Wednesday, January 13, 2010

17 Weeks

The past week has been very surreal. Kerry has to keep reminding me that I no longer have to call him an "it". It's really nice being able to say him, he, boy, son!!!

Now that we know we're having a little boy, we've kicked it into high gear with trying to pick out nursery furniture, boy bedding and boy names.  This has been a ton of fun but challenging at the same time.

On the bedding, I'm having a hard time finding the colors and theme I want in one.  I think I've viewed every baby bedding site out there.  I really love chocolate brown and sky blue as colors.  I love contemporary/modern themes that would be easy to find in the chocolate/blue combo, but they are sometimes too simple.  On the themes, I seem to be drawn towards lions, giraffes and monkeys, which are usually in nature colors such as browns and light greens.  So who knows what we'll end up with.  Let me know if you run into any brown/blue giraffes!

Before I was pg, my mom had a dream that I brought my baby over for her to babysit.  When I showed up, I had a real baby giraffe for her to watch.  Then after the transfer of Seven, my mom saw a huge 7 on a truck in her rear view mirror.  It was encased in a large blue circle.  She had been convinced since then that I would be having a boy.  She asked me what I thought all this meant and I said; I guess that means I'll be having a tall baby boy.  Therefore my draw towards cute nursery giraffes.

Regarding boy names, boy oh boy are we struggling!  We've had a girl's name picked out for about 6 years but can't seem to find the perfect boy name for the life of us.  I've been through the entire alphabet on numerous baby name sites and while I have a few "maybes", I have yet to find one that could be "the one".  I know we still have tons of time, but this has proven to be a lot harder than I ever imagined.  I'm finding there is a ton of responsibility put on your shoulders to name someone as they are stuck with that for the rest of their lives.  Help!


None, really.  I'm surprised at how long I've gone without feeling any growing/stretching pains.  I'm feeling so normal that every few days we check to make sure there's still a HB, and there is.  I guess I could say that I've been more gassy lately.  I was never the burping type, but now I seem to burp often, especially after drinking water.  Maybe it has something to do with my abdominal organs being pushed up a little.  Flatulence incontinence has caught me off guard a few times and unfortunately seems to be increasing in frequency.  I've had several incidents of walking through a store and I'll out of the blue cut the cheese.  It takes me by complete surprise! No warnings, no opportunity to hold it, it's just like hello world, here I am! I act innocent hoping that bystanders will think it was someone else and then I get out of there as fast as possible. Compliments the beer gut phase nicely I suppose.

My week 16 and 17 "what's going on" updates have said I could start feeling the baby move any time now. So far, no luck.  I'm really really looking forward to this one, but for now, I'll have to be patient.

Here's this week's belly.  I was thinking I hadn't grown any, but after seeing the pic, maybe I have?!? I'm up a total of 7 lbs at 17 weeks.  There's a few more 7's for ya.

I'll leave you with a little funny.  I went to the movies with Kerry, his business partner and my step-son.  I didn't want to pay $3 for their bottled river water, so I snuck in my own bottled water under my coat.  The 4 of us were standing there and my bottle of water fell out from underneath my coat.  We all just stood there staring at it and then one of them yelled in a panicked tone; oh no, your water broke!!!


  1. Belly is more prominant each week now! FYI- takes a bit after delivery for the gassiness to go away. Tell the boys they'll have to get use to it for a bit. :)

    With both Chase and Brady, I found myslef paying close attention to people on television, weither it was reality or fiction. Sometimes it helped to cancel out an option if you heard someone else say the name or saw it across the screen. It is a bit overwhelming, but one will come to you also. Try picking the middle first, maybe that will help.

    Love you! 10 more days till our Birthday!

