Wednesday, February 10, 2010

21 Weeks

We had an u/s a couple of days ago at 20w5d. This was to check my cervix one last time. All was good, cervix is holding up well and there was no funneling. My ob/gyn said that I'm now out of the incompetent cervix risk phase and believes that I no longer need cervix checks.

Here's all my measurements:

6w1d: 30mm
7w6d: 31mm
11w6d: 35mm
15w6d: 33mm
18w6d: 43mm (measured trans-ab, all others trans-vag)
20w5d: 34mm

I think 40mm is normal, but anything above 25mm is good. Considering I've had part of my cervix removed, I wouldn't expect my normal to be 40mm. The good news here is that the length is pretty consistent and not shortening with each check. Whew! I feel very blessed that the leep I had in 2004 has not affected my ability to carry a baby.

I had prepared myself to not get to see the baby at this u/s as it was just a cervix check. But to our delight, the tech spent some time viewing the baby as well without us even asking. Seven is doing wonderful. Here's the stats from the u/s report:

HB: 148 bpm
Presentation: traverse (head on the right, feet on the left)
Fetal Movement: visible
Amniotic Fluid: normal, 13.4cm
Placenta: posterior
Cord: normal, 3 vessel cord
Placenta Cord Insertion Site: normal

At our 18w6d u/s, we were diagnosed with placental marginal cord insertion. This is where the cord inserts into the edge of the placenta instead of the center. Many times this has no negative implication, but it does carry some risk with it that the baby may not get the nutrients and oxygen that it needs in the 3rd trimester when the demands for nutrients are higher. This can result in intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), possibly having to take the baby early and worst case scenario, still birth. We intentionally didn't tell anyone as we wanted to pray about it and were believing that the placenta would not cause any problems. We were thrilled when we learned that our diagnosis was reversed at our latest u/s and the cord was found at the center of the placenta!!!

Here's a few u/s photos:

A video of Seven yawning:

Thank God for long maternity tops...

... that hide the Oh soooo sexy maternity pants.

Thank God for the Oh soooo sexy maternity pants that have allowed me to actually fit into a pair of jeans.

How big is this thing going to get?  ;-)

An "MC Hammer Kerry - Baby Time" video for our dear friend Tarryn, who's finally going into labor after 42+ weeks:

Yes, we are complete dorks.

Up next... a gestational diabetes test in 4 weeks.


  1. Awwww....look at that cute LITTLE belly.....I can't believe how small you still are.....I looked like a whale by 20 weeks...LOL

    PRAISE God on the cord insertion thing and the cervix length....what a perfect pregnancy you're having...I pray the birth is just as perfect!

    love ya!

  2. Glad everything is going great! You guys are toooo funny in that video!


  3. You're looking great! I think anything above 25mm is considered good, above 35mm is ideal. So you're right around that mark. As far as I remember, 40mm is above average. Glad your cervix is behaving though!
    Seven's a cutie. I don't often like 3D ultrasound photos for some reason, but yours are great.
    I also had a cord inserting towards the edge of the placenta. I think it just snuck in at a safe distance from the edge though, so they never really talked about it with me.
    Hope the rest of your pregnancy is smooth. That belly's going to get a whole lot bigger by the end!

  4. You are really cruising along now! Your video is super funny :)

  5. The pictures of the baby are so cute - And your dance made me laugh!

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Your baby dance is AWESOME!! Great to hear the good news about your cervix and that the cord has adjusted itself. Hope the rest of your pregnancy is textbook :)

  7. Cute belly! I'm so happy to hear that all is great- both on the cervix front and on the (now nonexistent) marginal cord insertion!!! It sounds like things are going great! I so didn't want to hear about someone going 42+ weeks! ugh.

  8. You and Seven are both looking great! But don't confuse Seven by shining a light down there - he needs to stay put!

    And thanks for sharing about the cervix post-LEEP. It is reassuring to hear you are doing so well.

  9. Isn't God awesome! You look so cute in your maternity outfit!! :0)

  10. So glad everything worked out with the cord. It is nice when you feel like you can breath in your clothes too! Hope you have a stress-free, relaxing, and romantic Valentines weekend. Love you!


  11. Once again, I'm a day late!!! Oops! Been pretty busy at work this week...

    SOOOOO glad to hear of an ANSWERED PRAYER!!!! That is just awesome that the diagnosis was changed and everything was just fine! :0) See, docs can say what they will, but GOD is in control!!!! Huge blessing.

    LOVE the u/s and belly pics-- you are soooo cute! Jealous of your visible bump. I can't wait to look preggo and be able to TELL PEOPLE! Still a few more weeks. Well, besides to these other people who read/post on your blog! :0)

    Your video cracked me up! Yes, you are dorks. So are we-- that's totally something B and I would do!

    So great that you are over HALF WAY THROUGH!!!! Praying that Seven keeps on growing as normal and you continue to feel good! Any more progress on nursery decor or names for the little guy?

    Love ya!
    The Other Jill

  12. Hi Jill and Kerry...
    It looks like the baby is coming along just fine (it's his parents that worry me after seeing that video you made-lol!) Now, if the baby was asleep when you decided to do that dance video, just remember when he's born and wakes you at 2am, 3am, 4am, etc., well you know what they say about paybacks! LOL
    Take care and keep growing...Love always and a baby-Aunt Carol xoxoxo

  13. You are such a nut. LOL. What is Seven getting himself into? (-;

    So glad all is going well and that you were able to get some more snapshots of your little dude. You are really cruising right along!

  14. Everytime I see more pictures of you I just want to hug you even more. Can't wait till I can see you. Found some cute things last weekend at garage sales for Seven and will look again tomorrow, then get them in the mail when I get home. So glad about the news you got with this ultrasound. So now rest easy this weekend and you two (excuse me)three have a very Happy Valentines Weekend.
    Love you

  15. Lookin' goooood, Jill and Seven!

    SO happy that Seven's cord is in the proper place! I'm sure not knowing made you and Kerry nervous wrecks. Whew!

    Loved the video! You 2 are quite the comedic duo. =)

  16. First, the cervix issue...thank you, God. Ye of little faith. So much time wasted worrying when I could have been praying. Secondly, it's too bad you two aren't having much fun with this whole thing...NOT! I laughed so hard I peed my pants and dad was nearly crying he was laughing so hard. You come from a long line of dorks, cuz we loved it!

    Love u 2!! Mom2 & Dad

  17. I know I said it before, but I am so extremely happy for you that everything is going really well! I'm so glad that your doctor is keeping a close eye on you. Both my OB and Peri brought me in for checks every single week. I had marginal cord insertion and after the C-section, it was discovered that it wasn't as bad as they thought. Hugs!


Thank you for your comment! Hugs, Kerry and Jill