead and got nursing ones...Smiles, Heidi

  15. Hi Jill & Kerry...

    I missed a couple of your blogs, but I'm back!!!!!
    That's some baby bump you've acquired...good job! And aren't little flutters exciting? It's about time! Your Mom told me he opened his mouth and took a drink right before your that not the most amazing thing?

    I did push the snow east, but only as far as must be your Dad and Patty's fault-lol! What a mess! We have more snow on the way tonight, but only 2"-no big deal here, but then again, we own numerous snow shovels! The rule of thumb here is one snow shovel per family member! I still can't wait for Spring (I bet you can't either, but for an obvious different reason)! Well take care and be well...see you at the next blog!

    Love always and a baby bump-Aunt Carol xoxoxoxoxo

  16. HI Jill...
    Dinner was good tonight...hope you liked your birthday gifts.
    I loved your tummy btw... and most of all I love what is in your tummy!!!
    The baby crib is so nice! I love the espresso color!
    Aren't you glad that our house is a brafree zone? I hate them, so it must run in the family!!!
    I love you as big as the sky.
    PS I am going to push that snow back to least they have snow plows.

  17. Hey, Jill! Congrats on 20 weeks! Very exciting. The belly and the crib are both beautiful! I can't believe you can go freestyle, though. I SLEEP in bras (not underwire, though) because I find it so uncomfortable to leave them hanging. And I do not have big boobs. Well, I didn't used to, anyway. I'm loving THAT effect of pregnancy! :-)

  18. looking good! doesnt time just fly?? half way there... yippee!! love the crib, ours are similiar. Happy Friday

  19. Everything looks great!
    Wish I could have been there just long ebough to sled with Kerry.
    Love the crib, made it to Kona last night just fine. Will be on the lookout for some cute Hawaiian things for you.

    Love ya

  20. I will see your Vivelle patch residue and raise you one! LOL

    I can't even remember the last time I went sledding... so fun!!!

  21. You are so hysterical!!! Free-style all the way, Mama!! Had to change my pants on that one! Love the crib. I'm shoppin' for air fare!! Love you so much, Mom#2. p.s. Dad says you used to have a belly when you were a little one but nothing like this!

  22. You look adorable! Love the new belly pic:)


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