  2. have you looked for names with 7 letters?.... probably have, just a thought so I googled it and there were quite a few sites:) Love you guys

  3. SO WONDERFUL to hear about your plans for your little boy!! :0) I bet that makes it all the more real, especially given your lack of symptoms. Praise God for no morning sickness!!!!!!
    Your belly is starting to pop out now-- I don't think it looks like a beer gut... But still kind of "in between". Your little onion is growing! ha.
    Love reading your updates, but I hate having to wait a whole week for one!!! Sometimes I just come back to re-read and look at pics... a little "research". wink wink!
    Love to you, Seven and Kerry!
    The Other Jill

    PS- my friends who live in Costa Rica named their baby boy Severus, which looks a lot like Seven. :0)

  4. Ooooh cute belly!!! So good to hear things continue to go well. I hope you find some bedding that you love! Those colors are really popular so hopefully something will come along that will be just what you have in mind. Have fun!!!!!!!

  5. Link below to search results of "blue giraffe"... (have to copy and paste because I cannot remember how to make it a link :)

  6. Ohhhhh....cute still haven't "popped" yet but I think you've definitely passed the "beer gut"'s so wild for me to see you with a preggo belly...I'm still in shock and it hasn't sunk in for me's just so exciting for me...I LOVE reading your updates!

    As far as the stretching & growing thing...I felt more later on when my belly/uterus was REALLY growing.

    Good luck on the nursery & name you remember from going through this with "ME" just a short while ago....both things drove me crazy...I think that's typical.....the funny thing is that we put all this thought & planning into the nursery and a LOT of babies never get to enjoy it because they are in their parents rooms for WAY longer than expected.....hehe.....BOTH of my boys are in my room still!!!

  7. I can't wait till I can actually see you in person. Those first little feelings of the baby moving are just as they describe, like little butterflies. A feeling you never forget.
    Like the nursery ideas, maybe I can find a giraffe in Hawaii?
    Just tell Kerry it's payback time now. LOL

    Love ya


  8. Hilarious story about the water! LOL, made me snort coffee all over my desk!

    Love you belly shot!

  9. Oh, and I found this at JC Penny:

  10. Hi Jill,
    I'm so glad that you are feeling well.
    We are still undecided about names, and we only have 5 weeks to go. In the end we realized that there are no perfect names for us, but we have a short list that we will take into hospital.
    Love that little tummy!

  11. Nice little belly you've got there! I can't believe you're already 17 weeks. Seems like yesterday you transferred Seven.
    I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with flatulence. DH is just having to get used to me farting on the couch or in bed, and at work,I'm just hoping the air circulation in the OR and other OR smells are enough to disguise things. :)

  12. Oh yeah, you have a good belly going. Very cute! My old college roommate would call that the drive-by, you "toot" then walk away so when the odor is noticed (or even the sound registers), you are long gone. :)

  13. Jill - you never fail to crack me up...that water bottle story made me laugh out loud!! I've been finding that I need to burp all the time now, especially after I have laid down for a nap or when I get up in the morning so you're not alone. Your belly is so cute and before you know it, you'll "pop" so enjoy this time while you're still mobile and feeling great! Since we're not having a boy, I'll share with you some of my favourite boy names: Tyler, Alexander and Liam. As for cute bedding, have you checked out Lambs & Ivy? If you google the name, their website will come up and I'm positive one of their boy themed sets has giraffes in it. happy looking!

  14. Congrats on 17 Weeks! Love the 7's. 7 is my dad's favorite number. Anyway... have you seen the line of bedding by Carter's called "Tall Tales"? I know that they have it on Amazon.

  15. Boy names are sure tough! We had girl names picked out for years too and then when we found out we were having two boys it took us a while to find their names. Don't worry, you will find the perfect name even it takes a little bit of time:) Love the belly pics!!

  16. Why are boys names so difficult??? My hubs and I feel the same way! Did you know that the singer Erikah Badu (or however you spell it) has a son named "Sevin." Just a thought! =P

    Cute belly!

  17. Congrats on 17 weeks! The colors are perfect for a little guy and I was thinking "Seven" or "Sevin" sounded pretty cute, too! :)


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