Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's a ... (15w6d)

It's official, we're having a little boy!!!  We've joined team blue!  See for yourself... we've got 2 legs straight up in the air with definite boy bits in between.  The tech said she was very confident that this is a boy.

So now for the details...

We arrived and the u/s tech told us she was just checking my cervix.  I said; we're not going to look at the baby???  She said; not really.  I just kept asking; can we take a short look???  After asking a few times and her seeing the disappointment in my face, she caught on and said; don't worry, we'll see if we can figure out the gender for you.  Kerry jokingly said; if you want to go home tonight, you'll look between the legs!

They were testing out a brand new u/s machine and I gladly volunteered to be their guinea pig.  So I ended up getting lots of time viewing detailed views of the heart and brain.  They said everything looked perfect.  They then tried out the 3d/4d transducer (after forewarning me that baby would look scary at this stage).  Baby didn't cooperate too well and kept his face hidden.  Here's a few more u/s pics from today:

Face / Heart


Head / Arm / Hand


Head / Hand / Crossed Legs

(3d/4d) Wow, look at that spine!  I think he inherited Kerry's 10 extra vertebrae!

Here's the u/s stats:

HB: 153 bpm
Fetal Movement: present
Amniotic Fluid: normal, 9.6cm
Placenta: posterior

They checked my cervix and said it was nice and closed and at 3.3cm.  Not the 4cm I had hoped for, but my ob/gyn said that was completely normal and to not worry.  They checked my weight and according to their scale, I haven't gained any weight in several weeks.  My scale begs to differ.

Here's the latest belly shot:

I bought a few books.  Baby bargains has come highly recommended and will help me figure out what I need to buy for Seven.  Baby 411 is everything I need to know about taking care of a baby for the first year.  The Birth Book will teach me everything about labor and delivery and things like how to avoid a c-section when not medically needed.  Hopefully I'll be well prepared by time baby arrives.

I want to send a thank you out to Mags for the surprise gift in the mail!  You were right, it's a boy! Thank you!!!!


None really, I feel completely normal.  If it wasn't for my growing belly, I wouldn't even know I was pg.  I did have one very constipated bowel movement episode.  I think I lost.  I was in so much pain and was thinking I may need intervention.  At one point, I panicked thinking it was the baby coming out because of the extreme pressure, but all was good in that region.  After a long labored delivery, I about passed out.  Kerry said I gave true meaning to the phrase "ripped a new one".  I now have a fiber drink every morning and night which has helped significantly.

Next step:

An anomaly scan in 3 weeks.  They will check my cervix again then.


  1. YAY....CONGRATULATIONS....I knew how bad you wanted a little girl, but really after having "been there/done that"....once you see your little man for the first time....all of that will be history....you will feel more love than you ever thought humanly possible:-) Being a mommy is the most incredible experience in this world!

    Your belly is so cute and tiny. I just love watching it grow....it just makes all this more "real" to me because I'm still in shock...I wonder if it will ever wear off....LOL Probably no because sometimes still my own experience seems like just a dream to me.

    Sooooo.....any name ideas yet???

    love ya!

  2. Awww, congrats on your son, Jill!! When does the nursery decorating begin? (-;

  3. Wohoo, congratulations on having a boy!! Your belly bump is really getting cute :)

  4. Jill - congratulations on your little BOY!! How exciting is that! You and your DH must be over the moon. What great news. x

  5. Welcome to the BLUE. :-) Yay! So excited for you...and glad you got to have another ultrasound!!

  6. Yay!!!!! So happy you had another good u/s. And Team BLUE! Congrats on your little boy!!!! You will be sooooo in love! You will even find yourself loving trains and trucks and bugs and dinosaurs and all-things-boy, simply because your little boy does... (trust me, I could not have cared LESS about these things before Caleb came along, but now they are fun to me since they are so fun to him!) Have a blast getting that nursery ready and that closet full of overalls :-)))

    Glad you like the bib... You and your long-awaited baby bump are always on my mind!

    Love y'all,

  7. A Boy!!!!!!!! Congratulations! Your little pregnant belly is so cute! I miss having one. :0) LOL. I still get as excited when I think about you being pregnant as when you first told me. I can't believe we are this far already! Bring on the blue!

  8. Somehow I just thought seven was a boy - congrats! He was definitely making sure there was no uncertainty in that declaration.
    I'm glad to hear everything looks great so far, and lucky you, with that posterior placenta, you should get to start feeling him soon. Can't wait till you get to that point - it's so reassuring and fun.
    PS - your cervix is 3.3cm long, not 3.3mm. :)

  9. Congratulations! Now, commence the shopping:-) You look great, by the way!

    The baby bargains book was a life saver. I'm not a huge fan of the labor and birth books anymore b/c they make you so stressed!!! So, hopefully yours are better than mine at that...

  10. Oh girl I am right there with you on the constipated bowel! When I had mine...I told Stuart I think it was like giving rectal birth! Whew!!

    So glad you know the sweet gender of your precious baby boy! We are 13 and a half weeks! We can find out soon! Yeah!!!

  11. Congrats Jill! Seven did seem like a boy name to me. :)

  12. An exhibitionist boy, I'd say! Congrats, Jill, I'm just so delighted for you 3! He looks great!

  13. Congrats on the official revealing of the gender of your BRAND NEW BABY BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I think we were all pretty much convinced he was a he, but now we know for sure!) Loved the picture of your annoucement and the pics of the baby too! It's time to think of names now-goodluck! I love you guys, always and a day...Aunt Carol xoxoxoxoxo

  14. Woo Hoo! How exciting! I'm partial to little boys, myself. ;-)

    Love the new blog template as well!

  15. Congrats on the boy! Now that you know the gender, it is so much easier to shop in the boy section rather than limiting yourself to the gender neutral section. Boy stuff is so cute too - little overalls, cute tops, tiny sleepers. It's all good! And your belly is so cute and before you know it, it will be popping out more than ever! Now is the time to get some stuff done before the belly gets in the way!

  16. Congratulations! I so wanted a girl when i was pregnant the first time, but now 2 boys later, I wouldn't want it any different, baby boys and little boys are wonderful (though I'm sure girls are too!). I know so many things now that I really didn't know I needed to before, all about trucks and dinosaurs.
    I'm glad you and seven are doing well.

  17. Oh boy, it's a boy!! I just love my little guy. :) Now that you know team blue, you can start baby boy shopping and decorating...so much fun. And looks like you will have to revisit the boy name list...Congrats! Smiles, Heidi

  18. Congrats Jill and Kerry!!! Boys are so much fun! I have been out of town all week and not had a chance to get on here, I was so excited to see your great report. It's awesome that you got that extra time with the u/s. Sounds like a great day!!!


  19. OMG -- I am so happy for you! Kerry shared your blog and the BIG news. You look great in the photos.

    Congrats to you both!


  20. Congratulations on your little boy! Boys really are gorgeous! I'll bet you are looking forward to buying some little boy stuff. Enjoy! You look fantastic by the way, glad to hear all is going so well.


Thank you for your comment! Hugs, Kerry and Jill